99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject
BillSponsorBill String
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HB1295Davis, CharlieHCS HB 1295
 4646H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to following distance for vehicles traveling at electronically coordinated speeds
HB2207Berry, T.J.HB 2207
 6047H.01I - Allows the department of transportation to authorize, operate, and approve construction designs for transportation sensor systems
HB2267Reiboldt, BillHB 2267
 6128H.01I - Enacts provisions relating to automated driving systems
HB2437Moon, MikeHB 2437
 6082H.01I - Prohibits the implementation, enactment, promulgation, codification, or enforcement of any law, rule, or regulation that requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles to utilize electronic logging devices.
HJR75Messenger, JeffreyHJR 75
 5620H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to direct proceeds from an overweight fee for garbage trucks to the newly established Farm to Market Fund
HR5213Ross, RobertHCS HR 5213
 6196H.02C - Urges Congress to repeal the electronic logging device rules relating to commercial trucking
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