100th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB50Bangert, Gretchen HB 501/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0058H.01I - Prohibits anyone from using a hand-held electronic wireless communication device while driving a non-commercial motor vehicle unless the device is equipped for hands-free operation and is being used in that manner
HB56Bangert, Gretchen HB 561/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0062H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the transport and storage of firearms in motor vehicles
HB68Dinkins, Chris HB 681/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0274H.02I - Prohibits the use of a hand-held wireless communications device within a school zone
HB74Tate, Nate HB 741/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0499H.01I - Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully licensed and eighteen years of age or older
HB82Hill, Justin HB 823/6/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  0067H.01I - Specifies that lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles
HB109Sommer, Chrissy HB 1091/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0273H.01I - Changes the due date for registering motor vehicles, and changes penalties for failing to meet such requirements
HB158Ellington, Brandon HB 1581/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0537H.01I - Gives owners of non-commercial motor vehicles the option of permanent registration
HB211Razer, Greg HB 2111/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0332H.01I - Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully licensed and 18 years of age or older
HB218Hill, Justin HB 2181/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0069H.01I - Establishes the Driving Automation Systems Uniformity Act
HB223Hansen, Jim HB 2231/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0349H.01I - Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB256Wood, David HB 2561/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0907H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to certain donation options when applying for a motor vehicle registration and when applying for a driver's license
HB289Schroer, Nick HB 2892/13/2019 Referred: Judiciary
  0674H.01I - Allows evidence of failure to wear a seatbelt to prove comparative negligence or to mitigate damages
HB295Hicks, Ron HB 2951/16/2019 Referred: Transportation
  0647H.01I - Raises the maximum speed limit on rural interstates and freeways of the state from 70 to 75 miles per hour
HB340Sommer, Chrissy HB 3404/18/2019 Referred: Transportation
  0578H.01I - Requires sellers of motor vehicles to either make repairs subject to manufacturer's recalls prior to the sale of the vehicle or notify the buyer and Department of Revenue of any deficiencies relating to recall notices so that the recall can be noted on the motor vehicle's certificate of ownership
HB351Hannegan, Tom HB 3511/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0637H.01I - Allows counties, cities, towns, and villages to charge an additional $1 fee on car rentals, with the proceeds to be used for road and bridge improvements
HB402Basye, Chuck HB 4023/26/2019 Second read and referred: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety
  0762H.01P - Allows motor vehicles to turn left on red light when turning onto a one-way street
HB406Messenger, Jeffrey HB 4062/28/2019 Referred: Transportation
  1131H.01I - Adjusts motor vehicle licensing and registration fees for inflation
HB415Gray, Alan HB 4151/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0689H.01I - Modifies the penalties permitted for certain traffic and traffic-related offenses
HB451Eggleston, J. HCS#2 HB 4514/4/2019 Second read and referred: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety
  1175H.04P - Repeals the requirement that all motor vehicles must obtain an inspection before the vehicle may be licensed
HB500Griesheimer, Aaron HB 5002/28/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  1275H.01I - Establishes a miles-per-gallon based motor vehicle registration fee
HB522Roden, Shane HB 5221/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0753H.01I - Specifies when persons operating or riding a motorcycle or motortricycle must wear protective headgear and imposes certain insurance requirements for persons who elect to ride without protective headgear
HB529Haffner, Mike HB 5291/14/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1170H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to municipal courts
HB578Baringer, Donna HB 5781/16/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0061H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to when law enforcement officers are required to transmit accident reports to the State Highway Patrol
HB601Kolkmeyer, Glen HB 6011/17/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1437H.01I - Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicle manufacturers licensed as new motor vehicle franchise dealers
HB611Spencer, Bryan HB 6113/12/2019 Referred: Transportation
  1271H.01I - Prohibits the use of automated traffic enforcement systems, and requires any political subdivision to complete or terminate any automated traffic enforcement contract within one year
HB621Ellington, Brandon HB 6211/23/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0535H.01I - Requires children under two years of age to be secured in rear-facing child passenger restraint systems
HB626Ruth, Becky HCS#2 HB 6264/9/2019 Second read and referred: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety
  1443H.05P - Modifies provisions relating to the leasing or renting of motor vehicles
HB638Shaul, Dan HB 6384/2/2019 Reported Do Pass (H)
  1504H.01I - Modifies requirements for the Missouri DeMolay license plate
HB645Tate, Nate HB 6453/7/2019 Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)
  1598H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to salvage vehicles
HB651Baringer, Donna HB 6513/6/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  1467H.01I - Specifies that purchasers of motor vehicles must sign a waiver that acknowledges their sales tax liability
HB713Morris, Lynn HB 7134/17/2019 Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)
  1365H.01I - Specifies that Purple Heart specialized license plates shall be issued without any fee for the first set of plates and only the regular registration fee shall apply to any additional plates
HB726Hicks, Ron HB 7262/28/2019 Referred: Transportation
  1677H.01I - Provides that a motorcycle or motortricycle may be operated on the shoulder of a roadway under certain circumstances
HB742Henderson, Mike HB 7421/31/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1453H.01I - Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB748Tate, Nate HB 7481/31/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1663H.01I - Permits vehicle platooning on Missouri roads
HB754Kelley, Ann HB 7544/18/2019 Reported Do Pass (H)
  1702H.01I - Establishes a specialty license plate for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
HB792Griesheimer, Aaron HB 7924/11/2019 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  1674H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to commercial driver's licenses
HB831Sharpe, Greg HB 8314/18/2019 Reported Do Pass (S)
  1754H.01P - Establishes a special license plate for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives
HB848Gannon, Elaine HB 8482/7/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1830H.02I - Requires children under two years of age to be secured in rear-facing child passenger restraint systems
HB896Rowland, Rory HB 8962/12/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1930H.01I - Prohibits the use of a hand-held wireless communications device for texting by drivers of any age
HB900Roberts, Lane HCS HB 9004/17/2019 Reported Do Pass (H)
  1863H.02C - Creates an affirmative defense to prosecution for law enforcement officers who acted under exigent circumstances in failing to execute an arrest warrant on a person who committed certain motor vehicle offenses
HB912Ellebracht, Mark HB 9122/13/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1869H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the offense of driving while intoxicated
HB959Plocher, Dean HCS HB 9594/11/2019 Public Hearing Held (S)
  1966H.02P - Modifies provisions of the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act
HB996Hicks, Ron HB 9963/28/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  2093H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the offense of failing to yield the right-of-way
HB1002Busick, Danny HB 10024/17/2019 Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)
  2130H.01I - Allows dump trucks to be equipped with mud flaps with up to 12 inches of clearance from the ground
HB1070Butz, Steve HB 10704/18/2019 Referred: Transportation
  2225H.01I - Requires the department of revenue to establish a process that allows for online renewal of license plates and windshield placards for disabled persons
HB1092Morgan, Judy HB 10922/28/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2190H.01I - Repeals a provision allowing scrap metal operators to purchase older inoperable motor vehicles or vehicle parts without receiving a title
HB1100Windham, Kevin HB 11004/18/2019 Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety
  2325H.01I - Requires law enforcement officers to give persons under arrest forty-eight hours to arrange for their motor vehicle to be removed before authorizing a towing company to remove a motor vehicle
HB1101Griffith, Dave HB 11012/28/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2320H.01I - Establishes the Commercial Vehicle Towing Advisory Committee
HB1112Ruth, Becky HB 11122/28/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2311H.02I - Applies all current motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle franchise practice provisions to "powersport vehicles"
HB1126Roeber, Rebecca HB 11263/12/2019 Referred: Judiciary
  2345H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to traffic offenses committed by persons under eighteen years of age
HB1134McGirl, Mike HCS HB 11344/11/2019 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  2370H.02C - Adds corrections officers to the list of persons whose motor vehicle and driver's license records are to be kept confidential
HB1166Plocher, Dean HB 11663/6/2019 Referred: General Laws
  2326H.02I - Modifies the amount a court may assess for court costs for minor traffic violations
HB1182Rogers, Wes HB 11823/1/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2155H.01I - Requires only one motor vehicle license plate for certain motor vehicles
HB1192Rowland, Rory HB 11923/1/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0186H.01I - Allows certain businesses to incorporate driverless-capable vehicles into the business’ s vehicle fleet, with certain restrictions
HB1197Remole, Tim HB 11973/1/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2403H.01I - Requires towing companies to release personal property contained within abandoned property to the owner of the abandoned property
HB1210Hurst, Tom HB 12104/18/2019 Referred: Transportation
  2419H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to load limits on commercial motor vehicles
HCR42Ellington, Brandon HCR 422/13/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1882H.01I - Encourages collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law enforcement officials to end motorcycle profiling
HJR17Messenger, Jeffrey HJR 172/13/2019 Referred: Transportation
  1082H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to direct increased funding from motor vehicle registration fee adjustments for inflation to a farm to market fund, a port development fund, the state road bond fund, and the highway patrol
SB147Taylor, Jered HCS SCS SB 1474/16/2019 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  0387H.03C - Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicles