99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Jim Neely (008)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB318Neely, JimHB 318
 0835H.01I - Requires spouses of members of the active duty component of the Armed Forces to be given first priority in the processing of all professional licensure applications
HB319Neely, JimHB 319
 0987H.01I - Requires courts in this state to phase in equipment that allows audio from trials or other court proceedings to be retained for a minimum of one year
HB320Neely, JimHB 320
 0988H.01I - Modifies penalty provisions relating to the offense of criminal nonsupport
HB321Neely, JimHB 321
 0836H.01I - Allows any local governing agency to establish a work for restitution program and requires certain nonviolent offenders to participate in and complete the program
HB322Neely, JimHB 322
 0931H.01I - Establishes a pilot program to transfer the authority to inspect nursing homes from the Department of Health and Senior Services to local health departments
HB323Neely, JimHB 323
 0927H.01I - Specifies that a parent's obligation to pay child support must terminate when the child turns 18 or graduates from high school unless other circumstances arise that would terminate the obligation
HB324Neely, JimHCS HB 324
 0085H.02P - Specifies that no school board shall suspend a pupil out of school for an act or acts of truancy
HB437Neely, JimHCS HB 437
 1035H.04C - Allows persons with certain serious medical conditions to use medical cannabis
HB626Neely, JimHB 626
 1115H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to guardianship and conservatorship proceedings
HB684Neely, JimHB 684
 1445H.01I - Changes the laws regarding managed care under the MO HealthNet program
HB706Neely, JimHB 706
 1478H.01I - Creates the offense of nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images
HB707Neely, JimHB 707
 1438H.01I - Limits a modifiable maintenance order to the duration of the marriage
HB777Neely, JimHB 777
 1636H.01I - Requires the establishment of a death notification system for election authorities in order to remove deceased individuals from voter registration records
HB852Neely, JimHB 852
 1766H.01I - Provides family access motion fees shall be waived by the court unless the court finds there has been compliance with the order of custody, visitation, or third-party custody
HB877Neely, JimHB 877
 1839H.01I - Modifies the definition of tattoo
HB917Neely, JimHB 917
 1860H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the sexual offender registry
HB969Neely, JimHB 969
 1951H.01I - Requires 20% of all fees an attorney charges for his or her services to be deposited into a fund that will be used to provide financial support for certain recipients
HB1047Neely, JimHB 1047
 2155H.01I - Prohibits elected federal officials from receiving any benefits under a retirement plan accrued as an elected state official once vested in a federal retirement plan
HB1140Neely, JimHB 1140
 2283H.01I - Changes the laws regarding child support
HB1174Neely, JimHB 1174
 2338H.01I - Changes the laws regarding maintenance orders
HB52Andrews, AllenNeely, JimHB 52
 0389H.01P - Changes the law regarding special road district commissioner qualifications
HB57Haefner, MarshaNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 57
 0042S.05C - Enhances the penalty for certain crimes when the victim is a special victim
HB84Redmon, CraigNeely, JimHB 84
 0175H.01I - Changes the laws regarding eminent domain for electric transmission projects
HB95McGaugh, Joe DonNeely, JimHB 95
 0714H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to the collateral source rule and provides that parties may introduce evidence of the actual cost, rather than the value, of the medical care rendered
HB99Swan, KathrynNeely, JimHB 99
 0532H.01I - Requires entities bidding on work for publicly funded projects to produce statements showing the entity owes no taxes
HB101Swan, KathrynNeely, JimHB 101
 0530H.01I - Specifies that all new and existing tax credits shall be approved by the General Assembly as part of the budget process
HB121Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHB 121
 0455H.01P - Adds psychiatrists to the list of individuals eligible for the Health Professional Student Loan Repayment Program
HB122Frederick, KeithNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 122
 0454S.03C - Modifies provisions regarding physicians providing sports medicine services
HB136Spencer, BryanNeely, JimHCS HB 136
 0217H.02C - Prohibits private land-use agreements from precluding amateur service communications
HB137Spencer, BryanNeely, JimHB 137
 0216H.01I - Specifies that abandoned property reports required to be signed by law enforcement must be signed by a patrol officer employed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
HB139Spencer, BryanNeely, JimHB 139
 0239H.01I - Changes the law on school funding so that the exemption from compliance with certain statutes by school districts in the event of withholding of funds by the governor is permanent
HB141Spencer, BryanNeely, JimHB 141
 0238H.01I - Allows school districts to be excused from compliance with certain statutes in the event of withholding of funds by the governor
HB153Corlew, KevinNeely, JimHB 153
 0381H.01T - Modifies provisions relating to expert witnesses
HB207Fitzwater, PaulNeely, JimHB 207
 0638H.01P - Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails
HB214McCreery, TracyNeely, JimHB 214
 0417H.01I - Prohibits candidate committees from transferring funds to relatives of the candidates
HB226Hubrecht, TilaNeely, JimHCS HB 226
 0893H.02C - Changes the laws regarding the powers and duties of Regional EMS Medical Directors
HB235Roden, ShaneNeely, JimHB 235
 0848H.01I - Specifies that only motorcycle riders under the age of eighteen operating with a motorcycle training permit shall wear a helmet and requires all other riders who wish to ride without a helmet to show proof of health insurance
HB257Pfautsch, DonnaNeely, JimHB 257
 0820H.01I - Requires each school district to establish a policy allowing acceleration for certain students
HB258Pfautsch, DonnaNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 258
 0769S.03C - Modifies the law regarding the Missouri accountability portal
HB260Brown, CloriaNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 260
 0573S.05C - Changes provisions relating to child welfare
HB278Houghton, JayNeely, JimHB 278
 0842H.01I - Allows all honorably discharged veterans to fish and hunt without a permit, with certain exceptions
HB280Houghton, JayNeely, JimHB 280
 0869H.01I - Prohibits local school districts from setting an opening date for the school term that is more than ten calendar days prior to the first Monday in September
HB325Barnes, JayNeely, JimHB 325
 1046H.01I - Specifies that state employees shall receive 10 consecutive work days of paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child
HB330Morris, LynnNeely, JimHCS HB 330
 1030H.02P - Changes the definition of "assistant physician"
HB331Morris, LynnNeely, JimHB 331
 1054H.01I - Changes the laws regarding vaccines
HB334Lauer, JeanieNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 334
 0160S.05C - Changes the laws regarding 911 emergency communication services
HB344Dogan, ShamedNeely, JimHB 344
 0724H.01I - Prohibits the levying of an earnings tax on nonresidents of St. Louis City on January 1, 2019
HB431Bahr, KurtNeely, JimHCS HB 431
 0181H.04C - Changes the laws regarding the state sexual offender registry and its requirements
HB467Cookson, SteveNeely, JimHB 467
 1031H.01I - Prohibits local school districts from setting an opening date for the school term that is more than 10 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September for school year 2018-19 and for subsequent years
HB472Smith, ClemNeely, JimHB 472
 0743H.01I - Establishes the College Credit Disclosure Act that requires a higher education institution to disclose its unaccredited status to students before enrollment
HB478Walker, NateNeely, JimHB 478
 0958H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to eminent domain
HB546Hansen, JimNeely, JimHB 546
 1194H.01I - Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB595McGaugh, Joe DonNeely, JimHB 595
 1343H.01I - Makes offenders who owe court costs or restitution, or have not fulfilled certain other conditions, ineligible for early release for earned compliance credits
HB599Hansen, JimNeely, JimHB 599
 1201H.01P - Modifies the A+ Schools Program by removing the requirement that the student's attendance of public high school occur in the three years immediately prior to graduation
HB662Rone, DonNeely, JimSCS HCS HB 662
 0071S.08T - Changes the laws regarding the misuse of herbicides
HB681Wiemann, JohnNeely, JimHB 681
 1160H.01I - Changes the law regarding the voter registration information that can be computerized
HB683Roeber, RebeccaNeely, JimHB 683
 0765H.01I - Establishes recall elections for school board members
HB689Mathews, KirkNeely, JimHB 689
 1518H.01I - Creates and modifies provisions relating to punitive damages
HB698Pietzman, RandyNeely, JimHCS HB 698
 1480H.03P - Prohibits the Department of Natural Resources from acquiring additional land to establish a state park until all existing parks and facilities are brought up to date and are in good working order
HB710Walker, Cora FaithNeely, JimHB 710
 1436H.01I - Allows a participant in drug court to receive medication assisted treatment if under the care of a physician licensed in this state to practice medicine
HB724Swan, KathrynNeely, JimHCS HB 724
 1560H.02C - Establishes a rebuttable presumption that child custody arrangements that award equal parenting time are in the best interest of the child
HB769Walker, Cora FaithNeely, JimHB 769
 1566H.01I - Establishes the Mo HealthNet Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities Program
HB894Korman, BartNeely, JimHB 894
 0253H.01I - Establishes a "None of the Above" option on all ballots cast in the state of Missouri
HCR5Frederick, KeithNeely, JimHCR 5
 0136H.01I - Applies to Congress for the calling of a convention to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution that place limits on the federal government
HCR7Morris, LynnNeely, JimHCR 7
 0403H.02P - Urges the United States government to condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners
HCR28Rowland, RoryNeely, JimHCR 28
 1777H.01I - Reaffirms Missouri's support of the services of the sheltered workshops of our state
HCR35Hurst, TomNeely, JimHCR 35
 1933H.01I - Urges the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to prioritize the cases of the 15 Missourians from the Vietnam War whose status remains presumptive finding of death
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