98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Justin Alferman (061)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB212Alferman, JustinHB 212
 0710H.01I - Specifies procedures regarding how a vacant county commissioner position shall be filled
HB213Alferman, JustinHB 213
 0670H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the formation and auditing of joint municipal utility commissions
HB425Alferman, JustinHB 425
 0759H.01I - Prohibits a lobbyist from making a single contribution of more than $5 or $25 annually to any statewide elected official, General Assembly member, or Supreme Court judge
HB1179Alferman, JustinHCS HB 1179
 2553H.02P - Modifies the law relating to public office vacancies
HB1208Alferman, JustinHB 1208
 2598H.01I - Changes the law regarding the mayor's relationship with the board of aldermen
HCR49Alferman, JustinHCS HCR 49
 2650H.02C - Urges the California legislature to repeal provisions relating to egg production and sales and asks the Attorney General to challenge their constitutionality
HB121Gosen, DonAlferman, JustinHCS HB 121
 0140H.02P - Requires a brew-on-premises facility to obtain a license from the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco control
HB279Cornejo, RobertAlferman, JustinSCS HB 279
 0979S.03C - Changes the laws regarding the sale of draft beer
HB341Dugger, TonyAlferman, JustinHB 341
 1056H.01P - Specifies that beginning January 1, 2016, certain elective county offices must file ethics reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission instead of local election authorities
HB430Curtman, PaulAlferman, JustinHB 430
 1160L.01P - Establishes the Taxpayer Transparency Act of 2015 that requires state departments to indicate in certain educational and advertising materials that the materials are produced and disseminated at taxpayer expense
HB692Entlicher, SueAlferman, JustinSCS HCS HB 692
 1184S.05C - Modifies provisions related to committees of political parties
HB722Shaul, DanAlferman, JustinSS#2 HCS HB 722
 1745S.04T - Changes the laws regarding prohibited ordinances by political subdivisions
HCR19Burlison, EricAlferman, JustinHCR 19
 1259H.01I - Applies to Congress for the calling of a convention to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution which place limits on the federal government
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