97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Sheila Solon
Sheila Solon
District 031

Years Served:
Hometown:St. Joseph
Representative Sheila Solon, a Republican, represents parts of Buchanan and Andrew counties (District 9) in the Missouri House of Representatives. She previously served as the state representative for House District 31 from 2010 to 2016. She was re-elected to serve an additional term in House District 9 in November 2018.

Solon was proudly educated in the local public schools as were both of her children. Improving our schools has been a priority of hers and she has volunteered in many capacities including PTA President.

Solon and her husband, Charlie, have been married for 33 years. She works for L'Oreal Cosmetics and he works for R/S Electric Corp. in St. Joseph. They have two children who attended Northwest Missouri State; Lindsey is a 1st grade public education teacher, and Spencer works as an electrician with Heartland Electric.

While busy working and raising her family, Solon found time to serve her community as Chairman of the Planning Commission, on the City Council and as Mayor Pro-Tem. While her children were in college at Northwest Missouri State, she was approached by the Republican Party to run for State Representative and she accepted. Solon went on to serve for 6 years with honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

Her common sense conservative values, energy and leadership were greatly needed in our state government. She successfully passed bills to give greater access to oral chemotherapy medications to cancer patients, putting protocols in place to improve accountability regarding sexual assault on our college campuses, & made it easier for school districts to hire resource officers to keep our students safe.

Faith is important to Solon. She has served on the Hospitality Committee, Alter Guild, as a Sunday School Teacher & Children’s Choir Director at her church. She and her husband are members of Ashland Methodist Church in St. Joseph.

Solon has been recognized as an outstanding legislator by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations, Missouri Police Chiefs Association and the American Cancer Society.
Sponsored Bills
HB 1160 - (4350H.01I)
Allows a female veteran to obtain a "WOMAN VETERAN" special license plate
HB 1327 - (4965H.02C)
Prohibits a health benefit plan from requiring a higher out-of-pocket cost for oral chemotherapy than it requires for injected or intravenous chemotherapy
HB 1576 - (5359H.01I)
Requires a city or political subdivision which intends to expand solid waste collection services into certain areas to put the intent to a vote of the people in the expanded area
HB 1577 - (5393H.01I)
Expands the crime of assault of a law enforcement officer in the first, second, and third degrees to include the assault of an animal control officer
HB 1578 - (5358H.01I)
Establishes the Seniors' Retirement Protection Act which specifies that up to $125,000 of the value of the primary residence of a person who is 62 years or older will be exempt from attachment or execution
HB 1807 - (5839H.02C)
Changes the laws regarding newborn screening tests
HB 2033 - (5952L.01I)
Establishes the Education Protection Act
HB 2137 - (6384H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the provision of nonemergency ambulance transportation services by fire protection districts authorized to provide emergency ambulance services
HJR 48 - (4358H.01T)
Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the State Lottery Commission to develop and sell a Veterans Lottery Ticket with proceeds to go to the Veterans Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation