94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Paul Quinn (009)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HCR33Quinn, PaulTodd, TomHCR 33
 5329L.01I - Urges Congress to strongly support the continuation of horse processing in the United States
HCR39Quinn, PaulHCR 39
 5577L.01I - Strongly encourages the Missouri Department of Conservation to begin a pilot hand fishing season in June and July of 2008
HR149Quinn, PaulHR 149
 0240C.01 - Korte, Paige
HR150Quinn, PaulHR 150
 0242C.01 - Young, Caitlin
HR218Quinn, PaulHR 218
 0380C.01 - Warbritton, Jennifer
HR219Quinn, PaulHR 219
 0381C.01 - Snook Matthew
HR220Quinn, PaulHR 220
 0382C.01 - Durbin, Phillip
HR221Quinn, PaulHR 221
 0378C.01 - Paris R-II Poultry Team
HR222Quinn, PaulHR 222
 0379C.01 - Ensor, Kara
HR223Quinn, PaulHR 223
 0383C.01 - Haverstick, Lindsey
HR224Quinn, PaulHR 224
 0384C.01 - Black, Kayla
HR225Quinn, PaulHR 225
 0385C.01 - Vukadin, Mindy
HR226Quinn, PaulHR 226
 0386C.01 - Bowne, Devon
HR414Quinn, PaulHR 414
 0725C.01 - Brockman Building
HR438Quinn, PaulHR 438
 0773C.01 - Monnig, Bob
HR1746Quinn, PaulHR 1746
 2698C.01 - Ad Finder
HR1807Quinn, PaulHR 1807
 2841C.01 - Heffernan, William D.
HR1828Quinn, PaulHR 1828
 2895C.01 - Elsenrath, Alfred Vincent
HR1910Quinn, PaulHR 1910
 2844C.01 - Foss, Dennis "Denny"
HR2029Quinn, PaulHR 2029
 3087C.01 - Hill, Jennifer Lee
HR2158Quinn, PaulHR 2158
 3294C.01 - Harrisburg Boys Basketball Team
HR2193Quinn, PaulHR 2193
 3301C.01 - Rolfson, Leah
HR2194Quinn, PaulHR 2194
 3304C.01 - Stidham, Charlie
HR2195Quinn, PaulHR 2195
 3303C.01 - Holsinger, Dave
HR2196Quinn, PaulHR 2196
 3302C.01 - Welch, Roy
HR2197Quinn, PaulHR 2197
 3305C.01 - Centralia Young Farmers
HR2198Quinn, PaulHR 2198
 3300C.01 - Forrest Chevrolet
HR2503Quinn, PaulHR 2503
 3736C.01 - Yount, Kathie
HR2672Quinn, PaulHR 2672
 3947C.02 - Schnitzler, Janice
HR2722Quinn, PaulHR 2722
 4019C.01 - St. Stephen Catholic Church
HR3086Quinn, PaulHR 3086
 4361C.01 - Monnig, Robert A.
HR3738Quinn, PaulHR 3738
 5384C.01 - Garrett, Anna Katherine Lockwood
HR4196Quinn, PaulHR 4196
 5988C.01 - Ben Smith Airfield
HR4365Quinn, PaulHR 4365
 6087C.01 - Schlotzhauer, Anna Mae
HB1607Lampe, SaraQuinn, PaulHB 1607
 3548L.01I - Removes villages from a certain incorporation procedure for cities and towns, increases the required number of signatures on a petition to incorporate, and dissolves villages incorporated after August 28, 2007
HB1620Jones, KennyQuinn, PaulHB 1620
 3901L.01I - Authorizes certain advanced practice registered nurses to enter into collaborative agreements with physicians to administer and dispense controlled substances
HB1692Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1692
 4112L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Preschool Plus Grant Program to serve up to 10,000 students with high quality early childhood education services for four years
HB1693Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1693
 4111L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Education Promise Program
HB1694Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1694
 4086L.01I - Changes the laws regarding property taxation
HB1695Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1695
 4085L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the senior citizen/disabled person property tax credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB1696Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1696
 4114L.01I - Prohibits commercial inserts or other forms of advertising from accompanying motor vehicle registration renewal notices
HB1697Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1697
 4113L.01I - Specifies that all bond proceeds, fees, and other revenues of the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority can only be used for lowering rates, forgiving loans, issuing scholarships, and administration
HB1698Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 1698
 4110L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Bright Flight Scholarship Program including revising the size of awards and imposing minimum grade point requirements
HB1704Wallace, MaynardQuinn, PaulHCS HB 1704
 3814L.02P - Increases the appropriation amount for small school grants and allows certain schools to receive a flat amount per student
HB1713Norr, CharlieQuinn, PaulHB 1713
 3958L.02I - Establishes regulations for persons offering rebates
HB1714Norr, CharlieQuinn, PaulHB 1714
 3960L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for costs of repairs or losses incurred in a federally and state-declared natural disaster area
HB1722Wallace, MaynardQuinn, PaulSCS HCS HB 1722
 3813S.04C - Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, and reporting acts of violence
HB1739Moore, DanieQuinn, PaulHB 1739
 4098L.01I - Authorizes the licensure of prescribing psychologists
HB1796Schieffer, EdQuinn, PaulHB 1796
 4088L.01I - Prohibits an individual or business organization from misrepresenting their geographic location by using a fictitious or assumed business name in a telephone directory or directory assistance database
HB1798Ruzicka, DonQuinn, PaulHB 1798
 3554L.02I - Establishes the Landowner Liability Protection Act
HB1855Harris, JeffQuinn, PaulHB 1855
 4050L.02I - Increases the penalty for endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree when shaking a child younger than five years of age to a minimum of 15 years in prison
HB1866Scavuzzo, LukeQuinn, PaulHB 1866
 4478L.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts with a priority given to school districts and charitable organizations over individuals in a competitive bid process
HB1868McClanahan, RebeccaQuinn, PaulHB 1868
 4159L.01I - Requires the eligibility criteria for certain health care benefits to be no more restrictive than those in effect on January 10, 2005
HB1870Deeken, BillQuinn, PaulHB 1870
 4333L.01I - Establishes the Commission on the Death Penalty and places a moratorium on all executions until January 1, 2012
HB1892Holsman, JasonQuinn, PaulHB 1892
 4695L.01I - Allows taxpayers who use specified types of fuel cell or solar energy to generate electricity for their residences to claim a tax deduction
HB1901Harris, BelindaQuinn, PaulHB 1901
 4115L.03I - Allows any person selling raw milk or cream to an individual for his or her own use to do so without a permit from the State Milk Board within the Department of Agriculture
HB1916Lampe, SaraQuinn, PaulHB 1916
 4540L.01I - Increases state employee salaries in an amount equal to the percentage change in the federal Consumer Price Index
HB1943Brown, MichaelQuinn, PaulHB 1943
 4789L.02I - Authorizes the recorder of deeds in Jackson County to collect a $1 donation in addition to the fees charged for marriage and birth records to assist homeless families in the county
HB2051Kelly, VanQuinn, PaulHB 2051
 4994L.01P - Authorizes the Director of the Department of Corrections to serve as the acting Chairman of the Board of Probation and Parole or to appoint a board member to the position until the Governor appoints someone
HB2152Nasheed, JamilahQuinn, PaulHB 2152
 4005L.01I - Changes the laws regarding schools in St. Louis under the Special Administrative Board and their academic accountability
HB2314Hobbs, SteveQuinn, PaulHB 2314
 4998L.01I - Allows certain individuals who have religious objections to having their photograph taken to receive a driver's license or nondriver's license without a photograph
HB2349Darrough, BruceQuinn, PaulHB 2349
 4471L.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to investigate a petition filed by a labor organization alleging that an employee unit wishes to be represented by that labor organization
HB2369Roorda, JeffQuinn, PaulHB 2369
 5417L.01I - Establishes the Informed Growth Act, which requires an economic impact study to be completed as part of a review of land use permit applications for large-scale retail developments
HB2387Roorda, JeffQuinn, PaulHB 2387
 5469L.01I - Requires contractors of certain public works projects to provide their employees with an approved 10-hour federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Construction Safety Program
HB2441Wright-Jones, RobinQuinn, PaulHB 2441
 5086L.01I - Establishes the Prostate Cancer Pilot Program to provide screening and treatment for prostate cancer for certain uninsured or economically challenged men
HB2521Oxford, Jeanette MottQuinn, PaulHB 2521
 4134L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act which authorizes an individual income tax credit equal to 20% of any earned income tax credit claimed by the taxpayer on his or her federal income tax return
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