A List of Members and Their Information
Last NameFirst NameDistrictPartyHome TownPhonePosition
Image of Rep. Mike McGheeMcGheeRep. Mike122ROdessa 573-751-1462Chair
Image of Rep. Scott LargentLargentRep. Scott120RClinton 573-751-1484Vice-Chair
Image of Rep. Linda BlackBlackRep. Linda107RPark Hills 573-751-2317
Image of Rep. Dan BrownBrownRep. Dan149RRolla 573-751-5713
Image of Rep. Ron CaseyCaseyRep. Ron103DCrystal City 573-751-4787
Image of Rep. Kenny JonesJonesRep. Kenny117RClarksburg 573-751-2134
Image of Rep. Mike LairLairRep. Mike007RJefferson City 573-751-2917
Image of Rep. Chris MolendorpMolendorpRep. Chris123RBelton 573-751-2175
Image of Rep. Sharon PacePaceRep. Sharon070DSt. Louis 573-751-4726
Image of Rep. Paul QuinnQuinnRep. Paul009DMonroe City 573-751-4028
Image of Rep. Jeanie RiddleRiddleRep. Jeanie020RMokane 573-751-5226
Image of Rep. Tom ToddToddRep. Tom163DCampbell 573-751-4095