94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Dennis Wood (062)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB310Wood, DennisKratky, FredHB 310
 1052L.01I - Authorizes the Missouri Real Estate Commission to impose civil penalties for a violation of the real estate licensing regulations by a licensee or a person practicing without a license
HB350Wood, DennisLampe, SaraHB 350
 0249L.01I - Creates the classification of licensed prescribing psychologist under the State Committee of Psychologists and establishes licensing requirements
HB351Wood, DennisKratky, FredHB 351
 0248L.01T - Designates the crayfish as the official state invertebrate
HB616Wood, DennisHCS HB 616
 1433L.03T - Removes the county assessor from a county board of equalization and requires the county commission to appoint two additional members to the board
HB722Wood, DennisHB 722
 1732L.01I - Authorizes the City of Hollister to impose a transient guest tax for the promotion of tourism
HB958Wood, DennisHB 958
 1922L.01I - Authorizes a transient guest tax for tourism in counties of the second, third, and fourth classification upon voter approval
HB1073Wood, DennisFisher, BarneyHB 1073
 2510L.01I - Authorizes public water supply districts to collect and determine fees for constructing water or sewerage systems
HB1253Wood, DennisHB 1253
 2762L.02I - Prohibits certain concentrated animal feeding operations facilities from being located near a state park, state historic site, or property listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks
HB1266Wood, DennisWallace, MaynardHB 1266
 2790L.01I - Requires every school district to have a parental accountability officer to monitor school attendance and discipline of students
HR99Wood, DennisHR 99
 0142C.01 - Johnson, Lucas
HR100Wood, DennisHR 100
 0141C.01 - Tucker, Aaron
HR101Wood, DennisHR 101
 0168C.01 - Hoffman, Ryan
HR102Wood, DennisHR 102
 0167C.01 - Power, Daniel Douglas
HR103Wood, DennisHR 103
 0169C.01 - Rantz, Joseph Michael
HR240Wood, DennisHR 240
 0461C.01 - Foreman, Mary O.
HR415Wood, DennisHR 415
 0718C.01 - Hester, Jayden
HR588Wood, DennisHR 588
 1006C.01 - Branson School District
HR589Wood, DennisHR 589
 1007C.01 - Reeds Spring School District
HR1004Wood, DennisHR 1004
 1473C.01 - Shepherd, Steve
HR1430Wood, DennisHR 1430
 1996C.02 - Garrison, Geneva Opal
HR1840Wood, DennisHR 1840
 2914C.01 - Hopper, Benjamin Lee
HR1911Wood, DennisHR 1911
 2847C.01 - Gutting, Paul
HR2142Wood, DennisHR 2142
 3016C.01 - Norris, Patricia Lynn
HR2143Wood, DennisHR 2143
 3015C.01 - Steward, Paul Alan
HR2144Wood, DennisHR 2144
 3025C.01 - Schweitzer, Patricia Sue
HR2724Wood, DennisHR 2724
 3961C.01 - VanBurch, Kirby and Bambi
HR3593Wood, DennisHR 3593
 5000C.01 - Hopper, William Jonathan
HR3754Wood, DennisHR 3754
 5189C.01 - Van Haitsma, Amber
HR3788Wood, DennisHR 3788
 4887C.01 - Williams, Suzie
HR4023Wood, DennisHR 4023
 5616C.01 - The Presley Family
HR4068Wood, DennisHR 4068
 5687C.01 - The Shepherd of the Hills
HB40Portwood, CharlesWood, DennisHCS HB 40, 116 & 367
 0478L.02P - Changes the laws regarding the long-term care insurance tax deduction and establishes the Missouri Long-term Care Partnership Act
HB60Ruestman, MarilynWood, DennisHB 60
 0343L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the defensive use of force
HB90St. Onge, NealWood, DennisHCS HB 90
 0272L.02C - Requires all drivers and passengers in cars or trucks to wear a seat belt with certain exceptions
HB155Dusenberg, GaryWood, DennisHB 155
 0339L.02P - Requires only operators or riders of motorcycles and motortricycles who are younger than 21 years of age to wear protective headgear
HB312Wallace, MaynardWood, DennisHB 312
 1204L.01I - Requires a vote of two-thirds or more of all the members of the county salary commission to decrease the salary of any county official
HB324Smith, JasonWood, DennisHB 324
 1053L.01I - Immunizes real estate licensees from liability for any act or omission related to the disclosure of information regarding individuals required to register with the sexual offender registry
HB352Hobbs, SteveWood, DennisHB 352
 1007L.02T - Increases bonus points for nonprofit organizations bidding on state contracts and specifies an increase in the per diem awarded to sheltered workshops
HB353Schaaf, RobWood, DennisHB 353
 1169L.01P - Changes the laws regarding fraud and abuse in the Missouri Medicaid Program
HB363Wilson, LarryWood, DennisHB 363
 0348L.01I - Eliminates the requirement that certain veterans must pay a fee to obtain a Missouri deer or turkey hunting license or permit
HB369Fisher, BarneyWood, DennisHCS HB 369
 1000L.04C - Establishes the Fairness in Public Construction Act to fulfill the state's objectives by promoting economical, nondiscrimatory, and efficient expenditures for publicly funded construction projects
HB399Walton, JuanitaWood, DennisHCS HB 399
 0053L.02C - Prohibits any person from advertising or conducting live musical performances while using a false, deceptive, or misleading affiliation between the performing group and the original group
HB406Schad, RodneyWood, DennisHCS#2 HB 406 & 726
 0998L.06C - Changes the laws regarding crime prevention and boating while intoxicated
HB427Ruestman, MarilynWood, DennisHB 427
 0721L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Women's Council
HB444Jetton, RodWood, DennisSS#2 SCS HCS HB 444, 217, 225, 239, 243, 297, 402 & 172
 0761S.11T - Authorizes an income tax deduction for Social Security and nonprivate retirement benefits received by the elderly, subject to income limits, and for qualified health insurance premiums
HB453Jetton, RodWood, DennisSS HCS HB 453
 0914S.04T - Authorizes an income tax credit for donations to food pantries and adds cash, publicly traded stocks and bonds, and real estate as eligible donations for the Residential Treatment Agency Tax Credit
HB454Jetton, RodWood, DennisHB 454
 0915L.01P - Authorizes the Family Support Division to assist certain elderly individuals who qualify for the federal Food Stamp Program in obtaining supplemental food stamps
HB457Sutherland, MikeWood, DennisSCS HCS HB 457
 1084S.03C - Increases the amount of credit allowed under the senior citizen/ disabled person property tax credit program known as circuit breaker and renames it the Senior Citizens' Homestead Tax Relief Act
HB461Cooper, RobertWood, DennisHCS HB 461
 1134L.03T - Changes the laws regarding the State Water Patrol
HB465Wilson, LarryWood, DennisHB 465
 0916L.02I - Revises the definition of "all-terrain vehicle" to include certain motorized utility vehicles manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use
HB468Wallace, MaynardWood, DennisHB 468
 0950L.01I - Exempts motor fuel used in school buses from motor fuel tax when driven to transport students for educational purposes
HB469Wallace, MaynardWood, DennisSCS HCS HB 469
 0861S.05C - Changes the laws regarding school safety and liability
HB478Dethrow, MikeWood, DennisHCS HB 478
 1136L.04C - Prohibits the Department of Agriculture from participating in any intrusive animal identification programs under the National Animal Identification System without authorization from the General Assembly
HB497Sater, DavidWood, DennisHCS HB 497
 1364L.02T - Establishes guidelines for the licensure and supervision of physician assistants
HB504Daus, MikeWood, DennisHB 504
 1119L.02I - Exempts landlords from liability for damage to personal property that results from enforcement of a judgment granting possession and gives landlords the right to dispose of the property
HB509Johnson, ConnieWood, DennisHB 509
 0662L.01I - Allows an adopted person at least 18 years of age to receive a certified copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB516Portwood, CharlesWood, DennisHB 516
 1014L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act
HB568Portwood, CharlesWood, DennisHB 568
 1275L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for preparing the bodies of organ donors for cremation or burial
HB579Dempsey, TomWood, DennisSS HB 579
 1395L.01T - Allows for the deployment of health care professionals licensed, registered, or certified in Missouri or any other state in an emergency and grants them immunity from civil damages
HB617Davis, CynthiaWood, DennisHB 617
 0899L.02I - Prohibits a minor from self-consenting for a prescription for a contraceptive drug or device unless a petition is granted from a juvenile court
HB618Davis, CynthiaWood, DennisHB 618
 1765L.01I - Changes the laws regarding Missouri's Good Samaritan Law by granting civil immunity to a person providing services at a free health clinic if they are within the provider's medical field
HB622Daus, MikeWood, DennisHB 622
 1313L.02I - Exempts driver's license applicants from proving lawful presence when the applicant has previously held a noncommercial driver's license, noncommercial instruction permit, or nondriver's license
HB624Wilson, LarryWood, DennisHCS HB 624
 1586L.04C - Changes the laws regarding taxation and regional economic development districts
HB636Day, DavidWood, DennisHCS HB 636, 308 & 173
 1482L.03P - Authorizes an income tax credit for military retirement benefits
HB669Pearce, DavidWood, DennisHCS HB 669
 1615L.02C - Prohibits the state or any political subdivision from restricting the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display, or use of firearms during a declared state of emergency
HB683Lampe, SaraWood, DennisHB 683
 1344L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the requirements for corporate filings
HB688Pollock, DarrellWood, DennisHB 688
 1621L.01I - Establishes the Regional Economic Development District Law
HB691Harris, BelindaWood, DennisHB 691
 1780L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Services Program and the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Public Awareness Program
HB694Quinn, JohnWood, DennisHB 694
 1446L.01I - Makes eligibility for a driver's license for persons between the ages of 15 and 18 contingent upon documentation that the applicant has complied with school district standards for eligibility
HB708Guest, JimWood, DennisHB 708
 1689L.01I - Requires a driver's license applicant under 18 years of age to show documentation that he or she is enrolled in school, has at least a 90% attendance rate, and a minimum grade point average of at least 1.75
HB720Ruzicka, DonWood, DennisHB 720
 1904L.01I - Specifies that any person hunting during a firearms deer season as designated by the Conservation Commission must wear certain orange safety gear
HB730Nolte, JerryWood, DennisHB 730
 1805L.01I - Exempts school districts from the requirement to make up days of school missed or canceled due to inclement weather occurring on or after January 12, 2007
HB756Jetton, RodWood, DennisHB 756
 1723L.01I - Increases the penalty for littering by requiring at least 40 hours of community service and a $600 restitution payment
HB758Brown, MichaelWood, DennisHB 758
 1853L.01P - Authorizes an income tax credit for employers who hire qualified high school students for summer jobs
HB813Baker, BrianWood, DennisHB 813
 1965L.01I - Allows the president or chancellor of a state higher education institution to revoke the tenure and discharge a faculty member who receives two negative peer reviews
HB820Moore, DanieWood, DennisSS HCS HB 820
 2003S.03T - Requires the Director of the Department of Corrections to select a death penalty execution team
HB821Onder, BobWood, DennisHB 821
 1739L.01I - Establishes the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act relating to the capacity of an unborn child to experience pain during an abortion
HB828Viebrock, JamesWood, DennisHB 828
 1825L.01I - Requires residential and commercial septage removal companies to register with the Department of Natural Resources
HB839Wallace, MaynardWood, DennisHB 839
 1967L.01I - Revises the laws regarding the minimum school days, school scheduling, and inclement weather
HB849Dixon, BobWood, DennisHB 849
 1896L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the investigation of Internet sexual crimes against children
HB863Dempsey, TomWood, DennisHB 863
 1954L.01I - Prohibits initiative petition circulators from receiving payment for collecting signatures
HB887Emery, EdWood, DennisHB 887
 2109L.02I - Requires any advertisement produced by a state agency and paid for by taxpayer money to include "This ad was paid for by taxpayer dollars."
HB889Emery, EdWood, DennisHCS HB 889
 2147L.03C - Prohibits illegal aliens from receiving public assistance
HB891Kratky, FredWood, DennisHCS HB 891
 1782L.02P - Authorizes a tax credit for a business employing a disabled worker
HB892Kratky, FredWood, DennisHCS HB 892
 1937L.02P - Creates the Medal of Freedom to be awarded to any veteran who honorably served in the armed forces at any time since 1990 under certain residency requirements
HB899Wilson, LarryWood, DennisHB 899
 2240L.01I - Requires the city or county public administrator to deposit money or property found upon deceased persons to the credit of the entity and changes the deadline for bids and the selection of county depositaries
HB922Kratky, FredWood, DennisHB 922
 1781L.01I - Allows any registered voter who is 70 years of age or older to vote by absentee ballot
HB990Davis, CynthiaWood, DennisHB 990
 2215L.02I - Prohibits abortions in this state, other than to save the life of the mother
HB1026Loehner, TomWood, DennisHB 1026
 2438L.01I - Allows owners to cap or otherwise mark fence posts with purple as a way to post property against trespassing
HB1055Sander, ThereseWood, DennisHCS HB 1055
 2503L.04T - Changes the laws regarding sexual education instruction in public schools and establishes public awareness and services for alternatives to abortion programs
HB1128Silvey, RyanWood, DennisHB 1128
 2620L.01I - Designates the new bridge over the Missouri River on Interstate 29/35 in Kansas City as the "Christopher S. Bond Bridge"
HB1198Wallace, MaynardWood, DennisHB 1198
 2626L.02I - Increases the appropriation amount for small school grants
HJR11Lembke, JimWood, DennisHJR 11
 0923L.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting human cloning and authorizing the General Assembly to enact laws regarding health care research
HJR12Emery, EdWood, DennisHJR 12
 0756L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all impeachments to be tried by the Senate
HJR19Bearden, CarlWood, DennisHJR 19
 1934L.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's First Amendment right to pray on public property and reaffirming a citizen's right to choose any or no religion
HJR20Bearden, CarlWood, DennisHCS HJR 20
 1935L.04C - Proposes a constitutional amendment establishing limits on the total state general revenue appropriations
HJR30Denison, CharlieWood, DennisHJR 30
 2721L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment creating the Stormwater Loan Revolving Fund for financing and constructing stormwater control plans, studies, and projects
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