97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Dave Muntzel (048)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB189Muntzel, DaveJones, CalebHB 189
 0293H.01I - Establishes procedures for general elections following primary elections that have resulted in a tie vote between candidates for a county office.
HB411Muntzel, DaveJones, CalebHB 411
 0837L.01I - Specifies that nonexempt state employees can retain up to 80 compensatory hours at any time during the year or request payment for any overtime hours accrued
HB643Muntzel, DaveJones, CalebHB 643
 1664H.01I - Authorizes the governing body of Cooper County to impose, upon voter approval, a sales tax of up to 2% in lieu of a property tax to fund the county hospital
HR149Muntzel, DaveHR 149
 0188C.01 - Perkins, Kenneth
HR151Muntzel, DaveHR 151
 0229C.01 - Kemper Redevelopment Project of Boonville
HR268Muntzel, DaveHR 268
 0473C.01 - Derendinger, John Ed
HR555Muntzel, DaveHR 555
 0925C.01 - Wood, Everette
HR724Muntzel, DaveHR 724
 1134C.01 - Westhues, Norbert and Ruth
HR1849Muntzel, DaveHR 1849
 2343C.01 - Aholt, Cindy
HR2665Muntzel, DaveHR 2665
 3663C.01 - Dungan, Tina
HR2666Muntzel, DaveHR 2666
 3664C.01 - Hage, Forrest
HR2667Muntzel, DaveHR 2667
 3665C.01 - Kueny, Andrew
HR2668Muntzel, DaveHR 2668
 3666C.01 - Vest, Katie
HR2669Muntzel, DaveHR 2669
 3667C.01 - Friedrich, Lauren
HR2670Muntzel, DaveHR 2670
 3668C.01 - Lester, Samantha
HR2671Muntzel, DaveHR 2671
 3669C.01 - Rodman, Kathryn
HR2672Muntzel, DaveHR 2672
 3670C.01 - Esser, Carley
HR2673Muntzel, DaveHR 2673
 3671C.01 - Pfeiffer, Bailey
HR2674Muntzel, DaveHR 2674
 3672C.01 - Tutin, Andrew
HR2675Muntzel, DaveHR 2675
 3673C.01 - Cook, Kyle
HR2676Muntzel, DaveHR 2676
 3674C.01 - Gerhardt, Emily
HR2677Muntzel, DaveHR 2677
 3675C.01 - Schuh, Graham
HR2678Muntzel, DaveHR 2678
 3676C.01 - Esser, Logan
HR2726Muntzel, DaveHR 2726
 3627C.01 - Litwiller, Steve
HR3290Muntzel, DaveHR 3290
 4347C.01 - Ruffolo, Zac
HR3291Muntzel, DaveHR 3291
 4348C.01 - Bail, Landon
HR3292Muntzel, DaveHR 3292
 4349C.01 - Bruce, Aby
HR3293Muntzel, DaveHR 3293
 4350C.01 - Fisher, Taylor
HR3294Muntzel, DaveHR 3294
 4351C.01 - Daugh, Pierce
HR3295Muntzel, DaveHR 3295
 4352C.01 - Schupp, Grace
HR3296Muntzel, DaveHR 3296
 4353C.01 - Adair, Alec
HR3297Muntzel, DaveHR 3297
 4354C.01 - Bishop, Natalie
HR3298Muntzel, DaveHR 3298
 4355C.01 - Myers, Maggie
HR3299Muntzel, DaveHR 3299
 4356C.01 - Xufuris, Jordan
HR3300Muntzel, DaveHR 3300
 4357C.01 - Gholson, Brady
HR3301Muntzel, DaveHR 3301
 4358C.01 - Floyd, Jessica
HR3302Muntzel, DaveHR 3302
 4359C.01 - Peterson, Paige
HR3303Muntzel, DaveHR 3303
 4360C.01 - Strawhun, Karlie
HR3304Muntzel, DaveHR 3304
 4361C.01 - Fuller, Garrett
HR3305Muntzel, DaveHR 3305
 4362C.01 - Schikles, Ivory
HR3306Muntzel, DaveHR 3306
 4363C.01 - McConnell, Kaderia
HR3508Muntzel, DaveHR 3508
 4579C.01 - Marshall, William
HR3637Muntzel, DaveHR 3637
 4748C.01 - The Bill Simmons Family
HR3802Muntzel, DaveHR 3802
 5000C.01 - Friedrich, Matthew
HR4344Muntzel, DaveHR 4344
 6114C.01 - KWRT Radio the Billings family
HB156Sommer, ChrissyMuntzel, DaveHB 156
 0637L.01I - Specifies that a recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits who makes an electronic benefit transaction at any casino or gaming establishment will be ineligible for benefits for three years
HB160Sommer, ChrissyMuntzel, DaveHB 160
 0636L.02I - Prohibits certain election and campaign activities on election day within the property boundaries of a polling place and electioneering at specified voting sites within a 250 foot radius of the entrance to the site
HB170Guernsey, CaseyMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 170
 0894H.05P - Specifies that a federal official must not enforce a federal firearm law when the firearm is manufactured and remains in the state and that any new federal law banning or restricting ownership of a semi-automatic firearm is unenforceable
HB224Berry, T.J.Muntzel, DaveHB 224
 0597L.02I - Requires the State Board of Education to establish rules to authorize school boards to lease advertising on school buses
HB229Sommer, ChrissyMuntzel, DaveHB 229
 0751L.01I - Grants physical education credit for participation in certain school-sanctioned sports or activities and allows students to take other courses instead
HB231Sommer, ChrissyMuntzel, DaveHB 231
 0621L.03I - Changes the laws regarding the issuance of temporary instruction driving permits
HB253Berry, T.J.Muntzel, DaveSS HB 253
 0619S.05T - Changes the laws regarding the streamlined sales and use tax agreement, tax amnesty, the community development district tax, income tax, sales and use taxes, use tax nexus, and the transportation development tax
HB285Pace, SharonMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 285
 1046L.02P - Creates the crime of distribution of a controlled substance near a child care facility
HB303Scharnhorst, DwightMuntzel, DaveSCS HCS HBs 303 & 304
 1172S.04T - Makes specified memorial bridge and highway designations
HB306Hoskins, DennyMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 306
 0992H.02P - Designates "Old Drum" as the official state historical dog
HB317Phillips, DonMuntzel, DaveHB 317
 0847L.01I - Establishes Molly's Law that requires a health care practitioner to provide the list of ingredients in a vaccination to the parent or guardian of specified children prior to the administration of the vaccination
HB400Riddle, JeanieMuntzel, DaveHB 400
 0839L.01T - Establishes requirements for the administration of RU-486 or any other abortion-inducing drug or chemical
HB464Higdon, GalenMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 464
 0647H.04C - Changes the laws regarding sheriffs
HB485Hinson, DaveMuntzel, DaveHB 485
 1082L.01I - Creates the offense of unlawful possession or use of a firearm during the commission of a felony when prior felony offenders possess or use a firearm during a subsequent felony offense
HB509Otto, BillMuntzel, DaveHB 509
 1063H.01I - Prohibits an excursion gambling boat from being subject to more restrictive smoking laws than another excursion gambling boat within a 75 mile radius
HB526Franklin, DianeMuntzel, DaveHB 526
 0954H.01P - Establishes a rural regional development grants program
HB541Hicks, RonMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 541
 1458H.03P - Changes the requirements for cases involving juvenile offenders who have been certified as adults and found guilty in a court of general jurisdiction
HB587Remole, TimMuntzel, DaveHB 587
 1595L.01I - Requires registered sexual offenders to vote at the office of the county clerk in their county or by absentee ballot
HB602Dohrman, DeanMuntzel, DaveHB 602
 1585H.01I - Repeals the expiration date of the provision requiring certain counties and the City of St. Louis to deduct an additional percentage of property tax collections for the payment of assessment costs
HB606Rowden, CalebMuntzel, DaveHB 606
 1498H.01I - Allows for the creation of a low-profit limited liability company in Missouri
HB654Hansen, JimMuntzel, DaveHB 654
 1430H.01I - Allows for the issuance of a limited lines travel insurance producer license
HB674Hicks, RonMuntzel, DaveHB 674
 1610L.01I - Increases the penalties for the offense of failing to yield the right-of-way and the time period that the court may order the suspension of a person's driving privilege for the offense
HB692Fitzpatrick, ScottMuntzel, DaveHB 692
 1514H.01I - Repeals the provisions regarding the prevailing hourly wage requirements and specifies that no person will be paid a prevailing wage with specified exceptions
HB730Rowden, CalebMuntzel, DaveHB 730
 1836L.01I - Allows the State Treasurer to use any other method of notification that he or she deems appropriate regarding abandoned property instead of the required publication in a newspaper
HB781Hough, LincolnMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 781
 1934H.03P - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet-funded home- and community-based care
HB802Jones, CalebMuntzel, DaveHB 802
 1788L.01I - Requires moneys in a County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund to be used for specified purposes for sheriffs and prosecuting attorneys
HB813Torpey, NoelMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 813
 1727H.02P - Requires the Department of Economic Development to distribute money to early stage business development corporations for grants to newly formed businesses that have the potential for national or international sales or the development of new technology
HB814Fraker, LyndallMuntzel, DaveHCS HB 814
 2030H.02C - Allows the Secretary of State to enter into an agreement with a nonprofit organization to print and distribute the Official State Manual
HB840Brown, WandaMuntzel, DaveHB 840
 2039H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to indemnify local fee offices if, during the course of its official duties and pursuant to state law or regulations, the fee office is sued
HB872Schatz, DaveMuntzel, DaveHB 872
 2052L.01I - Removes the renewal requirements for concealed carry endorsements making them valid for life if not suspended or revoked
HB1006Jones, CalebMuntzel, DaveHB 1006
 2014L.01I - Allows a member of an electric cooperative to participate in certain meetings by mail or electronic means
HB1035Kelley, MikeMuntzel, DaveCCS#2 SCS HCS HB 1035
 2235H.05T - Changes the laws regarding political subdivisions
HB1039Franklin, DianeMuntzel, DaveHB 1039
 2228L.02I - Establishes the Show-me Transformation Act that changes the requirements for the MO HealthNet Program
HCR19Rowden, CalebMuntzel, DaveHCR 19
 1586L.01I - Strongly urges the continued and increase development and delivery of North American oil to United States refineries, and the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline project
HCR30Dunn, RandyMuntzel, DaveHCR 30
 1972L.01I - Recognizes April 15, 2013 as "Jackie Robinson Day" in Missouri in honor of the first African American to play major league baseball
HJR27Hicks, RonMuntzel, DaveHJR 27
 1370H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment protecting a citizen's right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife and the use of traditional devices and methods to exercise the right
HRM1Marshall, NickMuntzel, DaveHRM 1
 2259L.01I - Condemns the release of private protected information on concealed carry endorsements, remonstrates against executive departments, and demands the Governor investigate, discipline, and remove those responsible
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