98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Kevin Corlew (014)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB697Corlew, KevinHCS HB 697
 1314H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to expert witnesses
HB928Corlew, KevinHB 928
 1999L.02P - Changes the Uniform Arbitration Act regarding agreements between employers and at-will employees
HB1044Corlew, KevinHCS HB 1044
 2271H.03P - Establishes the Armed Offender Docket Pilot Project within the Jackson County Circuit Court to handle all matters regarding a person accused or convicted of first degree robbery or a firearms offense
HB1356Corlew, KevinHB 1356
 2651H.02I - Allows the state to collect from any punitive damage final judgment any amount in excess of $500,000 to be deposited into the Tort Victims' Compensation Fund
HB1357Corlew, KevinHCS HB 1357
 2653H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to punitive damages
HJR50Corlew, KevinHJR 50
 2623H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that would allow the General Assembly to override common law
HR336Corlew, KevinHR 336
 0620C.01 - Pehlman, Madison
HR384Corlew, KevinHR 384
 0535C.01 - Grau, Bryson
HR446Corlew, KevinHR 446
 0805C.01 - Kieser, Kenneth
HR612Corlew, KevinHR 612
 1084C.01 - Harris, Blake
HR1098Corlew, KevinHR 1098
 1711C.01 - Unteidt, Reilly
HR1099Corlew, KevinHR 1099
 1710C.01 - Bane, Maddox
HR1100Corlew, KevinHR 1100
 1709C.01 - Ramirez, Joelle
HR1101Corlew, KevinHR 1101
 1708C.01 - Piper, Sing
HR1102Corlew, KevinHR 1102
 1707C.01 - George, Denny
HR1103Corlew, KevinHR 1103
 1706C.01 - Dantzcher, Riley
HR1104Corlew, KevinHR 1104
 1705C.01 - Mitiku, Tsinat
HR1105Corlew, KevinHR 1105
 1704C.01 - Kabuya, Leah
HR1106Corlew, KevinHR 1106
 1703C.01 - Mason, Mark
HR1107Corlew, KevinHR 1107
 1702C.01 - Rucker, Saige
HR1108Corlew, KevinHR 1108
 1701C.01 - Daniel-Agbor, Elisha
HR1109Corlew, KevinHR 1109
 1700C.01 - Cross, Careva
HR1110Corlew, KevinHR 1110
 1699C.01 - Verhoff, Anna
HR1111Corlew, KevinHR 1111
 1698C.01 - Serrano, Elena
HR3036Corlew, KevinHR 3036
 4104C.01 - Cargill, Mary
HR3758Corlew, KevinHR 3758
 5235C.01 - Govier, Avery
HR4252Corlew, KevinHR 4252
 6147C.01 - Hillebrand, Gary
HB104Haahr, ElijahCorlew, KevinHCS HB 104
 0177H.02P - Creates the Student Freedom of Association Act
HB253Berry, T.J.Corlew, KevinHB 253
 0529H.02I - Authorizes a tax credit for student loan repayment
HB468Berry, T.J.Corlew, KevinHB 468
 0193L.02P - Extends the last year of availability of incentives for new or expanded business headquarters from 2020 to 2025
HB627King, S. NickCorlew, KevinHCS HB 627
 1337H.03P - Authorizes the Manufacturing Infrastructure Investment Act
HB793Rizzo, JohnCorlew, KevinHB 793
 1806L.01P - Designates the book entitled "Missouri's Great Flood of '93 - Revisiting an Epic Natural Disaster" by Kenneth L. Kieser as the official state work chronicling the 1993 flood
HB844Hough, LincolnCorlew, KevinSCS HCS HB 844
 1824S.05C - Modifies provisions relating to construction management
HB1175Remole, TimCorlew, KevinHB 1175
 2456H.01I - Prevents the use of electronic records from a smart meter as evidence in a criminal prosecution and imposes a civil penalty on a utility for transferring these records for any other purpose
HB1305Rowden, CalebCorlew, KevinHB 1305
 2657H.02P - Establishes the regulatory improvement commission to evaluate and provide recommendations for modification, consolidation, or repeal of regulations
HB1312Rowden, CalebCorlew, KevinHCS HB 1312
 2658H.02P - Requires the department of economic development to classify tax credits as either directly or indirectly benefiting the state
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