95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Paul LeVota (052)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB633LeVota, PaulTalboy, MikeHB 633
 0640L.02I - Changes the laws regading campaign contributions to candidates and committees
HB720LeVota, PaulOxford, Jeanette MottHB 720
 1594L.01I - Adds any adult person who resides in the same household and witnesses the abuse or neglect or possible abuse or neglect of a child to the list of persons required to report or make a report
HB721LeVota, PaulMeadows, TimHB 721
 1588L.01I - Establishes the Health Care Whistleblower Protection Act to protect health care professionals from retaliatory actions by employers for reporting violations regarding improper patient care
HB722LeVota, PaulLampe, SaraHB 722
 1587L.01I - Authorizes an annual salary increase for state employees based on the cost-of-living adjustment for that calendar year, unless the increase is disapproved by the General Assembly before July 1
HB723LeVota, PaulKander, JasonHB 723
 1590L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the payment of any charges for forensic examinations and the medical treatment of victims of sexual offenses
HB724LeVota, PaulGrill, JasonHB 724
 1589L.01I - Prohibits any person from possessing dog fighting paraphernalia and adds a penalty for a subsequent offense for persons committing specified acts related to dog fighting
HB725LeVota, PaulPace, SharonHB 725
 1502L.01I - Requires each licensed hospital to create a nursing advisory board to establish and implement a standardized acuity-based patient classification system for each direct-care unit
HB726LeVota, PaulSchieffer, EdHB 726
 1586L.01I - Revises the crime of murder in the first degree to include knowingly causing the death of a child younger than 18 years of age when a heinous element is involved in the commission of the crime
HB727LeVota, PaulHB 727
 1591L.01I - Repeals the laws requiring motor vehicle safety inspections for most vehicles beginning January 1, 2010
HB728LeVota, PaulLampe, SaraHB 728
 1451L.01I - Requires a person who has reasonable cause to believe that a pharmacist's or health care professional's conduct is illegal or could cause serious injury to make a report to specified authorities
HB729LeVota, PaulPace, SharonHB 729
 1602L.01I - Increases the amount of additional surcharges that may be charged in a criminal case by the governing body of any county or city having a shelter for victims of domestic violence
HB730LeVota, PaulKander, JasonHB 730
 1593L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit to an individual, partnership, or corporation for 100% of the salary and benefits paid to an employee while on active military duty as a member of a reserve or national guard unit
HB731LeVota, PaulHB 731
 1592L.01I - Establishes lower maximum speed limits for certain motor vehicles and prohibits any operator of a motor vehicle from driving more than nine consecutive hours within the state
HB732LeVota, PaulOxford, Jeanette MottHB 732
 1585L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the telemarketing No-call List and creates the crime of caller identification spoofing
HB890LeVota, PaulYates, BrianHB 890
 2229L.01I - Increases from $2 to $4 the additional surcharge that may be assessed in a criminal case by the governing body of any county or city having a domestic violence shelter
HB1094LeVota, PaulHB 1094
 2335L.01I - Changes the laws regarding funding for elementary and secondary education
HB1095LeVota, PaulHB 1095
 2336L.01I - Establishes the School Intervention and Reform Grants Program to award grants to unaccredited or provisionally accredited districts from contributions for which the taxpayer receives a tax credit
HJR29LeVota, PaulGrill, JasonHJR 29
 1582L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the Highways and Transportation Commission with a Director of Transportation
HR270LeVota, PaulHR 270
 0388C.01 - Clothier, Dr. Robert
HR382LeVota, PaulHR 382
 0553C.01 - Eiman, Ronald
HR778LeVota, PaulHR 778
 0993C.01 - Truman High School
HR779LeVota, PaulHR 779
 1060C.01 - Fears, Jordan Corbett
HR787LeVota, PaulHR 787
 1066C.01 - Schrimshaw, Kayla
HR1002LeVota, PaulHR 1002
 1468C.01 - Kelsay, Tyler Donald
HR1003LeVota, PaulHR 1003
 1469C.01 - Fortner, Michael
HR1022LeVota, PaulHR 1022
 1366C.01 - Adams, Christine
HR2099LeVota, PaulHR 2099
 3163C.01 - Clinton, William Jefferson
HR2619LeVota, PaulHR 2619
 3720C.01 - Barr, Kristel
HR2620LeVota, PaulHR 2620
 3304C.01 - Cook, Cecelia
HR2621LeVota, PaulHR 2621
 3305C.01 - Cravens, Ronnie
HR2622LeVota, PaulHR 2622
 3306C.01 - Janota, Zakk
HR2623LeVota, PaulHR 2623
 3307C.01 - Polley, Mae
HR2624LeVota, PaulHR 2624
 3308C.01 - Atagi, Selesa
HR2625LeVota, PaulHR 2625
 3309C.01 - Douglas, Kodie
HR2626LeVota, PaulHR 2626
 3310C.01 - Crowley, Cailyn
HR2627LeVota, PaulHR 2627
 3311C.01 - Mark, Mathew
HR2628LeVota, PaulHR 2628
 3312C.01 - Foster, Ashley
HR2629LeVota, PaulHR 2629
 3313C.01 - White, Darcie
HR2630LeVota, PaulHR 2630
 3314C.01 - Barrett, Courtney
HR2631LeVota, PaulHR 2631
 3315C.01 - Robinson, Melynda
HR2632LeVota, PaulHR 2632
 3316C.01 - Broyles, Kody
HR2633LeVota, PaulHR 2633
 3317C.01 - Taylor, Faith
HR2634LeVota, PaulHR 2634
 3338C.01 - Cooper, Annabelle
HR2635LeVota, PaulHR 2635
 3339C.01 - Salima, Jorden
HR2636LeVota, PaulHR 2636
 3340C.01 - Wiley, Raven
HR2637LeVota, PaulHR 2637
 3341C.01 - Burton, Justin
HR2638LeVota, PaulHR 2638
 3342C.01 - Smith, Katrena
HR2639LeVota, PaulHR 2639
 3343C.01 - Hosman, Rebeka
HR2640LeVota, PaulHR 2640
 3344C.01 - Tart, Trinity
HR2641LeVota, PaulHR 2641
 3345C.01 - Bradley, Megan
HR2642LeVota, PaulHR 2642
 3346C.01 - Scott-Robison, David
HR2643LeVota, PaulHR 2643
 3347C.01 - Magana, Monika
HR2644LeVota, PaulHR 2644
 3348C.01 - Worley, Jordin
HR2645LeVota, PaulHR 2645
 3349C.01 - Green, Courtney
HR2646LeVota, PaulHR 2646
 3350C.01 - Lyons, Madeliene
HR2647LeVota, PaulHR 2647
 3351C.01 - Harris, Kyla
HR2746LeVota, PaulHR 2746
 3884C.01 - Davis, Kelsey
HR2747LeVota, PaulHR 2747
 3885C.01 - Mosley, DeAngelo
HR2748LeVota, PaulHR 2748
 3886C.01 - Bennett, Jessica
HR2749LeVota, PaulHR 2749
 3887C.01 - Lambert, Jesse
HR2750LeVota, PaulHR 2750
 3888C.01 - Hernandez, Vanessa
HR2751LeVota, PaulHR 2751
 3889C.01 - Ramirez, Sam
HR2752LeVota, PaulHR 2752
 3890C.01 - Kersh, Nicole
HR2753LeVota, PaulHR 2753
 3891C.01 - Vaughan, JulieAnna
HR2754LeVota, PaulHR 2754
 3892C.01 - Ashlock, Erica
HR2755LeVota, PaulHR 2755
 3893C.01 - Wilkins, Tyler
HR2756LeVota, PaulHR 2756
 3894C.01 - DePung, Ashley
HR2757LeVota, PaulHR 2757
 3895C.01 - Reyes, Joel
HR2758LeVota, PaulHR 2758
 3896C.01 - Diaz, Tanya
HR2759LeVota, PaulHR 2759
 3897C.01 - Hunt, Alyssia
HR2891LeVota, PaulHR 2891
 4046C.01 - Eccardt, Joseph Jr.
HR2892LeVota, PaulHR 2892
 4047C.01 - Atkinson, Nathan
HR3045LeVota, PaulHR 3045
 4218C.01 - Whiting, Harvey
HR3078LeVota, PaulHR 3078
 4219C.01 - Smith, Samuel I Jr.
HR3080LeVota, PaulHR 3080
 4295C.01 - Crow, Matt
HR3081LeVota, PaulHR 3081
 4296C.01 - Slusher, Dena
HR3082LeVota, PaulHR 3082
 4297C.01 - Strauss, Matthew
HR3083LeVota, PaulHR 3083
 4298C.01 - Boatwright, McKenzie
HR3084LeVota, PaulHR 3084
 4299C.01 - Young, Cassidy
HR3085LeVota, PaulHR 3085
 4300C.01 - Blayney, Easton
HR3086LeVota, PaulHR 3086
 4301C.01 - Armstrong, Jessica
HR3087LeVota, PaulHR 3087
 4302C.01 - Holtcamp, Connor
HR3088LeVota, PaulHR 3088
 4303C.01 - Watts, Seth
HR3089LeVota, PaulHR 3089
 4304C.01 - Cooper, Keven
HR3090LeVota, PaulHR 3090
 4305C.01 - Smith, Katie
HR3091LeVota, PaulHR 3091
 4306C.01 - Keeble, Dalton
HR3092LeVota, PaulHR 3092
 4307C.01 - Quezada, Joseph
HR3093LeVota, PaulHR 3093
 4308C.01 - DuRall, Trent
HR3193LeVota, PaulHR 3193
 4080C.01 - Millard, Alex
HR3194LeVota, PaulHR 3194
 4081C.01 - Beck, Carly
HR3195LeVota, PaulHR 3195
 4082C.01 - Millam-Smart, Chloe
HR3196LeVota, PaulHR 3196
 4083C.01 - Alpers, Justice
HR3197LeVota, PaulHR 3197
 4084C.01 - Oswald, Van
HR3198LeVota, PaulHR 3198
 4085C.01 - Lopez, Xochitl
HR3199LeVota, PaulHR 3199
 4086C.01 - Wagner, Evelina
HR3200LeVota, PaulHR 3200
 4087C.01 - Shields, Josh
HR3201LeVota, PaulHR 3201
 4088C.01 - McClure, Christian
HR3202LeVota, PaulHR 3202
 4089C.01 - Mathenia, Val
HR3203LeVota, PaulHR 3203
 4090C.01 - Mesh, Adriana
HR3204LeVota, PaulHR 3204
 4091C.01 - Croner, Nathan
HR3205LeVota, PaulHR 3205
 4092C.01 - McKiddie, Rachel
HR3246LeVota, PaulHR 3246
 4521C.01 - Wright, Anna
HR3518LeVota, PaulHR 3518
 4938C.01 - Trainor, Matthew Austin
HR3519LeVota, PaulHR 3519
 4937C.01 - Trainor, Daniel Nathan
HR3693LeVota, PaulHR 3693
 5197C.01 - Barnhard, Stephen Patrick
HR4020LeVota, PaulHR 4020
 5708C.01 - Little Blue River Elementary School
HR4164LeVota, PaulHR 4164
 5877C.01 - John W. Luff Elementary School
HR4193LeVota, PaulHR 4193
 5966C.01 - Civil War Round Table of Western Missour
HR4656LeVota, PaulHR 4656
 6558C.01 - Bessmer, Corbin
HR4657LeVota, PaulHR 4657
 6559C.01 - Harris, Zachary Sherman
HR4658LeVota, PaulHR 4658
 6560C.01 - Lindsay, Matthew Louis
HR4659LeVota, PaulHR 4659
 6561C.01 - Sanders, Trevor
HR4660LeVota, PaulHR 4660
 6562C.01 - Sas, Joshua Stewart
HRM1LeVota, PaulHRM 1
 2541L.01I - Remonstrance
HB49Frame, MichaelLeVota, PaulHB 49
 0275L.01I - Allows voters to cast advance ballots
HB117Storch, RachelLeVota, PaulHB 117
 0076L.01I - Establishes the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program
HB136Hughes IV, LeonardLeVota, PaulHB 136
 0494L.01I - Establishes the Minority Business Enterprise and Women's Business Enterprise Oversight Review Committee to assist these business enterprises in bidding on state contracts
HB168Quinn, PaulLeVota, PaulHB 168
 0638L.01I - Prohibits members of the General Assembly from contracting with or soliciting each other for the purposes of securing services for political campaigning, fundraising, or consulting
HB235Jones, TimothyLeVota, PaulHB 235
 0855L.01I - Removes the expiration date for the Statewide Court Automation Fund and allows the fee to be collected and the fund to function indefinitely
HB284Skaggs, TrentLeVota, PaulHB 284
 1052L.01I - Requires persons requesting 50 or more voter registration applications to provide certain information to the Office of the Secretary of State
HB310Jones, TimothyLeVota, PaulHCS HB 310
 1033L.02P - Changes the laws regarding liquor control
HB312Storch, RachelLeVota, PaulHB 312
 0077L.03I - Re-authorizes the tax credits for qualified research expenses, limits the annual credits to $10 million, limits the qualified research activities, and specifies how the credits are to issued
HB325Walsh, GinaLeVota, PaulHB 325
 0786L.01I - Allows an individual who is 17 years of age to file for an adult order of protection and extends the time period for which an order of protection may be valid from one year to up to three years
HB381Silvey, RyanLeVota, PaulSS HCS HB 381
 0365S.03T - Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts by a competitive bidding process and give perference to specified tax exempt entities and to political subdivisions
HB400Nasheed, JamilahLeVota, PaulHB 400
 1291L.01T - Allows certain veterans to park free in metered parking spaces under certain circumstances
HB457Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 457
 0680L.01I - Establishes the Night Sky Protection Act to reduce the amount of light emitted into the night sky to near natural levels for specified protected places
HB458Stevenson, BryanLeVota, PaulHB 458
 1178L.04I - Establishes regulations regarding pharmacy benefit managers
HB492Webber, StephenLeVota, PaulHB 492
 0285L.01I - Requires Missouri state employees to be compensated an amount equal to the difference between their military compensation and their state salary when their military leave of absence exceeds 120 hours
HB493Scavuzzo, LukeLeVota, PaulHB 493
 1199L.01I - Changes the laws regarding a detachment from a public water supply district
HB499Zimmerman, JakeLeVota, PaulHB 499
 1035L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use of paper ballots at elections
HB504Kander, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 504
 0903L.01I - Requires all court orders regarding child custody or visitation issued or modified while either party is in active military service and deployed out-of-state to be temporary in nature
HB505Kander, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 505
 1013L.01I - Prohibits new lenders of unsecured loans of $500 or less, commonly known as payday loans, from operating a business within one mile of the main entrance to a military base
HB507Yates, BrianLeVota, PaulHB 507
 1189L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for equity investments in technology-based early stage Missouri companies and removes the annual limit on tax credit issuance for the Quality Jobs Program
HB512Cooper, RobertLeVota, PaulHB 512
 1259L.01I - Adds specialists, certain charitable health care referral networks, professional corporations of a physician, and other professionals for whom the State Legal Expense Fund is available for certain claims
HB582Talboy, MikeLeVota, PaulHB 582
 0033L.01I - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
HB586Talboy, MikeLeVota, PaulHB 586
 0038L.01I - Requires health care providers to notify a patient when the patient's confidential medical information has been improperly shared with a third party
HB598Scavuzzo, LukeLeVota, PaulHB 598
 1154L.03I - Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts in a competitive bid process with priority given to school districts, charitable and nonprofit organizations, and political subdivisions
HB634Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 634
 0675L.01I - Adds home nursing visits and follow-up care as needed for certain at-risk newborns to the list of covered services under the MO HealthNet Program
HB635Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 635
 0676L.01I - Expands the State Children's Health Insurance Program to offer insurance coverage to all children residing in this state regardless of income
HB638Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 638
 0677L.01I - Requires certain candidates to file a written declaration of candidacy during the last 10 business days in January immediately preceding the primary election in order to be on the primary ballot
HB639Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 639
 0669L.01I - Establishes the Solar and Wind Incentive Program to provide financial incentives for the purchase and installation of a solar photovoltaic system or wind turbine
HB648Yates, BrianLeVota, PaulHB 648
 0342L.05I - Changes the laws regarding political activities and campaign finance
HB649Webber, StephenLeVota, PaulHB 649
 1791L.02I - Allows absentee ballots to be sent by facsimile or electronic transmission to certain persons in federal service
HB655Black, LindaLeVota, PaulHB 655
 1762L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for certain public safety officers
HB672Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 672
 0614L.01I - Prohibits gubernatorial appointees from holding office in or contributing to political parties or organizations and from taking part in any political campaign during their term of office
HB673Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 673
 0615L.01I - Requires window stickers instead of license plate tabs to show current motor vehicle registration
HB674Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 674
 0608L.01I - Allows for the compensation of a person wrongfully convicted and imprisoned
HB675Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 675
 0618L.01I - Requires certain corporations to file an annual tax disclosure statement
HB676Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 676
 0623L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for service as a poll worker
HB682Swinger, TerryLeVota, PaulHB 682
 1879L.01T - Allows an exception for the 2008-2009 school year regarding the laws for school make-up days due to inclement weather
HB701Talboy, MikeLeVota, PaulHB 701
 1848L.01I - Changes the laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights and prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
HB752Schieffer, EdLeVota, PaulSCS HCS HB 752
 1739S.03T - Eliminates the position of Transportation Inspector General for the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight and changes the laws regarding leadership of the Highways and Transportation Commission
HB781Frame, MichaelLeVota, PaulHB 781
 1342L.01I - Requires the immediate reassessment of property that has a significantly reduced true value in money because of a fire, natural disaster, or any other similar event
HB782Frame, MichaelLeVota, PaulHB 782
 0758L.01I - Establishes the Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Act which requires all employers to provide sick leave for employees
HB785Frame, MichaelLeVota, PaulHB 785
 0753L.01I - Exempts residential property owned by individuals 62 years of age or older from certain increases in assessed valuation
HB820Black, LindaLeVota, PaulHB 820
 0287L.01I - Creates the Law Enforcement Safety Fund and authorizes a $7 surcharge in certain criminal cases to fund a contribution system for certain law enforcement employees
HB826Brown, DanLeVota, PaulHB 826
 1776L.01T - Authorizes the Department of Mental Health to enter into agreements with county jails for the confinement of sexually violent predators
HB847Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 847
 0616L.01I - Requires persons adopting a dog or cat to pay a fee of at least $50 which is refundable upon verification that the animal has been spayed or neutered
HB866Wells, DonLeVota, PaulSCS HB 866
 2025L.03T - Allows certain unsubstantiated complaints made against licensed social workers and physicians by certain sexually violent predators to be removed from the regulating entity's records
HB882Kraus, WillLeVota, PaulHB 882
 2133L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Residential and Small Business Energy Efficiency Investment Act
HB883Flook, TimLeVota, PaulHCS HB 883
 2187L.02T - Changes the laws regarding the State Treasurer's asset allocation plan which limits the total amount of state moneys which may be invested in any particular investment
HB893Black, LindaLeVota, PaulHB 893
 2192L.01I - Specifies that prisoners who commit sexual misconduct in the second degree in the presence of a person working in a jail, prison, or correctional facility will be guilty of a class D felony
HB894Roorda, JeffLeVota, PaulHB 894
 2006L.01I - Changes the laws regarding certain city sales taxes and authorizes certain cities to impose, upon voter approval, a sales tax of up to 0.5% for the operation of public safety departments
HB905Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 905
 2164L.01I - Allows a person who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned to apply for compensation
HB907Fallert, JoeLeVota, PaulHB 907
 1400L.01I - Allows an employee who is injured on the job to select his or her own health care provider to cure and relieve the effects of the injury at the expense of the employer
HB911Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 911
 2048L.01I - Establishes the Solar and Wind Incentive Program to provide assistance for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems or wind turbines
HB934Yates, BrianLeVota, PaulHB 934
 2196L.01I - Changes the procedures for the election of county political party committee members in Prairie Township in Jackson County
HB941Fallert, JoeLeVota, PaulHB 941
 2304L.01I - Expands eligibility for the Missouri Rx Plan to include retired Missouri residents 65 years of age or older with annual incomes of up to $25,000 for individuals and of up to $50,000 for married couples
HB950Oxford, Jeanette MottLeVota, PaulHB 950
 1143L.01I - Requires the development of caseload standards by the departments of Health and Senior Services and Mental Health
HB956Englund, VickiLeVota, PaulHB 956
 0308L.01I - Establishes the Informed Growth Act which requires an economic impact study to be completed as part of a review of land use permit applications for large-scale retail developments
HB999Low, BethLeVota, PaulHB 999
 0632L.02I - Changes the laws regarding sexual education, sexually transmitted infection therapies, and pregnancy prevention
HB1029Schoeller, ShaneLeVota, PaulHB 1029
 2330L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act and the Missouri Science and Innovation Authority
HB1089McClanahan, RebeccaLeVota, PaulHB 1089
 1574L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Policy Authority to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda for the provision of health services in this state
HB1147Walsh, GinaLeVota, PaulHB 1147
 1949L.01I - Changes the membership of the board of trustees on the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System and Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
HB1155Englund, VickiLeVota, PaulHB 1155
 2506L.01I - Establishes the Toxic Fire Retardant Prevention Act
HB1176Nance, BobLeVota, PaulHB 1176
 2496L.01I - Changes the laws regarding fire protection agencies
HB1199Grisamore, JeffLeVota, PaulHB 1199
 1385L.01I - Authorizes a sales and use tax exemption for machinery, equipment, and computers used by certain data center and server farm facilities and establishes the Missouri Advantage Act
HB1200Grisamore, JeffLeVota, PaulHB 1200
 2452L.02I - Changes the laws regarding criminal background checks conducted under the Family Care Safety Registry
HB1201Holsman, JasonLeVota, PaulHB 1201
 2517L.01I - Establishes a public campaign financing system for state elections which allows candidates to voluntarily agree to campaign finance limitations
HCR32Frame, MichaelLeVota, PaulHCR 32
 0759L.01I - Encourages observance of the first day of each month as "Check Your Child's Internet Usage Day" in Missouri to promote parental monitoring of their child's online activities
HCR36Meadows, TimLeVota, PaulHCR 36
 1718L.01I - Supports the passage of the federal Employee Free Choice Act to protect and preserve for America's workers their freedom to choose for themselves whether or not to form a union
HCR40Komo, SamLeVota, PaulHCR 40
 2327L.01I - Urges Chrysler to maintain and increase current automobile manufacturing levels in Missouri.
HCR51Komo, SamLeVota, PaulHCR 51
 2492L.01I - Urges Chrysler to maintain and increase current manufacturing levels in Missouri
HJR8Dusenberg, GaryLeVota, PaulHJR 8
 0658L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the Highways and Transportation Commission with a Director of Transportation
184 Records
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