98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Kevin Corlew (014)
BillSponsorBill String
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HB1650Corlew, KevinHB 1650
 4445H.02I - Establishes a limit on residential property assessment increases for the elderly and disabled who own and live in their principal residence proportional to the increase of their Social Security benefit
HB1676Corlew, KevinHCS HB 1676
 5010H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to expert witnesses
HB1718Corlew, KevinHCS HB 1718
 5288H.02P - Changes the Uniform Arbitration Act regarding agreements between employers and at-will employees
HB1990Corlew, KevinHB 1990
 5411H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to convictions of included offenses
HB2084Corlew, KevinHB 2084
 5413H.03I - Modifies provisions relating to first degree murder
HB2235Corlew, KevinHCS HB 2235
 5963H.02C - Allows the Department of Revenue to issue REAL ID compliant driver's licenses and identification cards
HB2236Corlew, KevinHB 2236
 5791H.01I - Establishes the Armed Offender Docket Pilot Project within the Jackson County Circuit Court to handle all matters regarding a person accused or convicted of first degree robbery or a firearm offense
HB2332Corlew, KevinSS#2 SCS HCS HB 2332
 6047S.07T - Changes provisions relating to judicial proceedings
HB2437Corlew, KevinHB 2437
 6222H.01I - Authorizes the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to set up a public private partnership to finance, develop, and operate a new reconstruction 1-70, funded by user fees
HB2438Corlew, KevinHB 2438
 6214H.01I - Changes the laws regarding asbestos tort claims and asbestos trust claims
HB2634Corlew, KevinHB 2634
 6627H.01I - Modifies the appeal procedure for decisions by the public service commission
HB2690Corlew, KevinHB 2690
 6763H.01I - Authorizes the use of various incentives to attract jobs from Kansas border counties into Missouri
HB2745Corlew, KevinHB 2745
 5931H.01I - Modifies the provisions of law relating to campaign finance
HJR89Corlew, KevinHJR 89
 6229H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to authorize the highways and transportation commission to construct a toll road or bridge and to impose and collect tolls for certain projects
HR15Corlew, KevinHR 15
 0009C.01 - Main, Jonathan
HR16Corlew, KevinHR 16
 0010C.01 - Means, Evan
HR17Corlew, KevinHR 17
 0011C.01 - Hall, Joshua
HR18Corlew, KevinHR 18
 0015C.01 - Dillingham, John
HR192Corlew, KevinHR 192
 0226C.01 - Allred, Victor
HR697Corlew, KevinHR 697
 0775C.01 - Downes, Kyle
HR907Corlew, KevinHR 907
 0942C.01 - Bunten, Lauren
HR908Corlew, KevinHR 908
 0943C.01 - Van Hooser, Emily
HR1482Corlew, KevinHR 1482
 1610C.01 - Eyck, Matthew
HR3388Corlew, KevinHR 3388
 3421C.01 - Ivanova, Daria
HR4355Corlew, KevinHR 4355
 4303C.01 - Hamilton, Denise
HB1387Roeber, RebeccaCorlew, KevinHCS HB 1387
 4487H.02P - Expands the newborn screening requirements to include severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)
HB1389King, S. NickCorlew, KevinHB 1389
 4898H.01I - Establishes the Manufacturing Infrastructure Investment Act, which allows certain businesses to retain withholding taxes
HB1394King, S. NickCorlew, KevinHB 1394
 4855H.01I - Specifies additional circumstances that allow the county collector of revenue to waive or refund any penalty or interest added to a tax bill
HB1436Kelley, MikeCorlew, KevinHB 1436
 4265H.01I - Establishes "Toby's Law", which requires any person who has pled guilty to or been found guilty of driving while intoxicated to complete a victim impact program approved by the court
HB1562Haahr, ElijahCorlew, KevinHCS HB 1562
 4162H.02T - Expands the crime of sexual trafficking to include advertising a child participating in a commercial sexual act
HB1576Higdon, GalenCorlew, KevinHB 1576
 4930H.01P - Establishes a commission on capitol security infrastructure
HB1582Kelley, MikeCorlew, KevinSCS HB 1582
 4952S.03T - Changes the laws regarding the withholding tax filing requirements for certain small businesses
HB1599Phillips, DonCorlew, KevinSCS HCS HB 1599
 4581S.04T - Establishes procedures for an adopted person to obtain a copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB1601Ruth, BeckyCorlew, KevinHCS HB 1601
 4530H.02P - Specifies that a teacher representative shall be appointed to the state board of education
HB1605Kelley, MikeCorlew, KevinHCS HB 1605
 4958H.02E - Authorizes an earned income tax credit in Missouri
HB1631Alferman, JustinCorlew, KevinSS#2 SCS HB 1631
 4554S.18T - Requires a person to submit a specified form of photo identification in order to vote in a public election with specified exemptions
HB1653McDaniel, AndrewCorlew, KevinHB 1653
 4363H.01I - Creates the crime of tampering with farm equipment
HB1714Hubrecht, TilaCorlew, KevinHB 1714
 5269H.01I - Establishes the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act
HB1715Wilson, KennethCorlew, KevinHB 1715
 4497H.01P - Specifies that bullying an elderly person constitutes elder abuse
HB1795Haefner, MarshaCorlew, KevinSCS HB 1795
 5130S.02C - Requires the Department of Social Services to contract with a third party to verify eligibility data for public assistance programs
HB1870Hoskins, DennyCorlew, KevinHB 1870
 5399H.01T - Changes the laws regarding the Big Government Get Off My Back Act
HB1915Kidd, BillCorlew, KevinHB 1915
 5194H.02I - Establishes "Simon's Law" which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or nonbeneficial treatment policies of health care facilities
HB1936Wilson, KennethCorlew, KevinSCS HB 1936
 5343S.02T - Allows sheriffs and deputies to assist in other counties throughout the state
HB2104Alferman, JustinCorlew, KevinSCS HB 2104
 5673S.02C - Modifies provisions relating to controlled liquor self-dispensing systems
HB2344Wilson, KennethCorlew, KevinHCS HB 2344
 6105H.02C - Specifies when data from law enforcement cameras is to be considered open record and when such data is required to be closed
HB2433McGaugh, Joe DonCorlew, KevinHB 2433
 6199H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to county prosecuting attorneys
HCR69Miller, RockyCorlew, KevinHCR 69
 5388H.01I - Encourages the attorney general to take all necessary legal actions regarding EPA's final Clean Power Plan to prevent unlawful obligations being imposed on states and others
HJR53Dugger, TonyCorlew, KevinSS HJR 53
 4553S.07T - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that a person seeking to vote in a public election may be required by general law to provide a valid government-issued photo identification
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