97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Jim Neely (008)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB865Neely, JimSpencer, BryanHB 865
 2000L.01I - Requires the establishment of a death notification system for election authorities in order to remove deceased individuals from voter registration records
HR291Neely, JimHR 291
 0504C.01 - Giant Model Products
HR417Neely, JimHR 417
 0738C.01 - Nutter, Colt
HR593Neely, JimHR 593
 0954C.01 - Kesler, Richard Griffith
HR1361Neely, JimHR 1361
 2137C.01 - Jacobs, Patricia
HR1916Neely, JimHR 1916
 2844C.01 - Evans, Corbett
HR2286Neely, JimHR 2286
 3233C.01 - Stuedle, Dawn
HR2287Neely, JimHR 2287
 3234C.01 - Leeper, Carlena
HR2288Neely, JimHR 2288
 3229C.01 - Salmon, Kathleen
HR2289Neely, JimHR 2289
 3230C.01 - Seifert, Kristi
HR2290Neely, JimHR 2290
 3232C.01 - Witt, Julie
HR2291Neely, JimHR 2291
 3235C.01 - Kemna, Mary Jane
HR2292Neely, JimHR 2292
 3236C.01 - Kauzlarich, Sue
HR3334Neely, JimHR 3334
 3231C.01 - Dow, Al
HR3351Neely, JimHR 3351
 4317C.02 - Thiry, Manon Marie Daniel Bernadette
HR3657Neely, JimHR 3657
 4824C.01 - Wilcutt, Dillon Lee
HR3966Neely, JimHR 3966
 5400C.01 - Fjord, Mette Bernth
HR4233Neely, JimHR 4233
 5905C.01 - Schmude, Delores Opal Cook
HB56Thomson, MikeNeely, JimHB 56
 0538L.01I - Establishes the Career and Technical Education Student Protection Act and the Career and Technical Education Board to oversee and coordinate career and technical education and student organizations' activities
HB170Guernsey, CaseyNeely, JimHCS HB 170
 0894H.05P - Specifies that a federal official must not enforce a federal firearm law when the firearm is manufactured and remains in the state and that any new federal law banning or restricting ownership of a semi-automatic firearm is unenforceable
HB189Muntzel, DaveNeely, JimHB 189
 0293H.01I - Establishes procedures for general elections following primary elections that have resulted in a tie vote between candidates for a county office.
HB195Jones, CalebNeely, JimHB 195
 0686L.01I - Requires persons certified and providing homebirth services to provide proof of malpractice insurance coverage prior to the provision of services
HB257Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCS HB 257
 0930H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the testing of persons with tuberculosis
HB276Brattin, RickNeely, JimHB 276
 0608L.02I - Authorizes any school district to designate a teacher or administrator as a school protection officer who may carry concealed firearms after he or she has met specified minimum training requirements
HB277Brattin, RickNeely, JimHB 277
 0948H.01I - Authorizes an exemption from the motor fuel tax for motor fuel used in watercraft in this state
HB278Brattin, RickNeely, JimHB 278
 0507L.02T - Prohibits any state or local governmental entity; public building, park, or school; or public setting or place from banning or restricting the practice, mention, celebration, or discussion of any federal holiday
HB297English, KeithNeely, JimHB 297
 1072H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to seek a federal waiver to mandate the use of photo identification for continued eligibility in the food stamp program
HB308Jones, CalebNeely, JimHB 308
 1073H.01I - Requires persons certified and providing homebirth services to provide proof of malpractice insurance coverage prior to the provision of services
HB324Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHB 324
 0109L.02I - Changes the amount a health care provider may charge for the search and retrieval of medical records and the cost of supplies and labor for copying them
HB343Guernsey, CaseyNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 343
 1096S.05C - Changes the laws regarding public assistance benefits
HB350Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCS HB 350
 1071L.02C - Prohibits the publication of any identifying information of firearm owners and prohibits health care professionals from being required to inquire, document, or disclose a patient's status as a firearm owner
HB351Frederick, KeithNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 351
 0682S.09T - Changes the laws regarding the licensure and inspection of hospitals
HB387Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCS HB 387
 1262H.03P - Changes the laws regarding the scope of practice for physician assistants
HB398Riddle, JeanieNeely, JimHCS HB 398
 1123H.03C - Allows an electrical corporation to file a petition with the Missouri Public Service Commission to recover specified infrastructure replacement costs
HB400Riddle, JeanieNeely, JimHB 400
 0839L.01T - Establishes requirements for the administration of RU-486 or any other abortion-inducing drug or chemical
HB457Jones, TimothyNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 457
 0871S.06P - Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles
HB467Lichtenegger, DonnaNeely, JimHB 467
 1081H.01I - Requires a public water system to notify the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and its customers at least 30 days prior to a vote to cease fluoridation
HB474Brattin, RickNeely, JimHB 474
 0514L.01I - Requires members of the General Assembly to be subject to random drug testing during the legislative session
HB527Sommer, ChrissyNeely, JimHB 527
 1301L.01I - Creates the Joint Committee on the Tenth Amendment
HB586Schieffer, EdNeely, JimHCS HB 586
 1144L.02P - Guarantees the right to conduct and participate in rodeos in this state and prohibits a restriction on the conducting of or participation in rodeos
HB595Kirkton, JeanneNeely, JimHB 595
 1052L.02I - Requires a health insurance carrier to provide coverage for the initial device deemed necessary to treat a child from birth to age three who has been screened and assessed for a hearing impairment
HB599Berry, T.J.Neely, JimHB 599
 1615H.01I - Allows an applicant for a motor vehicle registration or renewal to make a $1 donation to the National World War I Museum at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City
HB602Dohrman, DeanNeely, JimHB 602
 1585H.01I - Repeals the expiration date of the provision requiring certain counties and the City of St. Louis to deduct an additional percentage of property tax collections for the payment of assessment costs
HB605McGaugh, Joe DonNeely, JimHB 605
 1558H.01I - Requires a person registering to vote to use his or her legal name as it appears on a birth certificate or as changed by marriage or court order
HB608Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCS HB 608
 1378L.02C - Requires the MO HealthNet Division to establish a pilot program implementing an electronic benefit transfer payment system for receipt of MO HealthNet services by participating recipients
HB654Hansen, JimNeely, JimHB 654
 1430H.01I - Allows for the issuance of a limited lines travel insurance producer license
HB702Englund, VickiNeely, JimHB 702
 1656L.01T - Allows the State Treasurer to make certain information available to the public in order to facilitate the identification of the original owner of military medals deemed to be abandoned property
HB704McKenna, TJNeely, JimHB 704
 1831H.01I - Requires the display of the Honor and Remember flag at all state buildings and state parks
HB785Anderson, SonyaNeely, JimHB 785
 1354H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the confiscation of animals
HB794Kolkmeyer, GlenNeely, JimHB 794
 2025H.01I - Expands the Amber Alert System to include missing endangered persons, specifies the criteria for being an endangered person, and changes its name to the Amber Alert and Silver Alert System
HB814Fraker, LyndallNeely, JimHCS HB 814
 2030H.02C - Allows the Secretary of State to enter into an agreement with a nonprofit organization to print and distribute the Official State Manual
HB832Korman, BartNeely, JimHB 832
 1584H.01I - Proposes a sales tax holiday week for products that are made in the USA
HB840Brown, WandaNeely, JimHB 840
 2039H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to indemnify local fee offices if, during the course of its official duties and pursuant to state law or regulations, the fee office is sued
HB1030Burlison, EricNeely, JimHB 1030
 2058H.02I - Authorizes a tax credit for donations to charities for medical care and changes the laws regarding health care liability contracts
HB1039Franklin, DianeNeely, JimHB 1039
 2228L.02I - Establishes the Show-me Transformation Act that changes the requirements for the MO HealthNet Program
HCR17Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCS HCR 17
 1171H.02C - Urges the federal government to continue to reimburse states for a portion of the state's Medicaid DSH expenditures
HJR14Jones, TimothyNeely, JimHCS#2 HJR 14
 0153H.12P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to issue bonds to fund higher education improvements, construction, landscaping, land or building purchases, and transportation infrastructure
HJR15Brattin, RickNeely, JimHCS HJR 15
 0517L.04C - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of every citizen to possess or purchase ammunition for the proper functioning of arms must not be infringed or limited
HRM1Marshall, NickNeely, JimHRM 1
 2259L.01I - Condemns the release of private protected information on concealed carry endorsements, remonstrates against executive departments, and demands the Governor investigate, discipline, and remove those responsible
HB8Stream, RickNeely, JimCCS SCS HCS HB 8
 0008L.05T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Public Safety
HB34Guernsey, CaseyNeely, JimSS#2 HB 34
 0372S.09T - Changes the way that the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations determines the prevailing hourly rate of wages on public work projects
HB57Fitzpatrick, ScottNeely, JimHB 57
 0498H.01I - Prohibits a state agency or political subdivision or a member of the Missouri National Guard from knowingly aiding an agency of the United States armed forces in specified unlawful detention of a citizen
HB330Guernsey, CaseyNeely, JimHB 330
 1097H.01I - Requires specified crime scene photographs and video recordings to be considered closed records and not subject to disclosure under the Open Meetings and Records Law
HB505Haefner, MarshaNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 505
 0878S.05T - Changes the laws regarding child abuse and neglect
HB564McGaugh, Joe DonNeely, JimHCS HB 564
 1436H.03C - Changes the laws regarding the crimes of animal neglect and animal abuse and creates the crime of animal trespass
HB787Richardson, ToddNeely, JimHCS HB 787
 1991H.03P - Prohibits the Department of Revenue from retaining copies of source documents used to obtain driver's licenses and nondriver's licenses
HB802Jones, CalebNeely, JimHB 802
 1788L.01I - Requires moneys in a County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund to be used for specified purposes for sheriffs and prosecuting attorneys
HB886Bahr, KurtNeely, JimHB 886
 2087H.01I - Authorizes the General Assembly to remove any department director or deputy director if it determines that the removal is necessary for the betterment of the public service
HJR11Reiboldt, BillNeely, JimCCS#2 SS HCS HJRs 11 & 7
 0132H.05T - Proposes a constitutional amendment affirming the right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices
HJR16McCaherty, JohnNeely, JimSCS HJR 16
 0895S.02T - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing relevant evidence of prior criminal acts to be admissible in prosecutions for crimes of a sexual nature involving a victim under 18 years of age
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