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2-28-18 House proposes criminalizing 'revenge porn'
The Missouri House has voted to criminalize what is often called, “revenge porn;” sharing or threatening to share private sexual images of a person without that person’s consent.  Such sharing often happens by the uploading of those images to the internet.
2-27-18 Missouri House creates committee to investigate felony charge against Gov. Greitens
Greitens was indicted by a St. Louis grand jury for felony invasion of privacy.  Greitens is accused of taking, without consent, a photo of a woman with whom he had an affair in 2015.
2-27-18 House votes to require notification of both parents when minors seek an abortion
The House voted 113-37 on Monday to pass House Bill 1383.
2-26-18 House considers barring public contracts with companies boycotting Israel
Speaker Todd Richardson (R-Poplar Bluff) is sponsoring only one piece of legislation this year:  House Bill 2179.  It would prevent any public entity in Missouri from entering into contracts with such companies.  It’s being called the, “Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act.”
2-23-18 House votes to allow production, interstate imports of industrial hemp
The House voted 141-4 on Thursday in favor of House Bill 2034, which would exempt hemp from state law governing controlled substances and create a pilot program for hemp production.
2-23-18 House endorses minimum age for Missouri marriage licenses
Marriage licenses can now be issued to persons younger than 15 under certain conditions.  House Bill 1630 would increase that age to 17 and require a court hearing on whether the marriage is advisable.  No licenses would be issued when either party is younger than 15, or when one party is 21 or older and the other party is younger than 17.
2-23-18 Missouri legislature approves human trafficking hotline posters
The first bill to be passed out of the Missouri legislature in 2018 aims to fight human trafficking.
2-15-18 Missouri House votes to support needle exchange programs to fight IV drug abuse, disease
Backers say the bill will help combat a potential outbreak in diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C caused by the sharing of used needles, and will get more people into drug treatment, but not all lawmakers are convinced.
2-14-18 State Representative's review finds $36-million of potential savings in Department of Revenue
St. Louis Republican David Gregory presented to the House Budget Committee what he called a, “Fiscal Opportunity Audit” of the Department.
2-13-18 House rejects greater penalties for assaulting, killing police dogs, following emotional debate
The Missouri House has defeated a bill to increase penalties for assaulting or killing a law enforcement animal amid emotional debate led by black Democrats, who emphasized what they say those dogs represent to their communities.
2-12-18 Bill would add info on consent, violence, & harassment to sex education in Missouri high schools
A Missouri representative is proposing that high school students learn about sexual harassment, violence, and consent as part of sexual education.  Her legislation will be heard Tuesday night by the House Committee on Children and Families.
2-8-18 House bill could mean less in lawsuit damage awards for failing to wear seat belts
People who sue makers of cars and their components after sustaining injuries related to those products could be awarded less money if they weren’t properly using a seat belt, under a bill being considered in the Missouri House.
2-8-18 Missouri House considering reform of state's sex offender registry
A bill that would give some sex offenders an opportunity to be removed from the sex offender registry is being considered by the Missouri House.
2-6-18 Bill to legalize limited medical marijuana in Missouri heard in House committee
Cameron doctor and state representative Jim Neely (R) has proposed allowing the use of marijuana to treat terminal conditions.
2-1-18 Budget subcommittee chair to recommend delay in basing college, university funding on performance
Cedarcreek Republican Lyle Rowland’s subcommittee heard from those institutions’ presidents over the course of two days and said many of them wanted the same things:  a delay in implementation of that plan, and a restoration of their core funding.
1-31-18 'Simon's Law:' bill would require parents' consent to end a child's life-sustaining care
Some tell state lawmakers state law should require parents’ consent before such treatments can end.  Others urge the opposite.  Both say the humane, compassionate, and complete care of children hangs in the balance.
1-29-18 House budget reject Greitens' administration plan to expedite tax refund payments
Under the administration’s plan the state would seek a line of credit of up to $250-million.  That would be used to help the state get refunds out faster and would be paid off by the time the fiscal year ends at the end of June.  The loan would have come from MoHEFA, the Missouri health and Educational Facilities Authority, which typically helps finance buildings projects for colleges and universities.
1-26-18 House budget leaders discuss Greitens' plan to cut college, university funding
After legislators began going through Governor Eric Greitens' (R) budget proposal many began expressing concern over his proposal to cut money from Missouri’s colleges and universities.
1-25-2018 House asked to back needle exchanges to stem potential disease outbreaks
Members of a House Committee have been told a bill to exempt needle exchange programs from drug paraphernalia laws could help combat a potential outbreak in intravenous diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C.
1-19-2018 House committee considers change to abortion parental notification law
Lake Ozark representative Rocky Miller says it’s a matter of common sense, but Democrats argue the legislation could put some young women in danger.
1-18-2018 Wife and Missouri state rep. both recovering after three-way, cross-country kidney transplant
Cathie Eggleston, wife of Maysville representative J. Eggleston (R), was in need of the transplant. J. Eggleston learned he wasn’t a match to donate to her directly, but the Kidney Paired Donation program helped them.
1-17-2018 House votes to send latest lobbyist gift ban proposal to Senate
The bill would bar lobbyists from giving gifts to government officials – things such as meals or tickets to concerts or sporting events.
1-16-2018 Bill would ease background checks on potential in-home care workers
When an applicant undergoes a background check, any finding results in a review that can take multiple weeks. That can include crimes that occurred decades ago, or that would be considered minor or unrelated to security and healthcare.
1-16-2018 Backers: bill to allow reassignment of birth control devices would save money, increase access
House Bill 1499 would allow health care providers to use a long-acting contraceptive device for a patient other than the one for whom it was initially prescribed.
1-9-2018 Missouri House again fast-tracking ban on lobbyist gifts to legislators
Missouri House leadership is working to again make a proposed ban of gifts to lawmakers the first bill of the session to leave that chamber.
12-20-2017 Transportation Task Force proposes fuel tax increase, readies report to legislature
The Task Force met on Tuesday to finalize the recommendations that will go into the report it will release before the legislative session begins January 3. It says an increase of 10 cents in the tax on gasoline and of 12 cents in the tax on diesel would generate about $430-million annually for roads and bridges. $43-million of that would go to counties and $64.5-million would go to municipalities.
12-19-2017 Democrats propose multi-pronged attack on opioid abuse
Missouri House Democrats say the fight against opioid abuse is about more than passing a statewide prescription drug monitoring program. They today unveiled a slate of legislation that would attack the problem by addressing a number of other issues.
12-01-2017 Bill would push 17-year-olds to juvenile court system
17-year-olds can be prosecuted in adult courts. O’Fallon Representative Nick Schroer wants to “raise the age” to 18.
11-16-2017 House lawmaker honored for work on newborn screenings legislation
A Missouri House member has been recognized for her work to screen Missouri newborns for two life-threatening diseases.
10-31-17 Task Force on Dyslexia issues recommendations for dyslexia screenings of Missouri students
The Task Force’s report to legislative leaders and the governor recommends that all students in kindergarten through grade three be screened for dyslexia and related disorders beginning in the 2018-19 school year.
10-19-17 Westchester Elementary students reject mock legislation to eliminate recess
The class held a mock hearing on the proposal, giving its students a chance to learn more about how the legislative process works.
9-14-17 House Budget Committee members frustrated by Capitol metal detectors
Members of the state House Budget Committee have told the Greitens Administration they aren’t pleased with how it paid to keep operating metal detectors in the State Capitol.
9-14-17 House Budget Committee unhappy with how Greitens administration created drug monitoring program
Legislators on the budget committee are frustrated that the administration created and found a way to pay for that program without their input or approval.
9-13-17 House does not override any vetoes; aims for new plan to help disabled, elderly
The House was asked to consider overriding one veto; that of House Committee Bill 3. That bill would have reduced cuts to reimbursement rates for nursing homes and in-home care providers by taking $35-million from surpluses in multiple state funds.
8-31-17 Sponsor of bills to help overdose victims looks for next challenge in drug abuse fight
The sponsor of Missouri’s new law providing some immunity for those seeking help for overdose victims says he’s achieved all he set out to do, and is looking for other ways to help substance abusers. He also wants to see awareness raised about laws meant to save overdose victims’ lives.
8-25-17 Defense Department responds to House request for closure about Missourians missing from Vietnam War
A state representative has been “frustrated” in his effort to speed up a determination of what happened to 15 Missourians in the Vietnam War. The federal government, meanwhile, is looking for DNA from the families of two of those men.
8-17-17 House Budget Chairman: audit 'confirms' legislative criticism of former governor's use of taxpayer money
A recent report from Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway (D) found that former governor Jay Nixon (D) overspent on his office and used taxpayer money for personal food and security.
7-18-17 House champion of prescription drug monitoring praises governor's program, says hers is still needed
Representative Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston) calls the PDMP Governor Eric Greitens (R) launched Monday with an executive order, “outside the box thinking,” that will, “work really well.” She said Missouri counties should not, however, stop pursuing a program like the one she has promoted.
7-13-17 What Missourians need to know about the latest on Real ID
Missourians can keep using state licenses at federal facilities and airports through October 10, but it could be up to two years before Real ID compliant Missouri IDs are available under a law effective next month.
7-12-17 Likely fewer DUI checkpoints in Missouri under new state budget
The state budget that went into effect July 1 could lead to fewer impaired driving checkpoints but more periods of increased law enforcement presence on Missouri roads.
6-28-17 Task Force begins work toward finding a solution for Missouri transportation funding
The task force heard a presentation from the Director of the Department of Transportation Patrick McKenna in which he outlined the funding issue facing the state’s transportation system.
6-27-17 Bill containing several provisions to protect children becomes law
Lawmakers and children’s advocates are praising the signing into law of legislation with several provisions meant to help the state better care for children, including those who have been abused, neglected, or trafficked.
6-21-17 House endorses new abortion provider regulations; sends bill to the Missouri Senate
The bill would allow the attorney general to prosecute abortion law violations without first involving local prosecutors; repeal a St. Louis ordinance that bars discrimination in housing and employment against women who have had an abortion, use birth control, or are pregnant; and require annual, unannounced state inspections of abortion facilities, among other provisions.
6-16-17 Work underway in House in special session on abortion issues
Republicans say the special session is an important chance for the state to reaffirm a commitment to protecting unborn children and making sure women receive proper care from abortion providers. Democrats say it is about attacking women’s healthcare in the face of recent court decisions.
6-9-17 House budget committee names first target in tax credit reform: wine & grape producers tax credit
The committee must annually clear state agencies to authorize tax credits. When it met this year, it recommended that issuance of the wine & grape producers tax credit not be continued.
6-5-17 Effort to reaffirm House support for sheltered workshops led by lawmaker whose son works in one
Representative Rory Rowland said he was inspired to propose the resolution in response to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. He was told by relatives of sheltered workshop employees, and by workshop managers, that the Act was having unintended consequences.
5-25-17 Despite Governor's call, House postpones utility modernization debate to another day
The House did not debate language that would give utilities more leeway to set new rates ahead of new infrastructure investments. That was part of Greitens’ call, but the issue is considered controversial and lawmakers in the House thought including it would keep the rest of the legislation in the special session from passing in the Senate.
5-24-17 House uses special session to pass bill aiming to bring jobs to Bootheel
The House has passed to the Senate a bill that would let the PSC consider lower utility rates for two companies – one that says it will reopen the Noranda aluminum smelter near Marston; the other saying it will to build a new steel mill at New Madrid, both in Southeast Missouri.
5-18-17 Legislature called back for extraordinary session to consider Southeast Missouri jobs issue
The legislature did not pass in its session that ended last week language that backers say could allow one company to proceed with plans to reopen the Noranda aluminum smelter at Marston; and another company to build a new steel mill at New Madrid, both in Southeast Missouri. Both companies hope for lower utility rates that would allow those facilities to be profitable. To consider lower rates the Public Service Commission (PSC) says it needs the legislature’s approval.
5-16-17 House backer of prescription drug monitoring wants a special session to get program passed
Representative Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston) has been pushing for a statewide PDMP for several years. Missouri is the only state that does not have one, though several of its counties are participating in a program based in St. Louis County.
5-16-17 House panel recommends changes in Missouri Corrections to fight harassment, bullying, and favoritism
After news articles last fall brought such issues to light, as well as millions of dollars in settlements with the state by former Corrections employees who had been victims, the House formed a subcommittee to investigate the work environment in the Department.
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