98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Noel J Shull (016)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB743Shull, Noel JHB 743
 0463L.02P - Reauthorizes tax credits for a small business equal to the amount it pays as a guaranteed fee to specified federal entities and programs
HB1064Shull, Noel JHB 1064
 2349L.01P - Adds provisions relating to contractual fees charged by certain financial institutions
HB1326Shull, Noel JHB 1326
 2676H.01I - Exempts certain motor vehicles used to transport farm products from motor vehicle inspection requirements
HCR26Shull, Noel JHCR 26
 0244H.01I - Designates the month of March for the years 2015 through 2025 as Women Veterans' Month
HR190Shull, Noel JHR 190
 0342C.01 - Auduong, Ellen
HR191Shull, Noel JHR 191
 0341C.01 - McBride, Emily
HR288Shull, Noel JHR 288
 0506C.02 - Stottlemyre, Roger
HR289Shull, Noel JHR 289
 0496C.02 - Jones, Darryl
HR355Shull, Noel JHR 355
 0663C.01 - Abbott, Caroline
HR356Shull, Noel JHR 356
 0664C.01 - Stupps, Mikayla
HR357Shull, Noel JHR 357
 0665C.01 - Little, Elizabeth
HR358Shull, Noel JHR 358
 0667C.01 - Oyler, Lindi
HR806Shull, Noel JHR 806
 1300C.01 - Gier, Dustin
HR807Shull, Noel JHR 807
 1301C.01 - Eissler, Olivia
HR808Shull, Noel JHR 808
 1302C.01 - Tate, Brenae
HR809Shull, Noel JHR 809
 1303C.01 - Andrews, Kelly
HR810Shull, Noel JHR 810
 1304C.01 - Grazda, Tiffany
HR811Shull, Noel JHR 811
 1305C.01 - Clapham, Conner
HR812Shull, Noel JHR 812
 1306C.01 - Sullivan, Lauren
HR813Shull, Noel JHR 813
 1307C.01 - Wopata, Julia
HR814Shull, Noel JHR 814
 1308C.01 - Hendren, Ashton
HR815Shull, Noel JHR 815
 1309C.01 - Meyer, Alexandra
HR816Shull, Noel JHR 816
 1311C.01 - Breault, Kaley
HR817Shull, Noel JHR 817
 1312C.01 - Taylor, Brad
HR818Shull, Noel JHR 818
 1313C.01 - McGaugh, Austin
HR819Shull, Noel JHR 819
 1314C.01 - Paniagua, Myriam
HR2624Shull, Noel JHR 2624
 3623C.01 - Oak Park High School
HR3690Shull, Noel JHR 3690
 5137C.01 - Brown, Jonathan
HR3786Shull, Noel JHR 3786
 5270C.01 - Vitug, Noverson
HR3809Shull, Noel JHR 3809
 5342C.01 - Lahoti, Varun
HR4250Shull, Noel JHR 4250
 6100C.01 - McHenry, Mark
HB385Walker, NateShull, Noel JHCS HB 385
 1185H.02T - Defines "correspondence" with regard to real estate brokers
HB468Berry, T.J.Shull, Noel JHB 468
 0193L.02P - Extends the last year of availability of incentives for new or expanded business headquarters from 2020 to 2025
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3/19/2018 7:30:22 AM