100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1273Unsicker, Sarah HB 12731/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3295H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to the verification of eligibility for public assistance
HB1287Pike, Patricia HB 12871/8/2020 Withdrawn (H)
  3866H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to who may be eligible to receive MO HealthNet benefits
HB1305Neely, Jim HB 13053/9/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  3747H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to epinephrine auto-injectors
HB1316Sommer, Chrissy HCS HB 13163/11/2020 Voted Do Pass (H)
  3090H.02C - Modifies provisions and creates new programs relating to military families
HB1415Helms, Steve HB 14153/4/2020 Action Postponed (H)
  3320H.04I - Adds provisions relating to health care costs
HB1416Helms, Steve HB 14162/20/2020 Referred: Health and Mental Health Policy
  3298H.01I - Establishes a pilot program to allow MO HealthNet participants to receive services through direct primary care arrangements
HB1471Appelbaum, LaDonna HB 14711/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3797H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the MO HealthNet Fraud Reimbursement Fund
HB1668Stevens, Martha HB 16681/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3764H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet services
HB1670Unsicker, Sarah HB 16701/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3501H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet eligibility
HB1673Unsicker, Sarah HB 16731/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3505H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet eligibility
HB1678Lavender, Deb HB 16781/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3886H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet services
HB1705Coleman, Mary Elizabeth HB 17051/7/2020 Withdrawn (H)
  4219H.01I - Adds provisions relating to public health
HB1772Shields, Brenda HB 17721/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4301H.01I - Adds provisions relating to Medicaid waivers
HB1807Wood, David HB 18071/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3599H.02I - Modifies provisions in relation to MO HealthNet eligibility
HB1837Green, Alan HB 18371/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4334H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet coverage for incarcerated individuals
HB1875Gregory, David HB 18753/9/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4425H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to antipsychotic drugs
HB1913Pike, Patricia HB 19131/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4514H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to who may be eligible to receive MO HealthNet benefits
HB1927Kelly, Hannah HB 19271/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4664H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to personal care assistance services
HB1960Coleman, Mary Elizabeth HCS HB 19603/18/2020 Placed Back on Formal Perfection Calendar
  4631H.02C - Simplifies the application form for certain public assistance benefit programs and allows certain periodic eligibility review forms to be submitted as an attachment to a recipient's state tax return
HB1979Merideth, Peter HB 19791/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4325H.01I - Establishes the "Missouri Care Plan"
HB2062Mitten, Gina HB 20621/9/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4565H.01I - Adds provisions relating to MO HealthNet services
HB2156Neely, Jim HB 21561/15/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4735H.01I - Adds provisions relating to MO HealthNet managed care
HB2158Unsicker, Sarah HB 21581/15/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4911H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to increasing the membership of the drug utilization review board
HB2255Neely, Jim HB 22553/11/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5060H.01I - Requires insurance companies, including MO HealthNet, to cover medically necessary dental procedures that are a result of cancer treatments
HB2260Patterson, Jonathan HB 22601/23/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4895H.01I - Adds provisions relating to medication-assisted treatment
HB2297Carpenter, Jon HB 22971/29/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  3655H.02I - Expands MO HealthNet eligibility
HB2305Ruth, Becky HCS HB 23053/18/2020 Placed Back on Formal Perfection Calendar
  5096H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the MO HealthNet drug utilization review board
HB2379Helms, Steve HB 23792/24/2020 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5293H.01I - Modifies provisions for health care for children
HB2439Unsicker, Sarah HB 24392/12/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5384H.01I - Modifies provisions for MO HealthNet eligibility review verification
HB2456Smith, Cody HB 24564/3/2020 Public Hearing Scheduled (S)
  4576H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to reimbursement allowance taxes
HB2495Bosley, LaKeySha HB 24952/19/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5434H.01I - Extends coverage for mothers in the Show Me Healthy Babies Program to one year postpartum
HB2552Wright, Dale HCS HB 25523/10/2020 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  4681H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB2556Bosley, LaKeySha HB 25562/25/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5369H.01I - Requires insurance coverage for childbirth education classes
HB2558Quade, Crystal HB 25582/25/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5417H.01I - Modifies provisions for eligibility verification for MO HealthNet
HB2574Riggs, Louis HB 25742/26/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  4478H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to postpartum depression screening
HB2602Ellebracht, Mark HB 26022/26/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5529H.01I - Modifies provisions for providing copies of medical records
HB2613Lavender, Deb HB 26132/27/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5483H.01I - Modifies the Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program
HB2747Ross, Robert HB 27473/2/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5712H.01I - Requires not-for-profit hospitals to report spending of MO HealthNet moneys and return payment in certain circumstances
HJR106Smith, Cody HJR 1062/6/2020 Referred: Budget
  5152H.01I - Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Missouri relating to health care
HJR114Trent, Curtis HJR 1142/11/2020 Read Second Time (H)
  5309H.01I - Requires certain MO HealthNet participants to comply with work and community engagement requirements