98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Judy Morgan (024)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB2352Morgan, JudyHB 2352
 5816H.01I - Requires children in the City of St. Louis and Kansas City school districts to enroll in a school by the age of five
HB2353Morgan, JudyHB 2353
 5818H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tuition Equity Act
HB2555Morgan, JudyHB 2555
 6402H.01I - Repeals a provision allowing scrap metal operators to purchase older inoperable motor vehicles or vehicle parts without receiving a title
HB2744Morgan, JudyHB 2744
 6697H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri individual income tax
HCR82Morgan, JudyHCR 82
 5808H.01I - Establishes Missouri's ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
HJR85Morgan, JudyHJR 85
 5186H.03I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that requires appropriations for education to fully fund the formula
HR127Morgan, JudyHR 127
 0074C.01 - Schaefer, John L
HR308Morgan, JudyHR 308
 0261C.01 - Morgan, Marsha
HR2308Morgan, JudyHR 2308
 2100C.01 - Mid Coast Modern
HR3956Morgan, JudyHR 3956
 3936C.01 - Hurt, Mylisha
HR4046Morgan, JudyHR 4046
 4017C.01 - Querry, Sandy
HR4047Morgan, JudyHR 4047
 4018C.01 - Tarpley, Chuck
HR4048Morgan, JudyHR 4048
 4021C.01 - Wright, Jeff
HB1599Phillips, DonMorgan, JudySCS HCS HB 1599
 4581S.04T - Establishes procedures for an adopted person to obtain a copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB1678Solon, SheilaMorgan, JudySCS HB 1678
 4824S.02C - Requires public institutions of higher education to implement memorandums of understanding with law enforcement with respect to sexual assaults on campus
HB1801Pace, SharonMorgan, JudyHB 1801
 4332H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee or prospective employee to consent to a request for a credit report unless the employer is a financial institution or the report is required by law
HB1892Rehder, HollyMorgan, JudyHB 1892
 4506H.01P - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
HB2064Berry, T.J.Morgan, JudyHB 2064
 5665H.01I - Repeals the provisions that allow the use of the death penalty in Missouri
HB2073Arthur, LaurenMorgan, JudyHB 2073
 5692H.01I - Prohibits elected officials from accepting lobbyist gifts and prohibits lobbyists from providing gifts to such elected officials
HB2121Hummel, JacobMorgan, JudyHCS HBs 2121, 1747 & 2244
 4857H.03P - Changes the laws regarding the Farm-to-School Act
HB2201Lavender, DebMorgan, JudyHB 2201
 5881H.01I - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet services
HB2279McCreery, TracyMorgan, JudyHB 2279
 5978H.01I - Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
HB2356McCann Beatty, GailMorgan, JudyHB 2356
 6124H.01I - Prohibits employers from discriminating in providing compensation based on gender for the same work
HB2359May, KarlaMorgan, JudyHB 2359
 5981H.01I - Increases the state minimum wage to $10.10 per hour
HB2432Kendrick, KipMorgan, JudyHB 2432
 5247H.01I - Gives the department of higher education authority to refinance certain student loans
HB2536McCreery, TracyMorgan, JudyHB 2536
 6467H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Family and Medical Leave Act
HCR115Otto, BillMorgan, JudyHCR 115
 6785H.01I - Urges Congress to extend full funding for Medicaid expansion for three years for all states
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