98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB156Gardner, Kimberly HB 1565/15/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  0209L.01I - Changes the laws regarding penalties for first degree murder when the person is under 18 years of age at the time the offense was committed
HB344Lair, Mike HB 3444/22/2015 Voted Do Pass (H)
  0987L.01I - Authorizes the early parole of certain offenders over the age of 65
HB356Jones, Caleb HCS HB 3564/2/2015 HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
  0664H.02C - Requires the Board of Probation and Parole to deliver an answer within two weeks of holding a hearing
HB358Rowland, Lyle HB 3583/31/2015 Referred: Select Committee on State and Local Governments
  0890H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to controlled substances and requires probation and parole officers to arrest people suspected of violating their conditions of release
HB657Phillips, Don HCS HB 6574/29/2015 Laid Over (H)
  1514H.02C - Requires first-time offenders of certain dangerous felonies to serve a minimum of 50% of their sentence
HB845White, Bill HB 8455/15/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  1990H.01I - Specifies that the reasonable cost of incarceration must be reimbursed by the state to the county holding a prisoner in violation of state statute or probation or parole as a result of a statute violations
HB938Sommer, Chrissy HB 9384/14/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  1919H.01I - Specifies that if an illegal alien commits a crime in this state, he or she must serve the entire sentence and must not receive a sentence of probation in lieu of jail time
HB970Ellington, Brandon HB 9705/15/2015 Referred: Corrections
  2066L.01I - Repeals the provision allowing the Board of Probation and Parole to charge an offender an intervention fee
HB978Dogan, Shamed HCS HB 9784/29/2015 Laid Over (H)
  1738H.03C - Requires the Board of Probation and Parole to authorize the release of any offender who is incarcerated on August 28, 2015 and who is serving a life sentence without parole for marijuana offenses
HB1078Kelley, Mike HB 10785/15/2015 Referred: Emerging Issues
  2265H.01I - Requires sexually violent offenders to undergo medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment before being released to probation and parole
HB1176Jones, Caleb HCS HB 11764/27/2015 HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
  1896H.05C - Modifies provisions relating to intoxication-related offenses
HB1278Kidd, Bill HB 12783/19/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  2419H.01I - Increases the penalty for a violation of the crime of resisting arrest
SB31Cunningham, Mike SB 3112/1/2014 Prefiled in the Senate (S)
  0462S.01I - Requires a probation officer to notify the prosecutor if he or she has probable cause to believe a probationer has violated a condition of probation
SB200Cornejo, Robert HCS SB 2005/12/2015 Reported Do Pass (H)
  0159H.02C - Modifies provisions related to first degree murder
SB355Brown, Dan SB 3551/29/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1372S.02I - Requires certain employees of the Department of Corrections to receive hazardous duty pay