99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Kirk Mathews
Kirk Mathews
District 110

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Sponsored Bills
HB 111 - (0615H.01P)
Specifies the representation that collective bargaining units can provide within the bi-state development agency
HB 130 - (0590S.07T)
Enacts provisions relating to transportation network companies
HB 303 - (0700H.02P)
Establishes the offense of filing false documents
HB 589 - (1247H.01I)
Authorizes the city of Eureka, Town & County and Bellefontaine Neighbors to levy a sales tax, upon voter approval, whose revenue is dedicated to public safety
HB 689 - (1518H.01I)
Creates and modifies provisions relating to punitive damages
HB 807 - (0675H.01I)
Creates licensure requirements for a statewide electrical contractor's license
HB 890 - (1802H.02C)
Creates and modifies provisions relating to punitive damage awards
HB 960 - (1971H.02P)
Establishes the “Social Innovation Grant Program” to find alternative solutions for serving the state's vulnerable populations
HB 1079 - (1977H.02I)
Changes the laws regarding hotel license fees by imposing limits to the rates a city may levy
HJR 39 - (1238H.02I)
Authorizes a property tax exemption for the homestead of disabled veteran or first responder
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation