101st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB204Gray, Alan HB 2041/7/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  0046H.01I - Prohibits certain cities in St. Louis County from imposing a fee for a false alarm to which the police department responds if it is the alarm user's first false alarm in a twelve-month period
HB335Mosley, Jay HB 3352/4/2021 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education
  1119H.01I - Creates wards within certain school districts
HB424Proudie, Raychel HB 4242/4/2021 Referred: Special Committee on Urban Issues
  0283H.01I - Specifies that limited liability companies that own real property in St. Louis County must designate a contact person with the county clerk
HB631Bailey, Dottie HB 6312/25/2021 Referred: Conservation and Natural Resources
  1199H.02I - Establishes procedures relating to land use permits for historic landfills
HB778Bailey, Dottie HB 7783/4/2021 Referred: Local Government
  1613H.01I - Specifies that the St. Louis County Council must vote upon an appointment to any county department director position within one hundred twenty days
HB874Davis, Michael HB 8743/4/2021 Referred: Public Safety
  1965H.01I - Requires certain municipal police departments in St. Louis County to consolidate with another municipal police department or the St. Louis County Police Department
HB1094Schwadron, Adam HB 10942/10/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2321H.01I - Changes the law regarding the county convention and sports facilities authority
HB1338Clemens, Doug HB 13383/1/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2616H.01I - Establishes procedures relating to land use permits for historic landfills
HB1365DeGroot, Bruce HB 13653/2/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2781H.01I - Changes the composition of Regional Convention and Visitors Commission to be proportional to the financial contributions of the county and city of St. Louis
HB1366DeGroot, Bruce HB 13663/2/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2780H.01I - Changes the composition of the Regional Cultural and Performing Arts Development Commission to be proportional to the populations of the county and city of St. Louis
HB1404Plocher, Dean HB 14043/4/2021 Referred: Elections and Elected Officials
  2672H.03I - Establishes nonpartisan elections in constitutional charter counties and an opt-out option
HB1427Plocher, Dean HB 14273/4/2021 Referred: Elections and Elected Officials
  2796H.01I - Allows constitutional charter counties to adopt charter amendments to create nonpartisan elections
HCR49Windham, Kevin HCR 493/2/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1367H.01I - Strongly urges the U.S. Army to explain chemical testing that occurred in St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s and requests the federal government to conduct a study on the health effects of such tests