96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Anne Zerr (018)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB110Zerr, AnneHB 110
 0493L.01I - Requires noninvasive vascular laboratories to be accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories or the American College of Radiology
HB214Zerr, AnneAllen, SueSCS HCS HB 214
 0824S.05T - Changes the laws regarding human trafficking
HB706Zerr, AnneHB 706
 1803L.01I - Specifies that any owner or operator of pipelines transporting petroleum or natural gas who fails to maintain an easement for a period of 10 years will be deemed to have abandoned the easement
HB717Zerr, AnneHB 717
 1720L.01I - Changes the laws regarding automated external defibrillators
HB861Zerr, AnneHB 861
 2013L.01I - Revises the definition of "economic activity taxes" as it relates to a retail establishment that relocates within the same metropolitan area under the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act
HB905Zerr, AnneDiehl, JohnHB 905
 2039L.01I - Specifies that certain expenses for the rehabilitation of an historic structure incurred prior to the approval of a historic structures rehabilitation tax credit may be deemed qualified expenses
HR40Zerr, AnneHR 40
 0013C.01 - Sherman, Martin
HR41Zerr, AnneHR 41
 0058C.01 - Dolan, Paul
HR575Zerr, AnneHR 575
 0843C.02 - Rogers, Amy
HR828Zerr, AnneHR 828
 1304C.01 - Missouri Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
HR829Zerr, AnneHR 829
 1238C.01 - Aaron, Jessica
HR830Zerr, AnneHR 830
 1239C.01 - Adair, Heather
HR831Zerr, AnneHR 831
 1240C.01 - Alfred, Henry
HR832Zerr, AnneHR 832
 1241C.01 - Behle, Elizabeth
HR833Zerr, AnneHR 833
 1242C.01 - Borchers, Matthew
HR834Zerr, AnneHR 834
 1243C.01 - House, Chelsea
HR835Zerr, AnneHR 835
 1244C.01 - Hrenak, Nicole
HR836Zerr, AnneHR 836
 1245C.01 - Hunter, Laura
HR837Zerr, AnneHR 837
 1246C.01 - Kellams, Kate
HR838Zerr, AnneHR 838
 1247C.01 - Kerschen, James
HR839Zerr, AnneHR 839
 1248C.01 - Bortle, Michaela
HR840Zerr, AnneHR 840
 1249C.01 - Boschert, Hannah
HR841Zerr, AnneHR 841
 1250C.01 - Boyd, Abigail
HR842Zerr, AnneHR 842
 1251C.01 - Bremer, Katherine
HR843Zerr, AnneHR 843
 1252C.01 - Brett, Connor
HR844Zerr, AnneHR 844
 1253C.01 - Brockgreitens, Audrey
HR845Zerr, AnneHR 845
 1254C.01 - Brooks, Mallorie
HR846Zerr, AnneHR 846
 1255C.01 - Budde, Jenna
HR847Zerr, AnneHR 847
 1256C.01 - Cartwright, Dale
HR848Zerr, AnneHR 848
 1257C.01 - Kohrs, Bailey
HR849Zerr, AnneHR 849
 1258C.01 - Lafeber, Ashton
HR850Zerr, AnneHR 850
 1259C.01 - Leonard, Annelise
HR851Zerr, AnneHR 851
 1260C.01 - McPherson, Michaela
HR852Zerr, AnneHR 852
 1261C.01 - Mertz, Matthew
HR853Zerr, AnneHR 853
 1262C.01 - Mertz, Michaela
HR854Zerr, AnneHR 854
 1263C.01 - Miller, Trevor
HR855Zerr, AnneHR 855
 1264C.01 - Minter, Adam
HR856Zerr, AnneHR 856
 1265C.01 - Mitchell, Jacinta
HR857Zerr, AnneHR 857
 1268C.01 - Cole, Madison
HR858Zerr, AnneHR 858
 1269C.01 - Davis, Sierra
HR859Zerr, AnneHR 859
 1270C.01 - Dixon, Katie
HR860Zerr, AnneHR 860
 1271C.01 - Dunham, William
HR861Zerr, AnneHR 861
 1272C.01 - Dunphy, Aaron
HR862Zerr, AnneHR 862
 1273C.01 - Dwiggins, Andrea
HR863Zerr, AnneHR 863
 1274C.01 - Fenemor, Kylie
HR864Zerr, AnneHR 864
 1275C.01 - Finke, Jacob
HR865Zerr, AnneHR 865
 1276C.01 - Franz, Rachel
HR866Zerr, AnneHR 866
 1277C.01 - Montasser, Ashley
HR867Zerr, AnneHR 867
 1278C.01 - Nenninger, Anna
HR868Zerr, AnneHR 868
 1279C.01 - Olendorff, Austin
HR869Zerr, AnneHR 869
 1280C.01 - Pohl, Sarah
HR870Zerr, AnneHR 870
 1281C.01 - Prost, Curtis
HR871Zerr, AnneHR 871
 1282C.01 - Rohan, Philip
HR872Zerr, AnneHR 872
 1283C.01 - Schaberg, Faith
HR873Zerr, AnneHR 873
 1284C.01 - Schlueter, Jordan
HR874Zerr, AnneHR 874
 1285C.01 - Skelton, Amber
HR875Zerr, AnneHR 875
 1286C.01 - Freeman, Erica
HR876Zerr, AnneHR 876
 1287C.01 - Gillette, Helena
HR877Zerr, AnneHR 877
 1288C.01 - Hackman, Dylan
HR878Zerr, AnneHR 878
 1289C.01 - Hatfield, Skye
HR879Zerr, AnneHR 879
 1290C.01 - Higgins, Chelsea
HR880Zerr, AnneHR 880
 1291C.01 - Houle, Elizabeth
HR881Zerr, AnneHR 881
 1292C.01 - Smith, Ashton
HR882Zerr, AnneHR 882
 1293C.01 - Vance, Rachel
HR883Zerr, AnneHR 883
 1294C.01 - Wallen, Jamie
HR884Zerr, AnneHR 884
 1295C.01 - Wilson, Andrea
HR885Zerr, AnneHR 885
 1296C.01 - Wolk, Elizabeth
HR886Zerr, AnneHR 886
 1297C.01 - Wootten, Morgan
HR2124Zerr, AnneHR 2124
 2978C.01 - Kleinschmidt, David
HR2125Zerr, AnneHR 2125
 2979C.01 - Myers, Mike
HR2126Zerr, AnneHR 2126
 2980C.01 - Juengst, Ray
HR2127Zerr, AnneHR 2127
 2981C.01 - Choate, Amber Autumn Boyd Daniel Smith
HR2128Zerr, AnneHR 2128
 2982C.01 - Barrett, John Peter Ingracia
HR2129Zerr, AnneHR 2129
 2983C.01 - Watson, Christopher
HR2130Zerr, AnneHR 2130
 2984C.01 - Stevenson, Elaine Jerry Congleton
HR2131Zerr, AnneHR 2131
 2985C.01 - French, Ryan Brian Braun
HR2159Zerr, AnneHR 2159
 2963C.01 - Book X Change
HR2160Zerr, AnneHR 2160
 2964C.01 - Salon De Christe
HR2161Zerr, AnneHR 2161
 2965C.01 - MotoMart FKG Oil
HR2162Zerr, AnneHR 2162
 2966C.01 - Rx Systems
HR3312Zerr, AnneHR 3312
 4203C.01 - Schneider, Merle
HR3313Zerr, AnneHR 3313
 4236C.01 - Getsee, Danielle
HR3314Zerr, AnneHR 3314
 4235C.01 - Atteberry, Chris
HR3480Zerr, AnneHR 3480
 4447C.01 - Hardin Middle School
HR3738Zerr, AnneHR 3738
 4893C.01 - Foerster, Alisha
HR4000Zerr, AnneHR 4000
 5307C.01 - Barnes, Melvin Earl
HR4328Zerr, AnneHR 4328
 5802C.01 - Mudd, Christopher
HB83Nolte, JerryZerr, AnneHCS HB 83
 0444L.02T - Specifies that an agreement to operate or share an automated teller machine cannot prohibit the owner or operator of the machine from imposing an access fee or surcharge on foreign bank transactions
HB354Faith, SallyZerr, AnneHCS HB 354
 1205L.02T - Exempts a qualified plug-in electric drive vehicle from the state's motor vehicle emissions inspection program
HB373Faith, SallyZerr, AnneHB 373
 1204L.01I - Authorizes an officer designated as the director of elections in a charter county to be the election authority if the county does not have a board of election commissioners
HB447Funderburk, DougZerr, AnneHB 447
 1192L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act
HB467Diehl, JohnZerr, AnneHB 467
 1353L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act
HB670Hough, LincolnZerr, AnneHB 670
 1375L.02I - Establishes the Compete Missouri Program and the Compete Missouri Training Program within the Department of Economic Development
HB827Allen, SueZerr, AnneHB 827
 1468L.02I - Expands the dental services a dental hygienist may perform without the supervision of a dentist and provides for MO HealthNet reimbursement of the services
HB829Weter, RayZerr, AnneHB 829
 0950L.02I - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools
HJR1Allen, SueZerr, AnneHJR 1
 0167L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting a bill from being introduced unless accompanied by a memo detailing its title, purpose, summary of sections, constitutional authority, and fiscal impact
HJR5Pollock, DarrellZerr, AnneHCS HJR 5
 0597L.03P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing citizens the right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife using traditionally approved devices or methods
HJR31Wells, DonZerr, AnneHJR 31
 1657L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting a state court from using any international law or Sharia law
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