98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Brandon Ellington (022)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB73Ellington, BrandonHB 73
 0580L.01I - Increases the state minimum wage to $10.25 per hour
HB74Ellington, BrandonHB 74
 0581L.01I - Requires the Department of Corrections to perform specified actions to improve the ability of working inmates to obtain employment upon release from incarceration
HB75Ellington, BrandonHB 75
 0578L.01I - Requires uniformed law enforcement officers to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public and to preserve the recordings for 30 days
HB76Ellington, BrandonHB 76
 0577L.01I - Requires uniformed law enforcement officers to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public and to preserve the recordings for 30 days
HB77Ellington, BrandonHB 77
 0579L.01I - Allows certain small businesses to be eligible to claim any state tax credit, deduction, and other exemption from tax that specified corporations are allowed to claim
HB166Ellington, BrandonHB 166
 0688L.01I - Allows marijuana convictions to be expunged for certain persons contingent upon the passage of a constitutional amendment or other statutory enactment legalizing marijuana
HB167Ellington, BrandonHB 167
 0683L.01I - Removes the statute of limitation for certain actions to recover damages regarding child abuse and sexual offenses committed against a child and allows prosecutions for child abuse to be commenced at any time
HB168Ellington, BrandonHB 168
 0680L.01I - Requires all food and food products sold in Missouri that are or contain genetically modified products to be labeled indicating that the food is or contains genetically modified products
HB169Ellington, BrandonHB 169
 0682L.01I - Establishes the Economic Development Grant Program to be used to reopen a closed manufacturing factory
HB170Ellington, BrandonHB 170
 0686L.01I - Specifies that a person applying for state employment, public assistance, or state housing assistance cannot be required to disclose any prior nonviolent felony plea or conviction with certain exceptions
HB171Ellington, BrandonHB 171
 0679L.01I - Increases, from 15 days to 60 days, the time after a child's birth that the father has to file an action to establish paternity prior to an adoption or to file a notice with the Putative Father Registry
HB172Ellington, BrandonHB 172
 0677L.01I - Establishes the Malcolm X Day Commission to organize activities and events in honor of the civil rights leader
HB173Ellington, BrandonHB 173
 0685L.01I - Designates May 19 as "Malcolm X Observation Day" in Missouri
HB174Ellington, BrandonHB 174
 0681L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Supporting Families Income Tax Holiday Act which allows an exemption from state withholding taxes for state employees in a specified month determined by the Department of Revenue
HB886Ellington, BrandonHB 886
 2071L.01I - Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for items purchased at a prison canteen or commissary
HB887Ellington, BrandonHB 887
 2070L.01I - Designates May 19 of each year as "El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Observation Day" in Missouri
HB888Ellington, BrandonHB 888
 2067L.01I - Requires same-day service for driver's license issuance and renewal, prior to January 2, 2017
HB967Ellington, BrandonHB 967
 2068L.01I - Requires any criminal justice entity conducting eyewitness identifications to adopt specific procedures for conducting photo and live lineups that meet specified requirements
HB968Ellington, BrandonHB 968
 2069L.01I - Revises the definition of "liquor store" as it applies to the provisions regarding temporary assistance for needy families benefits
HB969Ellington, BrandonHB 969
 1956L.01I - Creates provisions relating to racial profiling, searches and seizures, and traffics stops from law enforcement officers
HB970Ellington, BrandonHB 970
 2066L.01I - Repeals the provision allowing the Board of Probation and Parole to charge an offender an intervention fee
HB971Ellington, BrandonHB 971
 2103L.01I - Requires uniformed law enforcement officers to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public and to preserve the recordings for a minimum of 30 days.
HB972Ellington, BrandonHB 972
 2065L.01I - Modifies provisions authorizing a one-time expungement of certain criminal records including a conviction for any nonviolent crime, misdemeanor, or nonviolent drug violation
HB973Ellington, BrandonHB 973
 2074L.01I - Requires a peace officer to obtain written consent prior to conducting a consensual search of a vehicle
HB974Ellington, BrandonHB 974
 2075L.01I - Requires the Department of Public Safety to create a law enforcement identification numbering system to track complaints against officers from one agency to another agency
HB975Ellington, BrandonHB 975
 1816L.01I - Repeals the authorization for licensure of assistant physicians
HJR15Ellington, BrandonHJR 15
 0689L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana use for persons 21 years of age or older
HJR17Ellington, BrandonHJR 17
 0819L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing the authorization for convening of grand juries
HR104Ellington, BrandonHR 104
 0178C.01 - Emancipation Ordinance
HR219Ellington, BrandonHR 219
 0408C.01 - Gregory, Dick
HR262Ellington, BrandonHR 262
 0460C.01 - Gibson, Sonny
HR449Ellington, BrandonHR 449
 0862C.01 - St.Peters School
HR450Ellington, BrandonHR 450
 0863C.01 - Crossroads Academy
HR464Ellington, BrandonHR 464
 0885C.01 - Benjamin Banneker charter Academy of Technology
HR465Ellington, BrandonHR 465
 0864C.01 - Bancroft School Apartments
HR475Ellington, BrandonHR 475
 0904C.01 - Mohammend, Iman W. Deen
HR1028Ellington, BrandonHR 1028
 1663C.01 - Fraser, George
HR1029Ellington, BrandonHR 1029
 1664C.01 - Blake, Harry
HR1803Ellington, BrandonHR 1803
 2704C.01 - Ganaway, Ivy
HR3426Ellington, BrandonHR 3426
 4574C.01 - Loveless, Kayla
HR3530Ellington, BrandonHR 3530
 4674C.01 - Human Dignity and Economic Justice Coalition
HR3531Ellington, BrandonHR 3531
 4675C.01 - Brown, Bridgett
HR3532Ellington, BrandonHR 3532
 4676C.01 - Caldwell, Tony
HR3533Ellington, BrandonHR 3533
 4677C.01 - Dodd, Alvin
HB33Walker, NateEllington, BrandonHCS HB 33
 0385H.02P - Changes the laws regarding public safety officers who are eligible for a survivor's and disabled employee's educational grant and the disbursement of any unpaid workers compensation into his or her estate
HB35Walker, NateEllington, BrandonHCS HBs 35 & 323
 0388H.02P - Allows camping trailers more than 25 years old to be permanently registered and be issued historic trailer license plates
HB36Walker, NateEllington, BrandonHB 36
 0384H.01I - Allows owners of vehicles to only have a rear license plate if the mounting of a front license plate poses an undue hardship to the owner or destruction to the vehicle
HB38Pace, SharonEllington, BrandonHB 38
 0036L.01I - Requires a peace officer to attend a training course in diversity and sensitivity and a course that teaches tactics and techniques during situations of unrest and peaceful demonstrations
HB39Pace, SharonEllington, BrandonHB 39
 0037L.01I - Requires video cameras to be worn by uniformed police officers while interacting with the public and in police vehicles primarily used for traffic stops
HB40Pace, SharonEllington, BrandonHB 40
 0039L.01I - Requires peace officers to undergo a psychological evaluation every three years
HB44Webber, StephenEllington, BrandonHCS HB 44
 0496H.04C - Requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to create best practice guidelines in gender pay equality for state and local government and private businesses
HB49Kirkton, JeanneEllington, BrandonHB 49
 0032L.01I - Adds board certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists to the list of medical professionals from whom treatment costs may be compensated
HB51Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 51
 0142L.04I - Establishes the Community Relations Training Program for Peace Officers
HB52Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 52
 0272L.03I - Establishes a Task Force on Civilian Review Boards
HB55Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 55
 0271L.01I - Requires St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and Kansas City to post on its internet website how to set up a civilian review board along with other pertinent information
HB56Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 56
 0282L.01I - Requires peace officers to complete a module to determine if they are culturally competent
HB57Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 57
 0123L.01I - Prohibits additional penalties if a person fails to appear once in a 12-month period in municipal court for a traffic or ordinance violation and prohibits an arrest warrant for two or more failures to appear
HB59Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 59
 0263L.01I - Requires certain disclosures by a person applying for a position as a peace officer
HB62Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 62
 0080L.02I - Requires any officer-involved deaths to be investigated by a law enforcement agency that does not employ a law enforcement officer involved in the death being investigated
HB78Higdon, GalenEllington, BrandonHB 78
 0614H.01I - Creates the Alcohol and Tobacco Control Trust Fund consisting of specified fees collected by the Director of Revenue to be used for the administration and regulation of the liquor control and tobacco laws
HB82Mims, BonnayeEllington, BrandonHB 82
 0617L.01I - Requires public institutions of higher education to adopt policies on student favoritism
HB83Curtman, PaulEllington, BrandonHB 83
 0099L.01I - Requires a utility to offer to residential customers on a fixed income the opportunity to pay their utility bill on a reasonable schedule that is adjusted for their periodic receipt of income
HB84Mims, BonnayeEllington, BrandonHB 84
 0618L.01I - Exempts rental security deposits from attachment and execution in a bankruptcy proceeding
HB86Walton Gray, RochelleEllington, BrandonHB 86
 0186L.01I - Establishes the Sickle Cell Standing Committee to study and make recommendations regarding the impact of sickle cell disease on urban communities
HB95Miller, RockyEllington, BrandonHCS HB 95
 0111H.03P - Allows an insurance policyholder to petition the court for reimbursement of insurance costs as they occur during the pendency of a dissolution of marriage or legal separation
HB106Pace, SharonEllington, BrandonHB 106
 0406L.01I - Allows misdemeanor offenses for stealing to be expunged
HB108McCaherty, JohnEllington, BrandonHB 108
 0269H.01P - Establishes a two-year statute of limitations for actions against a mental health professional for malpractice, negligence, error, or mistake
HB110McCaherty, JohnEllington, BrandonHCS HB 110
 0647H.02R - Authorizes three new tax credits for port facilities
HB119Lichtenegger, DonnaEllington, BrandonHCS HB 119
 0306H.02P - Requires a public water system to notify the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and its customers at least 90 days prior to a vote to cease fluoridation
HB120Davis, CharlieEllington, BrandonHCS HB 120
 0731H.02P - Establishes the Password Privacy Protection Act
HB152Haahr, ElijahEllington, BrandonCCS SCS HB 152
 0176H.03S - Expands the crime of sexual trafficking of a child to include advertising a child participating in a commercial sexual act
HB154Gardner, KimberlyEllington, BrandonHB 154
 0207L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh Missouri-grown produce
HB157Gardner, KimberlyEllington, BrandonHB 157
 0202L.01I - Prohibits requiring peace officers to issue a specific number of citations within a designated period of time
HB175May, KarlaEllington, BrandonHB 175
 0350L.01I - Establishes the Family Education Leave Act
HB207Curtman, PaulEllington, BrandonHCS HB 207
 0753H.02P - Prohibits political subdivisions and state agencies from using automated traffic enforcement systems, subject to approval by Missouri voters
HB209Conway, KathieEllington, BrandonHCS HB 209
 0259H.02P - Increases, from $200 to $400 per week, the maximum amount of compensation paid for death, personal injury, or loss of earnings or support to crime victims
HB271Hoskins, DennyEllington, BrandonHB 271
 0684H.01P - Requires certain grant agreements to describe the State Auditor's authority with respect to property, equipment, and facilities purchased with the funds from the grant
HB272Hoskins, DennyEllington, BrandonHCS HB 272
 0389L.03R - Expands the Higher Education Academic Scholarship Program to include forgivable loans
HB276Cornejo, RobertEllington, BrandonSCS HB 276
 1012S.04C - Allows up to $15,000 of the benefits of a life insurance policy to be exempt from attachment if used for funeral, cremation, or burial expenses
HB296Kelley, MikeEllington, BrandonHCS HB 296
 0921H.02P - Establishes the First Informer Broadcasters Act that allows broadcasters to develop comprehensive coordinated plans for preparing for and responding to an emergency or disaster
HB299Hoskins, DennyEllington, BrandonSCS HCS HB 299
 1043S.05C - Changes the laws regarding sales tax
HB308Gardner, KimberlyEllington, BrandonHB 308
 0200L.02I - Requires political subdivisions receiving more than 15% of their annual general operating revenues from traffic fines to send revenues in excess of the threshold to the state school system
HB309Hubbard, PennyEllington, BrandonHB 309
 0561H.01I - Designates provisions requiring peace officers' employment records to be available to hiring law enforcement agencies as the "Tyrone L. Thompson Law"
HB312McNeil, MargoEllington, BrandonHB 312
 0954L.01I - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish a grant program to extend instructional time in underperforming school districts
HB319Barnes, JayEllington, BrandonHCS HB 319
 0803H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the provision of telehealth services
HB325McCaherty, JohnEllington, BrandonHCS HB 325
 0301H.03P - Establishes the Bring Jobs Home Act that authorizes a tax deduction for out-of-state businesses that relocate to Missouri
HB332Barnes, JayEllington, BrandonHB 332
 0713H.01I - Reduces the threshold for the general operating revenue coming from traffic fines for cities, towns, villages, or counties from 30% to 10%
HB336McGaugh, Joe DonEllington, BrandonHB 336
 0703L.01P - Authorizes an election authority to accept voter registration applications with electronic signatures under certain conditions
HB341Dugger, TonyEllington, BrandonHB 341
 1056H.01P - Specifies that beginning January 1, 2016, certain elective county offices must file ethics reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission instead of local election authorities
HB343Lair, MikeEllington, BrandonSCS HB 343
 0961S.02T - Establishes a committee to assess the continuation of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program in order to help disabled or aging individuals transition from nursing facilities to community settings
HB361Spencer, BryanEllington, BrandonHB 361
 1084H.01T - Designates the third week of February as "Engineer Awareness Week" in Missouri
HB377Swan, KathrynEllington, BrandonHCS HB 377
 0641H.03P - Requires school districts to develop a system for identifying students who are at risk of not being ready for college-level work or entry-level career positions
HB380Swan, KathrynEllington, BrandonHCS HB 380
 1031H.02P - Requires the State Board of Education to establish minimum requirements for a career and technical education certificate
HB384Flanigan, TomEllington, BrandonSS HB 384
 1166S.04T - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB391Gosen, DonEllington, BrandonHB 391
 0981H.01T - Changes the notice requirements for automobile insurance cancellations or refusals
HB400Peters, JoshuaEllington, BrandonHB 400
 0345L.01T - Designates the month of November each year as "Epilepsy Awareness Month"
HB402Phillips, DonEllington, BrandonHB 402
 0860H.01T - Designates the first full week before Memorial Day as "Safe Boating Week"
HB403Phillips, DonEllington, BrandonSCS HB 403
 0864S.02T - Designates Missouri as a Purple Heart State
HB405Gannon, ElaineEllington, BrandonHCS HBs 405 & 381
 0952L.02P - Modifies provisions relating to high school equivalency examinations
HB410Kelley, MikeEllington, BrandonHB 410
 0881H.02P - Adds specified graphing calculators to the list of items that are exempt from sales tax during the annual sales tax holiday for school supplies
HB430Curtman, PaulEllington, BrandonHB 430
 1160L.01P - Establishes the Taxpayer Transparency Act of 2015 that requires state departments to indicate in certain educational and advertising materials that the materials are produced and disseminated at taxpayer expense
HB444English, KeithEllington, BrandonHCS HB 444
 0063H.02P - Authorizes a tax deduction for volunteer firefighters
HB457Hicks, RonEllington, BrandonHCS HB 457
 1007H.02P - Makes CPR instruction a high school graduation requirement
HB458Allen, SueEllington, BrandonCCS SS SCS HB 458
 0537H.05S - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools and establishes specific components that a district must include in its antibullying policy
HB462Bahr, KurtEllington, BrandonHB 462
 1046H.01P - Prohibits a property owners' association from preventing a property owner from placing political signs on his or her property
HB468Berry, T.J.Ellington, BrandonHB 468
 0193L.02P - Extends the last year of availability of incentives for new or expanded business headquarters from 2020 to 2025
HB478Fitzwater, PaulEllington, BrandonHCS HB 478
 1256H.02P - Specifies that school teacher and employee retirement allowances must not exceed 2.55% of the member's final average salary for each year of service if the member's service is 31 years or more
HB501Montecillo, GeniseEllington, BrandonHB 501
 1334L.01T - Requires course material relating to sexual education to contain information regarding sexual predators, online predators, and the consequences of inappropriate text messaging
HB502Kelley, MikeEllington, BrandonHB 502
 1199H.01P - Changes the laws regarding the withholding tax filing requirements for certain small businesses
HB513McCaherty, JohnEllington, BrandonHCS HB 513
 1312H.02P - Changes the laws regarding business filing fees
HB517Higdon, GalenEllington, BrandonSS SCS HCS HBs 517 & 754
 1366S.06T - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB531Solon, SheilaEllington, BrandonHB 531
 1404H.01T - Requires liquid nicotine products to be sold in child-safe packaging
HB538Lynch, SteveEllington, BrandonSCS HCS HB 538
 1040S.06C - Allows physicians to prescribe naloxone to any individual to administer, in good faith, to another individual suffering from an opiate-induced drug overdose
HB553Pietzman, RandyEllington, BrandonHCS HB 553
 1375H.02P - Allows motorcycle license plates to be mounted horizontally or vertically centered as long as the mounting meets the sight requirement
HB567Dunn, RandyEllington, BrandonHB 567
 1537H.01T - Designates December 4 as "Alpha Phi Alpha Day" in Missouri in honor of the first black intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African-Americans
HB609Gosen, DonEllington, BrandonHB 609
 1544H.01P - Changes the laws regarding workers' compensation large deductible policies issued by an insurer
HB629Leara, MikeEllington, BrandonHB 629
 1587H.01T - Changes the laws regarding public retirement systems
HB635Burlison, EricEllington, BrandonHCS HB 635
 1545H.03P - Changes the laws regarding the Amber Alert System and establishes Hailey's Law
HB636Barnes, JayEllington, BrandonHCS HBs 636 & 645
 1304H.02P - Establishes the Senior Savings Protection Act
HB650Cornejo, RobertEllington, BrandonHB 650
 1330L.01T - Allows auxiliary lighting on motorcycles, with certain restrictions
HB657Phillips, DonEllington, BrandonHCS HB 657
 1514H.02C - Requires first-time offenders of certain dangerous felonies to serve a minimum of 50% of their sentence
HB658Ross, RobertEllington, BrandonHCS HB 658
 1381L.02P - Allows school districts to develop policies on student recognition for participation in the Constitution Project of the Missouri Supreme Court
HB691Leara, MikeEllington, BrandonHB 691
 1715H.01P - Changes the laws regarding the Deferred Compensation Plan administered by the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
HB708Hicks, RonEllington, BrandonHB 708
 1589L.02I - Prohibits juveniles certified as adults to stand trial to be detained in an adult jail prior to sentencing or disposition of the case
HB712Solon, SheilaEllington, BrandonHCS HB 712
 1570H.02P - Requires hospitals to provide notice to patients regarding whether they are being admitted or placed in observation status
HB778Ruth, BeckyEllington, BrandonHB 778
 1035H.01T - Designates the 22nd week of each year as "22q Awareness Week"
HB787Sommer, ChrissyEllington, BrandonHB 787
 1936H.01P - Revises the definition of "service dog" to include animals that provide support or therapeutic functions for individuals with psychiatric or mental disabilities
HB808Cornejo, RobertEllington, BrandonSCS HB 808
 1933S.03C - Establishes the Missouri Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council and the Palliative Care Consumer and Professional Information and Education Program
HB830Curtman, PaulEllington, BrandonSCS HCS HB 830
 1840S.03C - Allows those licensed by the Department of Agriculture to grow and handle industrial hemp and creates the crime of unlicensed industrial hemp production
HB838Cross, Gary L.Ellington, BrandonHCS HB 838
 1976H.02P - Allows a tax preparer, enrolled agent, or certified public accountant to represent a client before the Administrative Hearing Commission in matters relating to an assessment or reassessment of taxes
HB842McDaniel, AndrewEllington, BrandonHB 842
 1965L.01P - Creates the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Fund for the enforcement of liquor and tobacco laws and directs fees from liquor licenses and permits to the fund
HB859Dunn, RandyEllington, BrandonHB 859
 2002H.01T - Designates April 15 of each year as "Jackie Robinson Day" in Missouri
HB861Fitzwater, TravisEllington, BrandonHB 861
 2018H.01T - Designates the first full week in March as "Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week"
HB864Solon, SheilaEllington, BrandonHCS HB 864
 1950H.02P - Allows political subdivisions to require limited liability companies located within the political subdivision to file an affidavit listing the name and street address of a person who has control of property
HB869Solon, SheilaEllington, BrandonHB 869
 2024H.01T - Changes the laws regarding taxation on motor vehicles
HB926Crawford, SandyEllington, BrandonHCS HB 926
 2019H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to mortgage loan originators
HB994Bondon, JackEllington, BrandonHCS HB 994
 2053H.16P - Requires a person who submits a petition for a political subdivision audit to reside or own property in the subdivision and allows for signatures to be rescinded
HB996Hoskins, DennyEllington, BrandonHB 996
 2189H.01P - Extends the Residential Treatment Agency Tax Credit Act and the Developmental Disability Care Provider Tax Credit Program to 2020
HB1001Korman, BartEllington, BrandonHB 1001
 2240H.01P - Modifies provisions to reflect the Division of Energy being placed under the Department of Economic Development
HB1010Brown, WandaEllington, BrandonHB 1010
 2232L.01P - Modifies the law relating to unemployment compensation benefits
HB1022Gosen, DonEllington, BrandonHB 1022
 2164H.01T - Authorizes a return of premiums paid by insureds
HB1023Swan, KathrynEllington, BrandonHCS HB 1023
 2168H.03P - Specifies school quality indicators that the state board of education must consider when classifying public schools
HB1064Shull, Noel JEllington, BrandonHB 1064
 2349L.01P - Adds provisions relating to contractual fees charged by certain financial institutions
HB1070Davis, CharlieEllington, BrandonSCS HB 1070
 2374S.02T - Establishes the Office of Military Advocate to advocate for the military in Missouri
HB1087Bernskoetter, MikeEllington, BrandonHB 1087
 2284L.01P - Increases the allowable monthly amount to be credited to each participant's state employee deferred compensation account from up to $75 to up to $100
HB1116Rehder, HollyEllington, BrandonHB 1116
 2450H.01T - Designates May 7th as "ROHHAD Awareness Day" in Missouri
HB1149Lauer, JeanieEllington, BrandonSCS HB 1149
 2462S.02T - Modifies provisions related to the Division of Youth Services
HB1184Hummel, JacobEllington, BrandonHCS HB 1184
 2429H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the Farm-to-School Act
HCR18McCann Beatty, GailEllington, BrandonHCR 18
 0402H.01I - Recognizes July 1, 2015, as "Lucile Bluford Day" in Missouri in honor of a brave and persistent civil rights activist
HCR26Shull, Noel JEllington, BrandonHCR 26
 0244H.01I - Designates the month of March for the years 2015 through 2025 as Women Veterans' Month
HCR34Rowland, LyleEllington, BrandonHCR 34
 2162H.01I - Encourages Congress to reinstate the Secure Rural Schools program at its previous funding levels and maintain funding under the Impact Aid law
HCR38Haahr, ElijahEllington, BrandonSCS HCR 38
 2264S.03C - Creates the Human Trafficking Task Force
HJR14Gardner, KimberlyEllington, BrandonHJR 14
 0210L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing appropriations from the Lottery Proceeds Fund to be used for early childhood programs
153 Records
4/19/2018 9:55:16 PM