99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Ira Anders
Ira Anders
District 021

Years Served:
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Sponsored Bills
Co-sponsored Bills
HB 1713 - (5090H.02C) - Phillips, Don
Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act
HB 1714 - (5091H.02C) - Phillips, Don
Modifies provisions relating to the rights of adoptees
HB 1725 - (4352H.01I) - Barnes, Jerome
Expands the definition of special victim to include sports officials at a sporting event
HB 1953 - (5656H.01I) - Neely, Jim
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop and disseminate information regarding the bone marrow registry
HB 2100 - (5856H.01I) - Razer, Greg
Modifies provisions relating to complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights regarding discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity
HB 2167 - (5411H.01I) - McCreery, Tracy
Prohibits certain individuals from possessing a firearm due to domestic violence and requires police officers to remove firearms at the scene of a domestic violence call
HB 2204 - (5798H.01I) - McCreery, Tracy
Changes the laws regarding consumer products so that certain manufacturers are required to provide repair information to certain individuals and businesses
HB 2644 - (6586H.03I) - Rowland, Rory
Creates new provisions relating to sheltered workshops
HR 6783 - (6828H.02I) - McCann Beatty, Gail
Authorizes the Special Investigative Committee on Oversight to introduce articles of impeachment against Gov. Eric Greitens upon a finding of good cause
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