98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Rick Brattin (055)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB126Brattin, RickHB 126
 0415H.01I - Requires all employers and business entities to enroll and actively participate in a federal work authorization program and imposes stricter penalties for employing an unauthorized alien
HB127Brattin, RickHB 127
 0416H.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to conduct an election to certify the exclusive bargaining representatives of an appropriate collective bargaining unit for certain public employees every two years
HB128Brattin, RickHB 128
 0550H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tort liability associated with the concealed carry of firearms
HB129Brattin, RickHCS HB 129
 0417H.02P - Requires all inmates receiving an on-site non-emergency medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 50 cents per visit
HB131Brattin, RickHB 131
 0411H.01I - Requires the written consent of the father of the child before an abortion can be performed, with certain exceptions
HB132Brattin, RickHCS HB 132
 0423H.02P - Authorizes an exemption from the motor fuel tax for motor fuel used in watercraft in this state
HB408Brattin, RickHB 408
 0887L.02I - Establishes the "Campus Free Expression Act"
HB409Brattin, RickHB 409
 0984H.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to conduct an election to certify the exclusive bargaining representatives of an appropriate collective bargaining unit for certain public employees every two years
HB694Brattin, RickHCS HB 694
 1723H.02P - Changes the laws regarding semitrailer registration requirements
HB695Brattin, RickHB 695
 1651H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to notify sellers if there is a change in sales tax law interpretation
HB813Brattin, RickHB 813
 1395H.01I - Requires the current work requirement waiver for supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits to expire and limits what may be purchased with the benefits
HB1007Brattin, RickHB 1007
 2238H.01I - Changes the laws regarding water resources
HB1165Brattin, RickHB 1165
 2476H.01I - Specifies information that public institutions of higher education must make available
HB1218Brattin, RickHB 1218
 2218H.01I - Allows the vocational enterprises program to sell products manufactured or produced by the program to the general public through open market sales
HB1298Brattin, RickHB 1298
 2076H.01I - Prohibits municipalities from requiring construction industry employers to maintain certain insurance as a condition for issuance of residential building permits
HB1332Brattin, RickHB 1332
 2694H.01I - Removes an exemption for certain residential construction projects from private construction contract requirements
HB1347Brattin, RickHB 1347
 2701H.01I - Adds the option of by firing squad to the manner by which the death penalty may be administered
HCR42Brattin, RickHCR 42
 2490H.01I - Retains the rights of the General Assembly to file independent legal action challenging the constitutional and statutory validity of a proposed ATF ban on certain caliber ammunition
HJR12Brattin, RickHJR 12
 0541H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that prohibits the state from devoting any resources toward enforcing any federal law deemed unconstitutional by the voters or the general assembly
HJR42Brattin, RickHJR 42
 2233H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that would require the Department of Transportation to meet certain funding requirements before spending state revenues or appropriated monies
HR233Brattin, RickHR 233
 0301C.01 - City of Peculiar
HR234Brattin, RickHR 234
 0300C.01 - Schmidt, Robert and Donna
HR518Brattin, RickHR 518
 0964C.01 - Wolfenbarger, Chris
HR519Brattin, RickHR 519
 0962C.01 - Weddington, Robert and Jo Ann
HR980Brattin, RickHR 980
 1453C.01 - Hon, Bill and Bonnie
HR986Brattin, RickHR 986
 1593C.01 - Rockey, John and Loretta
HR1976Brattin, RickHR 1976
 2892C.01 - Bearden, Kevin and Cheryl
HR1977Brattin, RickHR 1977
 2893C.01 - Zook, Alvin and Evelyn
HR2268Brattin, RickHR 2268
 3131C.01 - National Day of Prayer
HR2594Brattin, RickHR 2594
 3545C.01 - Barnes, Ron
HR2595Brattin, RickHR 2595
 3541C.01 - Harmon, Dianne
HR2596Brattin, RickHR 2596
 3540C.01 - Elder-Hurst, Karen
HR2597Brattin, RickHR 2597
 3539C.01 - Underwood, Jacqueline
HR2598Brattin, RickHR 2598
 3546C.01 - Davis, Michael
HR2599Brattin, RickHR 2599
 3544C.01 - Clark, Michael
HR2600Brattin, RickHR 2600
 3543C.01 - Schmidt, Bonnie
HR2601Brattin, RickHR 2601
 3542C.01 - Schultz, Nancy
HR2625Brattin, RickHR 2625
 3601C.01 - Madonia, Paige
HR2626Brattin, RickHR 2626
 3602C.01 - Hargis, Lizabeth
HR2757Brattin, RickHR 2757
 3824C.01 - Patrick, Maria
HR2758Brattin, RickHR 2758
 3882C.01 - Hainey, Rex
HR2759Brattin, RickHR 2759
 3881C.01 - Schnarr, Elise
HR2792Brattin, RickHR 2792
 3908C.01 - Simon, Kenneth
HR3917Brattin, RickHR 3917
 5602C.01 - Bass, Linda
HR3918Brattin, RickHR 3918
 5603C.01 - Haynes, Cole
HR3919Brattin, RickHR 3919
 5604C.01 - Lange, Emily (Dr.)
HR3920Brattin, RickHR 3920
 5605C.01 - Morris, Nancy
HR4108Brattin, RickHR 4108
 5934C.01 - Burleson, Michaela
HR4257Brattin, RickHR 4257
 6169C.01 - Homer, Michael
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