94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Tom Shively (008)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HR135Shively, TomHR 135
 0206C.01 - Hoover, Don
HR142Shively, TomHR 142
 0227C.01 - Johnson, Chase
HR143Shively, TomHR 143
 0225C.01 - Bernhardt, Brandon
HR146Shively, TomHR 146
 0226C.01 - McDowell, Samuel
HR254Shively, TomHR 254
 0362C.01 - Houser, Alice
HR255Shively, TomHR 255
 0393C.01 - One to Many Solutions
HR389Shively, TomHR 389
 0707C.01 - Huddleston, Dillon
HR714Shively, TomHR 714
 1201C.01 - Brookfield HS Wrestling Team
HR715Shively, TomHR 715
 1202C.01 - Marceline HS Wrestling Team
HR737Shively, TomHR 737
 1221C.01 - Mears, Marshall
HR738Shively, TomHR 738
 1220C.01 - Orr, Jordan
HR739Shively, TomHR 739
 1219C.01 - Lindsay, Gary
HR740Shively, TomHR 740
 1218C.01 - Holloway, Tyler
HR741Shively, TomHR 741
 1217C.01 - Lindsay, Austin
HR742Shively, TomHR 742
 1216C.01 - Evans, Austin
HR743Shively, TomHR 743
 1215C.01 - Glasgow, Jerod
HR744Shively, TomHR 744
 1214C.01 - Hamilton, Tyler
HR745Shively, TomHR 745
 1212C.01 - Cordray, Nick
HR746Shively, TomHR 746
 1213C.01 - Paalhar, Austin
HR747Shively, TomHR 747
 1210C.01 - Cupp, Bryce
HR748Shively, TomHR 748
 1211C.01 - Weaver, Josh
HR800Shively, TomHR 800
 1291C.01 - Carousel Productions
HR868Shively, TomHR 868
 1399C.01 - Daugherty, John & Louise
HR881Shively, TomHR 881
 1426C.01 - Milford, Megan
HR1214Shively, TomHR 1214
 1746C.01 - Callao, Missouri
HR1245Shively, TomHR 1245
 2044C.01 - Gray, Barbara
HR1296Shively, TomHR 1296
 2098C.01 - Ash, Wilma
HR1333Shively, TomHR 1333
 2130C.01 - Meadville Lady Eagles
HR1334Shively, TomHR 1334
 1965C.01 - Yount, Debra Jean
HR1335Shively, TomHR 1335
 1964C.01 - Bissey, Melvin
HR1655Shively, TomHR 1655
 2583C.01 - South Shelby HS Lady Birds Basketball Team
HR1824Shively, TomHR 1824
 2846C.01 - Davis, Joan L.
HR1825Shively, TomHR 1825
 2845C.01 - McEwen, Lou Ann
HR1826Shively, TomHR 1826
 2847C.01 - Gingrich, Nancy
HR2055Shively, TomHR 2055
 3144C.01 - Macon Presbyterian Church
HR2500Shively, TomHR 2500
 3730C.01 - Guyer, Janis
HR2651Shively, TomHR 2651
 3903C.01 - Wehner, Linda
HR2673Shively, TomHR 2673
 3953C.01 - Dill, Marge
HR2674Shively, TomHR 2674
 3954C.01 - Freeman, Lea Ann
HR2839Shively, TomHR 2839
 4132C.01 - Meadville, Missouri
HR2995Shively, TomHR 2995
 4325C.01 - Atlanta, Missouri
HR2999Shively, TomHR 2999
 4342C.01 - Fountain, Jane E.
HR3000Shively, TomHR 3000
 4343C.01 - Nelson, Kathy M.
HR3098Shively, TomHR 3098
 4401C.01 - Steele, Jacquelynn
HR3136Shively, TomHR 3136
 4505C.01 - Rogers, Jim
HR3366Shively, TomHR 3366
 4682C.02 - Cross, James & Elma
HR3475Shively, TomHR 3475
 4948C.01 - LaPlata Pharmacy and Jamie Prokup
HR3610Shively, TomHR 3610
 5136C.01 - Lakenan, Missouri
HR3650Shively, TomHR 3650
 5190C.01 - Young, Yvonne
HR3989Shively, TomHR 3989
 5714C.02 - Christy, Thelma Jo
HR4052Shively, TomHR 4052
 5784C.01 - Mayes, Keith
HR4053Shively, TomHR 4053
 5785C.01 - Adams, Leroy
HR4054Shively, TomHR 4054
 5786C.02 - Hall, John
HR4055Shively, TomHR 4055
 5787C.01 - Larrick, Julius
HR4154Shively, TomHR 4154
 5929C.01 - Young, Merle
HR4167Shively, TomHR 4167
 4747C.01 - City of Bevier
HR4298Shively, TomHR 4298
 6135C.01 - Elam, Naomi A.
HR4510Shively, TomHR 4510
 6443C.02 - McGee, Alfred & Marjorie
HR4543Shively, TomHR 4543
 6562C.01 - Miller, Rick and Linda
HR4695Shively, TomHR 4695
 6725C.01 - Schlanker, Joan Dalton
HR4739Shively, TomHR 4739
 6765C.01 - Fuss, Wilhelmine
HR4747Shively, TomHR 4747
 6807C.01 - Simmons, George & Gwen
HR4806Shively, TomHR 4806
 6869C.01 - Gibson, Bill
HB1578Holsman, JasonShively, TomHB 1578
 3617L.01I - Establishes the Solar and Wind Incentive Program to allow for rebates for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems
HB1607Lampe, SaraShively, TomHB 1607
 3548L.01I - Removes villages from a certain incorporation procedure for cities and towns, increases the required number of signatures on a petition to incorporate, and dissolves villages incorporated after August 28, 2007
HB1616Ruzicka, DonShively, TomHB 1616
 4056L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the licensing of real estate brokers
HB1739Moore, DanieShively, TomHB 1739
 4098L.01I - Authorizes the licensure of prescribing psychologists
HB1796Schieffer, EdShively, TomHB 1796
 4088L.01I - Prohibits an individual or business organization from misrepresenting their geographic location by using a fictitious or assumed business name in a telephone directory or directory assistance database
HB1866Scavuzzo, LukeShively, TomHB 1866
 4478L.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts with a priority given to school districts and charitable organizations over individuals in a competitive bid process
HB1868McClanahan, RebeccaShively, TomHB 1868
 4159L.01I - Requires the eligibility criteria for certain health care benefits to be no more restrictive than those in effect on January 10, 2005
HB2086Zimmerman, JakeShively, TomHB 2086
 4666L.01I - Prohibits any elected or appointed official or employee of the state or any political subdivision or its staff from lobbying for one year after leaving office or employment with a certain exception
HB2090Oxford, Jeanette MottShively, TomHB 2090
 4140L.01I - Prohibits the Director of the Department of Revenue from taking a photograph or digital image of any qualified applicant for a driver's license who objects due to his or her religious affiliation
HB2114Zimmerman, JakeShively, TomHCS HB 2114
 4460L.06P - Changes the laws regarding the use of paper ballots at elections
HB2128Baker, JudyShively, TomHB 2128
 3409L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Policy Authority to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda for the provision of health services in this state
HB2156Grill, JasonShively, TomHCS HB 2156
 4398L.04C - Authorizes the Motherhood/Fatherhood Stay-at-Home tax credit for certain parents who stay at home to provide care for a child up to 24 months of age
HB2304Lampe, SaraShively, TomHB 2304
 5266L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the identification, assessment, and education of children with autism spectrum disorder
HB2305Lampe, SaraShively, TomHB 2305
 5098L.01I - Requires the Revisor of Statutes to make all copies of laws, resolutions, and constitutional measures available electronically to the public and eliminates the printing of certain state documents
HB2351Page, SamShively, TomHB 2351
 5413L.01I - Requires health carriers and health benefit plans to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders under certain conditions
HB2369Roorda, JeffShively, TomHB 2369
 5417L.01I - Establishes the Informed Growth Act, which requires an economic impact study to be completed as part of a review of land use permit applications for large-scale retail developments
HB2387Roorda, JeffShively, TomHB 2387
 5469L.01I - Requires contractors of certain public works projects to provide their employees with an approved 10-hour federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Construction Safety Program
HB2423Holsman, JasonShively, TomHB 2423
 3464L.01I - Adds home nursing visits and follow-up care as needed for certain at-risk newborns to the list of covered services under the MO HealthNet Program
HB2521Oxford, Jeanette MottShively, TomHB 2521
 4134L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act which authorizes an individual income tax credit equal to 20% of any earned income tax credit claimed by the taxpayer on his or her federal income tax return
HB2551Kuessner, J CShively, TomHB 2551
 5616L.01I - Requires all inmates receiving on-site medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 25 cents per visit
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