100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1277Unsicker, Sarah HB 127712/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3216H.01I - Abolishes the death penalty and specifies that any person sentenced to death before August 28, 2020, must be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole
HB1293Dinkins, Chris HB 129312/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3421H.01I - Modifies a provision relating to sexual offenders who are Tier I sexual offenders
HB1307Neely, Jim HB 130712/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3759H.01I - Eliminates license suspensions for nonpayment of child support
HB1314Billington, Hardy HB 131412/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3263H.01I - Requires the name of the real party in interest to be named in civil actions involving the separation of church and state unless the party in interest is a minor
HB1315Billington, Hardy HB 131512/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3269H.01I - Modifies the time frame to appeal landlord-tenant actions
HB1320Sommer, Chrissy HB 132012/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3124H.01I - Changes the law regarding animal abuse
HB1331Veit, Rudy HB 133112/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3226H.02I - Creates the Change of Venue for Capital Cases Fund to reimburse a county that receives a capital case from another county for costs associated with the sequestering of jurors
HB1357Ellebracht, Mark HB 135712/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3348H.01I - Directs fines from certain municipal ordinances to be distributed annually to the schools of the county in the same manner that proceeds of all penalties, forfeitures, and fines collected for the breach of the penal laws of the state are distributed
HB1360Ellebracht, Mark HB 136012/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3372H.01I - Provides that the time frame to file a petition for review of certain decisions shall be calculated as provided under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 44.01(e)
HB1362Ellebracht, Mark HB 136212/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3371H.01I - Specifies that the limits on fines for traffic violations shall not apply if the defendant is represented by counsel and negotiated a plea agreement
HB1364Ellebracht, Mark HB 136412/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3354H.01I - Specifies that attorneys shall only be prohibited from serving as special prosecutors in counties where they represent criminal defendants if a conflict is found after a hearing
HB1378Washington, Barbara HB 137812/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3802H.01I - Changes the laws regarding landlord-tenant actions
HB1384Washington, Barbara HB 138412/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3808H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to juvenile court proceedings
HB1400Price, Wiley HB 140012/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3004H.01I - Modifies juror compensation for jurors serving on a jury in the City of St. Louis
HB1412Solon, Sheila HB 141212/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3641H.01I - Requires attorney's fees and costs to be paid to the property owner in any condemnation proceeding
HB1439Helms, Steve HB 143912/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3196H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to when a person is charged with a moving traffic violation and fails to prepay a fine and appear in court
HB1519Evans, David HB 151912/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3712H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the release of a defendant
HB1520Evans, David HB 152012/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3763H.01I - Changes the laws regarding probation and parole violations
HB1552Roberts, Steven HB 155212/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3159H.01I - Creates privileged communication protections for persons who report alleged criminal activities to a crime stoppers organization
HB1553DeGroot, Bruce HB 155312/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3089H.02I - Creates and modifies provisions regarding punitive damages
HB1554DeGroot, Bruce HB 155412/2/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3573H.01I - Allows the circuit court in St. Louis City to collect a fee not to exceed twenty dollars, rather than fifteen, to go toward the law library
HB1557Evans, David HB 155712/3/2019 Prefiled (H)
  4004H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to criminal offenses
HB1558Evans, David HB 155812/3/2019 Prefiled (H)
  4147H.01I - Adds grandparents to the list of individuals who are not required to submit background screenings if seeking appointments as guardians or conservators to certain persons
HB1592Bland Manlove, Ashley HB 159212/4/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3261H.01I - Changes offenses not eligible for expungement
HB1596Trent, Curtis HB 159612/4/2019 Prefiled (H)
  3459H.01I - Provides that a person who is injured by a product has 15 years after the sale or lease of the product to bring a suit for damages
HB1606Quade, Crystal HB 160612/5/2019 Prefiled (H)
  4204H.01I - Allows the court to grant reasonable visitation rights to siblings of a child whose parents are divorced or if one parent of the child is deceased
HB1645Windham, Kevin HB 164512/6/2019 Prefiled (H)
  4171H.01I - Requires the cost to the state for incarcerating an offender be considered during sentencing and parole hearings