95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Terry Witte (010)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB386Witte, TerryHB 386
 1329L.02I - Allows a judge to award reasonable attorney fees to any or all defense attorneys in a partition suit
HB666Witte, TerryDay, DavidHB 666
 1638L.01I - Requires a military dependent who is residing in Missouri and whose parent is on permanent duty in the state to be eligible for in-state tuition if continuously enrolled in a higher education institution
HB670Witte, TerryHB 670
 1639L.01I - Allows a person in federal service to vote in any election by absentee ballot or in person upon submitting an affidavit
HB747Witte, TerryHB 747
 1889L.01T - Specifies that a person commits the crime of sexual contact with a a prisoner or offender if the prisoner or offender is confined in a jail, prison, or correctional facility
HCR25Witte, TerryDay, DavidHCR 25
 1640L.01I - Urges the United States Air Force to select Whiteman Air Force Base as the permanent location for the Global Strike Command
HR29Witte, TerryHR 29
 0029C.01 - Schafer, Mary Lou
HR32Witte, TerryHR 32
 0068C.01 - Scott, Lyndell & Jean
HR33Witte, TerryHR 33
 0066C.01 - Truley, James & Aloma
HR34Witte, TerryHR 34
 0065C.01 - North Callaway County R-I School Distric
HR35Witte, TerryHR 35
 0064C.01 - Pike County R-III School District
HR36Witte, TerryHR 36
 0063C.01 - Van-Far R-I School District
HR37Witte, TerryHR 37
 0062C.01 - Bowling Green R-I School District
HR38Witte, TerryHR 38
 0061C.01 - Wellsville-Middletown R-I School Distric
HR39Witte, TerryHR 39
 0060C.01 - BONCL R-X School District
HR41Witte, TerryHR 41
 0067C.01 - Harris, Gary
HR154Witte, TerryHR 154
 0241C.02 - Jarboe, Gail
HR250Witte, TerryHR 250
 0437C.02 - Blackwell, John & Fern
HR371Witte, TerryHR 371
 0555C.01 - Hudson, Frank
HR404Witte, TerryHR 404
 0762C.01 - Noel, Dale & Phyllis
HR405Witte, TerryHR 405
 0632C.01 - Tedrick, Anthony & Leanna
HR889Witte, TerryHR 889
 1238C.01 - Yokem, Gary
HR1090Witte, TerryHR 1090
 1543C.02 - McKee, Doris Jeanne
HR1334Witte, TerryHR 1334
 1749C.01 - Brown, Elmer & Juliana
HR1335Witte, TerryHR 1335
 1849C.01 - Glenn, Patricia Foster
HR1516Witte, TerryHR 1516
 2162C.02 - Stroker, William & Caroline
HR1517Witte, TerryHR 1517
 1973C.01 - Burse, Sonja
HR1646Witte, TerryHR 1646
 2495C.02 - Hobkirk, Russell & Florence
HR1663Witte, TerryHR 1663
 2552C.01 - Wellsville Public Library
HR1749Witte, TerryHR 1749
 2668C.01 - Cline, Sergeant Keith
HR1750Witte, TerryHR 1750
 2554C.01 - Trower, Spencer
HR1825Witte, TerryHR 1825
 1515C.02 - Scrogin, Charles M.
HR2079Witte, TerryHR 2079
 2861C.01 - Scrogin, Charles
HR2281Witte, TerryHR 2281
 3272C.01 - Hunter, John F.
HR2504Witte, TerryHR 2504
 3593C.01 - Waddell, James & Lois
HR2568Witte, TerryHR 2568
 3639C.01 - Haverstick, Andrew
HR2922Witte, TerryHR 2922
 3641C.01 - Ford, Jim & Carol
HR2923Witte, TerryHR 2923
 3640C.01 - Motley, Paul & Dorothy
HR2924Witte, TerryHR 2924
 4024C.01 - Hufty, Nana
HR2925Witte, TerryHR 2925
 4023C.01 - Stapleton, Mary
HR2926Witte, TerryHR 2926
 4022C.01 - Gamm, Susan
HR2927Witte, TerryHR 2927
 3808C.01 - Eskew, Brenda Anne Utterback
HR2928Witte, TerryHR 2928
 3807C.01 - Berlin, Kathy
HR2929Witte, TerryHR 2929
 3695C.01 - Gower, Brenda
HR2930Witte, TerryHR 2930
 3806C.01 - Swain, Beverly
HR2931Witte, TerryHR 2931
 3809C.01 - Cox, Jeanette
HR2932Witte, TerryHR 2932
 4096C.01 - Hurd, Helen
HR2958Witte, TerryHR 2958
 3638C.02 - Griffith, John Michael
HR2960Witte, TerryHR 2960
 3852C.02 - Peck, Barbara
HR3117Witte, TerryHR 3117
 4233C.01 - Helm, Lisa
HR3118Witte, TerryHR 3118
 4234C.01 - Branstetter, Marion
HR3119Witte, TerryHR 3119
 4205C.01 - Singer, Jackie
HR3120Witte, TerryHR 3120
 4206C.01 - Heintzelman, Christine
HR3189Witte, TerryHR 3189
 4426C.02 - Mullenix, Jerry
HR3190Witte, TerryHR 3190
 4425C.01 - Capps, Bob
HR3191Witte, TerryHR 3191
 4427C.01 - Bergstrand, Kevin
HR3251Witte, TerryHR 3251
 4537C.01 - Johnson, Billy & Mary Julia
HR3252Witte, TerryHR 3252
 4538C.01 - Twellman, Judy
HR3290Witte, TerryHR 3290
 4596C.01 - Gordon, Peter & Louis
HR3305Witte, TerryHR 3305
 4599C.01 - Magee, James & Ruth Ann
HR3338Witte, TerryHR 3338
 4668C.02 - Fuerst, Clifford
HR3339Witte, TerryHR 3339
 4669C.01 - Peecher, George & Betty
HR3340Witte, TerryHR 3340
 4667C.01 - Feldmann, Rick
HR3375Witte, TerryHR 3375
 4759C.01 - LaRue, Elwood & Beverly
HR3465Witte, TerryHR 3465
 4865C.01 - Kohl, Rachel
HR3466Witte, TerryHR 3466
 4855C.01 - Hammett, Robert
HR3467Witte, TerryHR 3467
 4760C.01 - Traynor. Eugene
HR3468Witte, TerryHR 3468
 4776C.01 - Kinsler, Donnie
HR3469Witte, TerryHR 3469
 4770C.01 - Borgmeyer, Kathy
HR3470Witte, TerryHR 3470
 4771C.01 - Norton, Glenda
HR3471Witte, TerryHR 3471
 4772C.01 - Finder, Teresa
HR3472Witte, TerryHR 3472
 4774C.01 - Pound, Lynn
HR3473Witte, TerryHR 3473
 4775C.01 - Summers, Jane
HR3477Witte, TerryHR 3477
 4773C.01 - Jaccarino, Emma
HR3508Witte, TerryHR 3508
 4923C.01 - Bailey, Vernon & Carolyn
HR3509Witte, TerryHR 3509
 4922C.01 - Tolbert, Randall & Gloria
HR3656Witte, TerryHR 3656
 5086C.01 - Irvine, Henry & Marcia
HR3663Witte, TerryHR 3663
 5158C.02 - Grumich, Aaron Christopher
HR3828Witte, TerryHR 3828
 5428C.01 - Louisiana Lions Club
HR3829Witte, TerryHR 3829
 5430C.01 - Becker, Anthony & Elizabeth
HR3831Witte, TerryHR 3831
 5419C.03 - Allen, Levi & Nancy
HR3833Witte, TerryHR 3833
 5437C.01 - Giltner, Helen Sue
HR3852Witte, TerryHR 3852
 5472C.01 - Garner, Justin Byron
HR3853Witte, TerryHR 3853
 5478C.01 - Elsberry Pharmacy
HR3854Witte, TerryHR 3854
 5487C.02 - Eisele, Deane & Susie
HR3900Witte, TerryHR 3900
 5503C.01 - Youmans, Kenny Ray
HR3913Witte, TerryHR 3913
 5568C.01 - Moore, Donald Gene & Sandra Kay
HR3943Witte, TerryHR 3943
 5575C.01 - Carlson, George Olaf & Virginia Sue
HR3944Witte, TerryHR 3944
 5567C.01 - Heintzelman, Cyril Anthony
HR3947Witte, TerryHR 3947
 5577C.01 - Nienhueser, George & Anna
HR3973Witte, TerryHR 3973
 5658C.01 - Buchanan, Gleeen Edward & Edna Frances
HR4014Witte, TerryHR 4014
 5722C.01 - Radford, Ronnie & Sheila
HR4073Witte, TerryHR 4073
 5800C.01 - Young, Kenneth & Beverly
HR4230Witte, TerryHR 4230
 6064C.01 - Rhoades, William
HR4380Witte, TerryHR 4380
 6273C.01 - Albus, Betty Louise
HR4432Witte, TerryHR 4432
 6357C.01 - Ince, Donald & Mary Louise
HR4502Witte, TerryHR 4502
 6447C.01 - Pilliard, Dick & Joyce
HR4509Witte, TerryHR 4509
 6445C.01 - Aylor, Ruth D.
HR4611Witte, TerryHR 4611
 6546C.01 - Bowling Green High School Boys Cross Country Team
HR4615Witte, TerryHR 4615
 6551C.01 - Clopton High School Girls Softball Team
HB257Schieffer, EdWitte, TerrySCS HB 257
 0735S.02T - Allows Lincoln County to become a second classification county upon reaching the required assessed valuation and approval from the governing body
HB319Swinger, TerryWitte, TerryHB 319
 0918L.01I - Revises the definition of "telephone solicitation" to prohibit political campaigns from using live operators or automatic dialing announcing devices (ADAD) equipment to call anyone on the No-call List
HB320Swinger, TerryWitte, TerryHCS HB 320, 39 & 662
 0919L.02P - Authorizes a one-time income tax credit to a taxpayer for 50% of the cost of the construction of a storm shelter or $1,500, whichever is less
HB356Wallace, MaynardWitte, TerryHCS HB 356
 0098L.02C - Increases the overall appropriation amount for small school grants from $15 million to $20 million with $15 million being distributed to eligible districts in proportion to their average daily attendance
HB400Nasheed, JamilahWitte, TerryHB 400
 1291L.01T - Allows certain veterans to park free in metered parking spaces under certain circumstances
HB508Kuessner, J CWitte, TerryHB 508
 1063L.01I - Requires medical malpractice insurers to establish premiums based on the average medical malpractice judgment awarded by county during the previous calendar year
HB598Scavuzzo, LukeWitte, TerryHB 598
 1154L.03I - Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts in a competitive bid process with priority given to school districts, charitable and nonprofit organizations, and political subdivisions
HB633LeVota, PaulWitte, TerryHB 633
 0640L.02I - Changes the laws regading campaign contributions to candidates and committees
HB682Swinger, TerryWitte, TerryHB 682
 1879L.01T - Allows an exception for the 2008-2009 school year regarding the laws for school make-up days due to inclement weather
HB716Todd, TomWitte, TerrySCS HB 716
 1522S.03T - Changes the laws regarding newborn screening tests and premature infants
HB955McNeil, MargoWitte, TerryHB 955
 1665L.01I - Increases from $14,300 to $18,000 the minimum base used to calculate the senior citizens property tax credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB1089McClanahan, RebeccaWitte, TerryHB 1089
 1574L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Policy Authority to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda for the provision of health services in this state
HCR36Meadows, TimWitte, TerryHCR 36
 1718L.01I - Supports the passage of the federal Employee Free Choice Act to protect and preserve for America's workers their freedom to choose for themselves whether or not to form a union
HCR40Komo, SamWitte, TerryHCR 40
 2327L.01I - Urges Chrysler to maintain and increase current automobile manufacturing levels in Missouri.
HCR45Wallace, MaynardWitte, TerryHCR 45
 2456L.01I - Opposes any federal infringement on citizens' right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution
HCR51Komo, SamWitte, TerryHCR 51
 2492L.01I - Urges Chrysler to maintain and increase current manufacturing levels in Missouri
HJR30Aull, JoeWitte, TerryHJR 30
 1727L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment raising the allowable level of bonded indebtedness for a school district from 15% to 20% of the value of taxable tangible property in the district
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