96th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Jeanie Lauer (054)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1108Lauer, JeanieRiddle, JeanieHCS HB 1108
 4200L.02T - Requires telecommunications carriers and certain commercial mobile service providers to provide caller location information in certain emergency situations
HB1137Lauer, JeanieHigdon, GalenHCS HB 1137
 4211L.03P - Changes the laws regarding adoptions
HB1243Lauer, JeanieZerr, AnneHB 1243
 5098L.01I - Requires the Department of Economic Development to establish the MO Jobs Training Program
HB1244Lauer, JeanieZerr, AnneHB 1244
 5097L.01I - Allows a governmental entity to engage in projects involving a technology business facility used for specified purposes
HB1245Lauer, JeanieZerr, AnneHCS HB 1245
 5099L.02P - Changes the laws regarding tax credits and the Missouri Quality Jobs Act
HB1246Lauer, JeanieZerr, AnneHB 1246
 5096L.01I - Changes the laws regarding municipal technology business facility projects, the MO Jobs Training Program, and the Missouri Quality Jobs Act
HR143Lauer, JeanieHR 143
 0255C.01 - StartKC
HR144Lauer, JeanieHR 144
 0256C.01 - Certified Energy and Environmental Labs
HR200Lauer, JeanieHR 200
 0204C.01 - Timothy Lutheran Church
HR201Lauer, JeanieHR 201
 0205C.01 - Eastern Jackson County Builders and Developers Association
HR424Lauer, JeanieHR 424
 0666C.01 - Village Gardens
HR426Lauer, JeanieHR 426
 0667C.01 - Righter, Roscoe
HR427Lauer, JeanieHR 427
 0668C.01 - Hummel, Rachel
HR470Lauer, JeanieHR 470
 0683C.01 - Hadden, Ralph
HR471Lauer, JeanieHR 471
 0673C.01 - McDonald, Bob
HR472Lauer, JeanieHR 472
 0674C.01 - Ross, Carson
HR678Lauer, JeanieHR 678
 0982C.01 - Neidlinger, Aaron
HR883Lauer, JeanieHR 883
 1229C.01 - Krueger, Claudia
HR944Lauer, JeanieHR 944
 1431C.01 - Strahan, Winifred
HR945Lauer, JeanieHR 945
 1432C.01 - Stand Up Blue Springs
HR946Lauer, JeanieHR 946
 1433C.01 - Lets Move Blue Springs
HR995Lauer, JeanieHR 995
 1516C.01 - Hadler, Delmar and Ruth
HR1359Lauer, JeanieHR 1359
 1921C.01 - White, Ryan Lee
HR1360Lauer, JeanieHR 1360
 1712C.02 - Blue Springs Rotary Club
HR1361Lauer, JeanieHR 1361
 1920C.01 - Sullivan, Kyle Matthew
HR1502Lauer, JeanieHR 1502
 2043C.01 - Hissong, Mark
HR1503Lauer, JeanieHR 1503
 2044C.01 - Pointe of Hope Church
HR3171Lauer, JeanieHR 3171
 4333C.01 - Larimer, Reyndon
HR3172Lauer, JeanieHR 3172
 4332C.01 - Gomez, Jessica
HR3173Lauer, JeanieHR 3173
 4331C.01 - Mercer, Abby
HR3174Lauer, JeanieHR 3174
 4330C.01 - Hartwig, Cara
HR3596Lauer, JeanieHR 3596
 4783C.01 - Potter, Mary
HR3597Lauer, JeanieHR 3597
 4867C.01 - Blue Springs Train Depot
HR3598Lauer, JeanieHR 3598
 4866C.01 - Frasier, Eleanor
HB1154Brandom, EllenLauer, JeanieHB 1154
 4280L.01I - Reduces the annual cumulative amount of tax credits that can be authorized for donations to a food pantry and extends the expiration date to December 31, 2020
HB1287Higdon, GalenLauer, JeanieHB 1287
 4729L.02I - Requires the Missouri Gaming Commission to develop rules to allow patrons of excursion gambling boats to donate winnings to the newly created Missouri Veterans Fund to support veterans homes
HB1315McCaherty, JohnLauer, JeanieHB 1315
 5034L.01T - Requires a leave to be granted to state employees and certain other employees who are members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary when performing authorized military duties
HB1338Wells, DonLauer, JeanieHB 1338
 5136L.01I - Requires the Department of Transportation to add the words "Thank You Troops" to the "Welcome to Missouri" signs located on interstate highways
HB1339Wells, DonLauer, JeanieHB 1339
 5045H.01I - Removes the June 30, 2012 expiration date of the provisions requiring every child enrolling in kindergarten or first grade in a public school to receive a comprehensive vision examination
HB1363Schieffer, EdLauer, JeanieHCS HB 1363
 4395H.03P - Requires the Missouri State Fair Commission and the governing bodies of fairs and exhibitions which exhibit livestock to permit specified persons to exhibit livestock
HB1365Lasater, BrentLauer, JeanieHB 1365
 5286L.01I - Prohibits a felon from qualifying as a candidate for elected office in cities of the fourth classification
HB1394Brandom, EllenLauer, JeanieHB 1394
 5212L.01I - Specifies that no public assistance benefits can be used by a recipient to purchase liquor or tobacco products
HB1402Burlison, EricLauer, JeanieCCR CCS SS SCS HCS HB 1402
 4948L.17T - Changes the laws regarding transportation
HB1433Hoskins, DennyLauer, JeanieHB 1433
 4602L.01I - Establishes the Show-me Green Initiative which allows a person or entity to submit a bid to the Department of Transportation to mow grass or vegetation along state roadways
HB1435Schoeller, ShaneLauer, JeanieHB 1435
 5013L.02I - Repeals the provisions which allow a pregnancy resource center tax credit to be transferred and the provisions regarding its sunset on August 28, 2012
HB1469Cross, Gary L.Lauer, JeanieHB 1469
 4275L.02I - Authorizes a landlord to bring an action to remove a tenant without being represented by an attorney and to file a claim in small claims court for the ejectment of a tenant to obtain possession of a premises
HB1475Cross, Gary L.Lauer, JeanieHCS#2 HB 1475
 5427L.08P - Requires the parent or guardian of any person younger than 17 years of age prior to the minor using a tanning device in a tanning facility to appear in person giving consent to the minor's use of a device
HB1518Grisamore, JeffLauer, JeanieHCS HB 1518 & 1522
 5450L.03P - Authorizes the licensure of a provisionally licensed behavior analyst and assistant behavior analyst and a temporary licensed behavior analyst and assistant behavior analyst
HB1549Richardson, ToddLauer, JeanieHCS HB 1549
 5444L.03T - Changes the laws regarding the state's No-call List by allowing a person to place his or her cell phone number on the list and prohibiting telemarketers from sending specified communications
HB1585Cross, Gary L.Lauer, JeanieHCS HB 1585
 4673L.03C - Changes the laws regarding landlord-tenant actions
HB1592Jones, TimothyLauer, JeanieHB 1592
 5456L.01P - Changes the laws regarding county collectors and a county's special road and bridge levy and establishes the STAR Bonds Financing Act
HB1593Jones, TimothyLauer, JeanieHB 1593
 5419L.03P - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri New Markets Development Program and establishes the Missouri Angel Investment Incentive Act
HB1651McGeoghegan, EileenLauer, JeanieHB 1651
 5533L.01P - Designates the month of October as "Spinal Cord Injury Month" in Missouri
HB1652McGeoghegan, EileenLauer, JeanieHB 1652
 5534L.01P - Designates the month of May as "Fibromyalgia Month" in Missouri
HB1659Torpey, NoelLauer, JeanieSCS HCS HB 1659 & 1116
 5709S.04T - Allows the City of Kansas City to establish a land bank agency for the management, sale, transfer, and other disposition of tax delinquent land to return it to specified effective use
HB1661Hoskins, DennyLauer, JeanieHCS HB 1661
 5684L.02T - Changes the laws regarding the income tax deduction for job creation by small businesses
HB1723Torpey, NoelLauer, JeanieHCS HB 1723 & 1130
 5804L.02C - Changes the laws regarding the Distressed Areas Land Assemblage Tax Credit
HB1805Brandom, EllenLauer, JeanieHB 1805
 5463L.02I - Establishes an income tax credit for the stipend or salary paid to certain interns
HB1855Wallingford, WayneLauer, JeanieHB 1855
 5841L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative within the Department of Higher Education
HB1913McGeoghegan, EileenLauer, JeanieHB 1913
 6102L.01I - Requires the words "Allow 8' For Lift Deployment" to be added to van accessible parking signs
HB1933McCaherty, JohnLauer, JeanieHB 1933
 5798L.02I - Establishes the Abortion Ban for Sex Selection and Genetic Abnormalities Act of 2012 to prohibit an abortion solely due to the sex of the unborn child or a genetic abnormality diagnosis
HB1957McGeoghegan, EileenLauer, JeanieHB 1957
 6190L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue to create an emergency information database for holders of instruction permits, driver's licenses, and non-driver's identification cards
HB2044Holsman, JasonLauer, JeanieHB 2044
 6260L.01I - Establishes the Incentives Regionalization Act to provide economic incentives to induce employers to relocate from Kansas to Missouri or from Missouri to Kansas
HCR12Davis, CharlieLauer, JeanieHCR 12
 4236L.01I - Designates the Honor and Remember Flag as the State of Missouri's emblem of service and sacrifice of service men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty
HCR47Allen, SueLauer, JeanieHCR 47
 6185L.01I - Strongly urges the Department of Defense and the Missouri Congressional delegation to protect, promote, and leverage Missouri's military bases and agencies during the upcoming federal defense budget
HJR83Kelley, MikeLauer, JeanieHJR 83
 6036L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing a law to be retrospective in its operation with respect to a new obligation, duty, or disability imposed upon sexual offenders
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