100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1267Bangert, Gretchen HB 12671/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3026H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the transport and storage of firearms in motor vehicles
HB1535Washington, Barbara HB 15351/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3881H.01I - Adds public libraries to the list of places CCW permit holders are not authorized to carry concealed weapons
HB1576Morgan, Judy HB 15761/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3525H.01I - Requires a firearm owner to report lost or stolen firearms
HB1637Taylor, Jered HCS HBs 1637 & 21503/11/2020 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  4070H.04C - Establishes the "Second Amendment Preservation Act," which creates additional protections to the right to bear arms
HB1669Basye, Chuck HB 16692/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  4200H.01I - Changes the laws regarding firearms
HB1680Basye, Chuck HB 16802/26/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4199H.01I - Changes the laws regarding firearm offenses
HB1805Basye, Chuck HB 18052/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  3352H.02I - Changes the laws regarding weapon offenses by defining fugitive from justice
HB1824Aldridge, Rasheen HB 18241/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4442H.01I - Requires a firearm owner to report lost or stolen firearms
HB1893Schroer, Nick HCS HBs 1893, 2087 & 21693/11/2020 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  4566H.02C - Establishes Blair's Law, which adds the discharging of a firearm within or into the limits of a municipality with criminal negligence to the offense of unlawful use of a weapon
HB1901Hicks, Ron HCS HBs 1901 & 17223/11/2020 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  4567H.02C - Changes the law regarding firearms
HB1961Schroer, Nick HCS HB 19613/18/2020 Placed Back on Formal Perfection Calendar
  4655H.02C - Establishes the "Keep Our Schools Safe Act"
HB1993Mayhew, Don HB 19933/10/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4455H.01I - Requires the State Highway Patrol to host a website where the public can determine whether a serial number of a firearm has been reported stolen
HB2056Spencer, Bryan HB 20562/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  4507H.01I - Modifies and removes provisions relating to concealed firearms
HB2096Shawan, Jeff HB 20961/13/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4409H.01I - Removes concealing a knife from the offense of unlawful use of weapons
HB2099Hill, Justin HB 20992/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  4814H.01I - Specifies that lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles
HB2118Shawan, Jeff HB 21182/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  3426H.01I - Changes the law regarding concealed carry permits to allow proof of an honorable discharge to satisfy some firearm safety training requirements
HB2134Lavender, Deb HB 21341/15/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4887H.01I - Establishes extreme risk orders of protection, which prohibit certain persons from having firearms in their custody, control, or possession
HB2162Lovasco, Tony HB 21621/15/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4485H.02I - Changes the law regarding weapons by decriminalizing the possession of knuckles
HB2169Sharp, Mark HB 21693/11/2020 HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
  4266H.03I - Establishes Blair's Law, which creates the offense of unlawful discharge of a firearm for discharging a firearm within or into the limits of a municipality with criminal negligence
HB2186Shawan, Jeff HB 21862/13/2020 Referred: General Laws
  4935H.01I - Changes the law regarding concealed carrying of weapons by allowing firearms in churches and other places of worship with a concealed carry permit
HB2227Washington, Barbara HB 22271/22/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4205H.01I - Establishes the offense of unlawful possession of a handgun, which prohibits the possession of a handgun by a minor
HB2231Aldridge, Rasheen HB 22311/22/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5033H.01I - Requires a firearm owner to report lost or stolen firearms
HB2259Chipman, Jason HB 22593/5/2020 Voted Do Pass (H)
  4979H.01I - Allows military members to renew concealed carry permits by mail while on active duty
HB2269Appelbaum, LaDonna HB 22691/27/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5113H.01I - Creates a civil penalty for possession of a large capacity magazine
HB2270Appelbaum, LaDonna HB 22701/27/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5109H.01I - Creates a civil penalty for businesses who sell or produce high-capacity magazines
HB2442Bland Manlove, Ashley HB 24422/13/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4271H.02I - Creates the offense of unlawful possession of an ammunition feeding device that holds more than ten rounds
HB2506Shawan, Jeff HB 25062/19/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5458H.01I - Prohibits any state entity from participating in a firearm buyback program
HB2557Sain, Matt HB 25572/25/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5530H.01I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Gun Violence
HB2679Moon, Mike HB 26792/28/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5699H.01I - Changes the law regarding the concealed carrying of firearms
HB2714Black, John HB 27142/28/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5604H.02I - Changes the law regarding the right to keep and bear arms
HB2724McCreery, Tracy HB 27242/28/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5719H.01I - Prohibits certain individuals from possessing a firearm due to domestic violence
HCR87Sain, Matt HCR 872/13/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5252H.01I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Gun Violence
HCR95Burnett, Ingrid HCR 952/27/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5515H.01I - Urges United States Congress to establish a system of checks and balances for launching a nonretaliatory nuclear strike
HJR91Merideth, Peter HJR 911/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4483H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to require a background check for all firearm transfers of ownership and to require a permit to conceal carry a firearm