96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Jason Kander (044)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB234Kander, JasonColona, MikeHB 234
 0516L.01I - Requires law enforcement agencies maintaining the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) to include certain child custody and visitation information when entering an order of protection
HB238Kander, JasonFisher, BarneyHB 238
 0654L.01I - Allows a spouse of an active member of the United States Armed Forces or reservist on active duty to be eligible for unemployment benefits if accompanying the military spouse in the event of a military move
HB239Kander, JasonFisher, BarneyHB 239
 0515L.01I - Establishes the Veteran Workforce Act which requires the Office of Administration to develop rules and regulations ensuring a uniform hiring preference for veterans, disabled veterans, and their spouses
HB432Kander, JasonShively, TomHB 432
 0514L.02I - Changes the laws regarding ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance
HB433Kander, JasonZimmerman, JakeHB 433
 0927L.03I - Changes the classification of certain human trafficking crimes and establishes fines and prison terms for the crimes
HB530Kander, JasonBarnes, JayHB 530
 0518L.02I - Establishes the Public Fraud Prevention Act
HB864Kander, JasonWebber, StephenHB 864
 1928L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the filing of a financial interest statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB1018Kander, JasonRizzo, JohnHB 1018
 2049L.03I - Changes the laws regarding mortgage foreclosures by requiring a preforeclosure notice which contains information regarding foreclosure alternatives
HJR36Kander, JasonMcNary, ColeHJR 36
 0739L.03I - Proposes a constitutional amendment reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives from 163 to 99 beginning with the 98th General Assembly
HR91Kander, JasonHR 91
 0154C.01 - Haynes, John
HR143Kander, JasonHR 143
 0257C.01 - Nilsen, Dan
HR226Kander, JasonHR 226
 0407C.01 - Kansas City Academy
HR227Kander, JasonHR 227
 0408C.01 - St. Elizabeth School
HR273Kander, JasonHR 273
 0458C.01 - Knedlik, Lana
HR304Kander, JasonHR 304
 0548C.02 - Bough, Stephen
HR326Kander, JasonHR 326
 0522C.01 - Ost Everley, Betty
HR327Kander, JasonHR 327
 0450C.01 - Abrams, Mike
HR402Kander, JasonHR 402
 0582C.01 - Visitation School
HR412Kander, JasonHR 412
 0704C.01 - Center 58 School District
HR413Kander, JasonHR 413
 0696C.01 - Murano, Beth
HR541Kander, JasonHR 541
 0713C.01 - Reeves Wiedeman
HR570Kander, JasonHR 570
 0902C.01 - Stewart, Wayne
HR576Kander, JasonHR 576
 0924C.01 - Campbell, Jack and Marsha
HR577Kander, JasonHR 577
 0923C.01 - Meers, Sam and Julie
HR636Kander, JasonHR 636
 0962C.01 - Hill, Stephen L.
HR698Kander, JasonHR 698
 0678C.02 - Fridkin, Joe
HR1216Kander, JasonHR 1216
 1693C.02 - Doty, Grant
HR1245Kander, JasonHR 1245
 1934C.01 - Stueve, Siegel and Hanson LLP
HR1283Kander, JasonHR 1283
 1981C.01 - Christ the King School
HR1284Kander, JasonHR 1284
 1975C.01 - Academie Lafayette
HR1285Kander, JasonHR 1285
 1974C.01 - University Academy
HR1331Kander, JasonHR 1331
 1991C.01 - Waldos Pizza
HR1332Kander, JasonHR 1332
 1990C.01 - One More Cup
HR1333Kander, JasonHR 1333
 1988C.01 - The Classic Cookie
HR1367Kander, JasonHR 1367
 2065C.01 - McGonigles Local Market
HR1368Kander, JasonHR 1368
 2050C.01 - BBs Lawnside BBQ Lindsay and Jo Shannon
HR1369Kander, JasonHR 1369
 2025C.01 - The Gaf James OBrien
HR1377Kander, JasonHR 1377
 2117C.01 - Bodenhamer, David
HR1407Kander, JasonHR 1407
 2139C.01 - 75th Street Brewery
HR1408Kander, JasonHR 1408
 2140C.01 - Kansas City Repertory Theater
HR1451Kander, JasonHR 1451
 2213C.01 - Community Cadet Club
HR1807Kander, JasonHR 1807
 2638C.01 - Hellman, Rick
HR2112Kander, JasonHR 2112
 2961C.01 - Driscoll, Robert
HR2113Kander, JasonHR 2113
 2955C.01 - Norman, Phyllis
HR2114Kander, JasonHR 2114
 2956C.01 - Nail, Roger
HR2115Kander, JasonHR 2115
 2957C.01 - Kurtz, John
HR2116Kander, JasonHR 2116
 2958C.01 - Brown, Stephen
HR2117Kander, JasonHR 2117
 2959C.01 - Marvin, John
HR2118Kander, JasonHR 2118
 2960C.01 - McGreevy, Susan Linden
HR2737Kander, JasonHR 2737
 3693C.01 - The Brooksider
HR2738Kander, JasonHR 2738
 3785C.01 - Klinkenberg, Kevin
HR2739Kander, JasonHR 2739
 3692C.01 - Governor Stumpys
HR2740Kander, JasonHR 2740
 3694C.01 - Tower Homes Association
HR2741Kander, JasonHR 2741
 3700C.01 - Tanners Bar and Grill
HR2743Kander, JasonHR 2743
 3695C.01 - Waldo Homes Association
HR2744Kander, JasonHR 2744
 3697C.01 - Greenway Fields Homes Association
HR2745Kander, JasonHR 2745
 3698C.01 - Amour Fields Homes Association
HR2746Kander, JasonHR 2746
 3696C.01 - Union Bank at Wornell and Gregory
HR2832Kander, JasonHR 2832
 3799C.01 - Heeter, Judith
HR2833Kander, JasonHR 2833
 3699C.01 - Visiting Nurses Association
HR2834Kander, JasonHR 2834
 3815C.01 - Rolofson, Chad
HR2983Kander, JasonHR 2983
 3777C.01 - Staker, Dan
HR2984Kander, JasonHR 2984
 3778C.01 - OBrien, Tim
HR2985Kander, JasonHR 2985
 3779C.01 - Klem, Jonathan
HR2986Kander, JasonHR 2986
 3631C.01 - Johnson, Jenny
HR2987Kander, JasonHR 2987
 3926C.01 - Clay Patterson
HR3926Kander, JasonHR 3926
 5182C.01 - Creamer, Josh
HB122Webber, StephenKander, JasonHB 122
 0572L.01I - Requires a person conducting a home inspection to be licensed by the Division of Professional Registration within the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration
HB150Webber, StephenKander, JasonHB 150
 0574L.01I - Requires a Missouri state employee to be compensated an amount equal to the difference between his or her military compensation and state salary when the military leave of absence exceeds 120 hours
HB154Black, LindaKander, JasonHCS HB 154
 0467L.02C - Changes the laws regarding the Department of Corrections
HB155Black, LindaKander, JasonHB 155
 0470L.01I - Requires a coroner to notify the prosecuting attorney of the proper county instead of an associate circuit judge when he or she completes an inquisition regarding a death by a felonious act
HB315McNary, ColeKander, JasonHCS HB 315
 0923L.02T - Changes the provisions of the Revised Statutes of Missouri that have been enacted in more than one bill so that there is only one version of a statute
HB874Grisamore, JeffKander, JasonHB 874
 1994L.01I - Changes the laws regarding ex parte orders and orders of protection
HB911Webber, StephenKander, JasonHB 911
 1871L.02I - Authorizes a check-off box for the Missouri Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund to be added to the individual and corporate income tax forms and allows for a separate donation to be sent in with the taxes
HJR13Black, LindaKander, JasonHJR 13
 0474L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives to 120 and increasing the number of members of the Senate to 40
75 Records
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