98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 30, 2014

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB313Carpenter, JonHB 313
 0216L.03I - Requires ethics training for statewide elected officials, General Assembly members, and executive department directors and acting directors after taking office, appointment, or employment, and every two years
HB314Carpenter, JonHB 314
 0398L.03I - Changes the laws regarding the minimum wage
HB315Brown, WandaHB 315
 0644H.01I - Requires the Department of Conservation to conduct testing of deceased deer found along state highways for chronic wasting disease
HB316Brown, WandaHB 316
 0643H.01I - Requires Conservation Commission members to register as lobbyists upon appointment by the Governor, and to follow all lobbyist rules and regulations
HB317Brown, WandaHB 317
 0822H.01I - Requires the Department of Conservation to reimburse automobile owners up to $500 for damages inflicted upon their vehicles by deer
HB318Brown, WandaHB 318
 0823H.01I - Prohibits Department of Conservation agents from entering poultry barns without notifying the owner and requires agents entering the barns to take necessary precautions to prevent contamination
HB319Barnes, JayHCS HB 319
 0803H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the provision of telehealth services
HB320Barnes, JayHB 320
 0808H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to assist certain public schools with establishing on-site health clinics
HB321Jones, CalebHCS HB 321
 1080H.03C - Creates a new method of allocating corporate income between states for tax purposes
HB322Shumake, LindellHB 322
 0715H.01P - Allows law enforcement agencies to perform a criminal record review for open records for the purpose of hiring any political subdivision employee
HB323Shumake, LindellHB 323
 0672H.01I - Allows camping trailers more than 25 years old to be permanently registered and be issued historic trailer license plates
HB324Shumake, LindellHB 324
 0700H.02P - Authorizes the counties of the third classification to collect a tax on specified property to pay for road rock on county roads
HB325McCaherty, JohnHCS HB 325
 0301H.03P - Establishes the Bring Jobs Home Act that authorizes a tax deduction for out-of-state businesses that relocate to Missouri
HB326Leara, MikeHB 326
 1061H.01T - Specifies that each defined benefit pension plan must establish a board member education program
HB327McCreery, TracyHB 327
 0251L.01I - Incorporates sections relating to lobbying reform
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