100th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB124DeGroot, Bruce HB 1244/9/2019 Second read and referred: Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence
  0597H.01P - Allows the circuit court in St. Louis City to collect a fee not to exceed twenty dollars, rather than fifteen, to go toward the law library
HB134Carter, Chris HB 1341/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0632H.01I - Establishes the Education and Job Training Television Broadcasting District Act, which allows St. Louis City and County to levy, upon voter approval, a property tax dedicated to educational television programming
HB733Franks Jr., Bruce HB 7331/30/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1574H.01I - Requires the privatization of a public airport to receive voter approval from the citizens of the city that owns the airport
HB734Franks Jr., Bruce HB 7341/30/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1698H.01I - Specifies that a vote of whether to merge political subdivisions shall only be submitted to residents of political subdivisions subject to the potential merger
HB878Bosley, LaKeySha HB 8782/12/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1577H.02I - Specifies procedures for merging political subdivisions
HB936Green, Alan HB 9362/14/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1992H.01I - Modifies provisions regarding an African-American History Museum
HB946Falkner III, Bill HB 9462/18/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2059H.01I - Specifies procedures for merging political subdivisions
HB989Price, Wiley HB 9892/20/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1804H.01I - Modifies juror compensation for jurors serving on a jury in the City of St. Louis
HB1054Baringer, Donna HB 10542/26/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  1680H.01I - Provides that the City of St. Louis senior citizens' services fund budget does not need to be approved by the city government
HB1124Gregory, David HB 11242/28/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  2278H.01I - Creates provisions for a recall election of a circuit attorney of a city not within a county
HB1177Hicks, Ron HB 11774/15/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  2380H.01I - Modifies residency requirement commissioned and civilian personnel of a municipal police force of a city not within a county
HCR7Hill, Justin HCR 71/23/2019 Referred: Economic Development
  1307H.01I - Encourages and urges Major League Soccer to give serious consideration to placing one of its expansion teams in St. Louis
HCR25Dogan, Shamed HCR 254/11/2019 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  1506H.01I - Denounces a statewide vote on whether to consolidate St. Louis City and St. Louis County
HCR33Windham, Kevin HCR 334/18/2019 Referred: Special Committee on Urban Issues
  1824H.01I - Strongly urges the U.S. Army to explain chemical testing that occurred in St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s and requests the federal government to conduct a study on the health effects of such tests
HJR2Stacy, Dan HJR 21/10/2019 Read Second Time (H)
  0470H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing how judges are selected to certain courts
HJR37Bosley, LaKeySha HCS HJR 374/17/2019 Reported Do Pass (H)
  1794H.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting votes for county mergers to the counties affected by the merger
HJR43Chappelle-Nadal, Maria HJR 433/27/2019 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  2210H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to annex St. Louis City into St. Louis County