100th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB52Bangert, Gretchen HB 5212/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0060H.01I - Changes the due date for certain trailer license plate renewals from December to May
HB68Dinkins, Chris HB 6812/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0274H.02I - Prohibits the use of a hand-held wireless communications device within a school zone
HB74Tate, Nate HB 7412/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0499H.01I - Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully licensed and eighteen years of age or older
HB49Bangert, Gretchen HB 4912/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0059H.01I - Requires driver’s license examiners to demonstrate to applicants what he or she is likely to experience during a traffic stop and requires driver's education providers to include curriculum on traffic stops
HB50Bangert, Gretchen HB 5012/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0058H.01I - Prohibits anyone from using a hand-held electronic wireless communication device while driving a non-commercial motor vehicle unless the device is equipped for hands-free operation and is being used in that manner
HB156Ellington, Brandon HB 15612/3/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0536H.01I - Requires same-day service for driver's license issuance and renewal
HB191Kolkmeyer, Glen HB 19112/4/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0150H.01I - Designates a portion of State Highway E in Lafayette County the "Firefighter Jeff Sanders Memorial Highway"
HB206Murphy, Jim HB 20612/10/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0653H.01I - Designates the Cloria Brown Memorial Highway in St. Louis County
HB213Trent, Curtis HB 21312/10/2018 Prefiled (H)
  0437H.01I - Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to consider the complete life-cycle costs of work in determining the lowest bid amount submitted for a contract