98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Bart Korman (042)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1863Korman, BartHB 1863
 4552H.01I - Modifies laws relating to the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency's disaster volunteer program
HB1893Korman, BartHB 1893
 4962H.01I - Repeals provisions that allow law enforcement officers to seize assets under a CAFA forfeiture proceeding prior to the filing of a petition
HB1894Korman, BartHB 1894
 5356H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to design-build contracts
HB2059Korman, BartHB 2059
 5684H.01I - Specifies that sexual relations between lobbyists and members of the General Assembly or their staff shall be considered gifts subject to reporting with certain exceptions
HB2263Korman, BartHB 2263
 5390H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to request a waiver to require certain MO HealthNet participants to be Missouri residents for 6 months before receiving benefits
HB2264Korman, BartHB 2264
 5908H.01I - Eliminates the requirement that an operator of a motor vehicle come to a full and complete stop for the purposes of turning right at a red light
HB2265Korman, BartHB 2265
 5883H.01I - Specifies that certain improvements of sewer and drinking water installations, repairs, and modifications qualify as energy efficiency improvements under the Property Assessment Clean Energy Act
HB2333Korman, BartHB 2333
 5946H.02I - Authorizes a sales tax holiday for products made in the USA
HB2334Korman, BartHB 2334
 6085H.01I - Creates the Divided Highway Transportation Fund and designates how moneys in the fund must be disbursed
HB2382Korman, BartHB 2382
 5915H.01I - Allows the department of transportation to sell naming rights for highways and bridges not already named
HB2385Korman, BartHB 2385
 6092H.01I - Establishes a "miles driven" fee to be paid at the time of registration of a motor vehicle with a model year of 2018 and later
HB2423Korman, BartHB 2423
 6189H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to the alternative fuel decal fee for plug-in electric hybrid vehicles
HB2424Korman, BartHB 2424
 5917H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to the alternative fuel decal fee for plug-in electric hybrid vehicles
HB2486Korman, BartHB 2486
 5910H.01I - Specifies that any motorist charged with a traffic violation shall receive notification, in person, within twenty-four hours of the violation, with exceptions for certain offenses
HB2490Korman, BartHB 2490
 6263H.01I - Establishes a voluntary water pollutant trading program and exempts certain wastewater treatment facilities from antidegradation review requirements
HB2542Korman, BartHB 2542
 6396H.01I - Modifies provisions to reflect the Division of Energy being placed under the Department of Economic Development
HB2623Korman, BartHB 2623
 6038H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the highway patrol so that it is funded under the general revenue
HB2629Korman, BartHB 2629
 6252H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the licensure of land surveyors
HB2668Korman, BartHB 2668
 6517H.02I - Provides that the state or a state department shall sell, transfer, or convey real property through a public auction except under certain circumstances
HB2669Korman, BartHB 2669
 6518H.01I - Allows public administrators to sell property through public auctions
HB2721Korman, BartHB 2721
 6186H.01I - Establishes the I-70 Regional Transportation District
HB2823Korman, BartHB 2823
 6037H.02I - Creates the Emergency Bridge Repair and Replacement Fund
HB2824Korman, BartHB 2824
 6036H.01I - Creates the Freight Corridor Fund, which shall be used to expand the traffic capacity of certain highways
HCR79Korman, BartHCR 79
 5880H.01I - Opposes legislative or regulatory actions that are not based on sound science that may restrict the use of modern agricultural technologies
HB1464Burlison, EricKorman, BartSCS HCS HB 1464
 4803S.03C - Exempts motorcyclists 21 years of age or older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle if they have the appropriate health insurance coverage
HB1658Frederick, KeithKorman, BartHCS HB 1658
 4634H.02P - Establishes the Show-Me Compassionate Medical Education Act
HB1795Haefner, MarshaKorman, BartSCS HB 1795
 5130S.02C - Requires the Department of Social Services to contract with a third party to verify eligibility data for public assistance programs
HB1851Alferman, JustinKorman, BartSCS HB 1851
 5252S.02T - Designates the "German Heritage Corridor of Missouri"
HB1945Spencer, BryanKorman, BartHCS HB 1945
 4055H.03P - Prohibits the use of automated traffic enforcement systems, and requires any political subdivision to complete or terminate any automated traffic enforcement contract within one year
HB1972Crawford, SandyKorman, BartHB 1972
 5523H.01P - Authorizes a court to issue an order directing a wireless service provider to transfer the billing responsibility and rights to a wireless telephone number or numbers to a requesting party
HB2030Hoskins, DennyKorman, BartSCS HCS HB 2030
 5096S.04T - Authorizes a tax deduction equal to fifty percent of the capital gain resulting from the sale of employer securities to a certain Missouri stock ownership plans
HB2156Davis, CharlieKorman, BartHB 2156
 5746H.01P - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act
HB2196Pogue, JeffKorman, BartHB 2196
 5622H.01I - Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act
HB2600Flanigan, TomKorman, BartHCS HB 2600
 6367H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the surplus revenue fund
HB2689Miller, RockyKorman, BartHCS HB 2689
 6778H.02P - Establishes new state energy policies
HJR54Shumake, LindellKorman, BartHCS HJR 54
 4080H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing $50 million in bonds for veterans homes
HJR98Moon, MikeKorman, BartHCS HJR 98
 6592H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment regarding the right to life
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