98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Bryan Spencer (063)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1661Spencer, BryanHB 1661
 4180H.01I - Creates provisions relating to homeowners' associations
HB1662Spencer, BryanHB 1662
 4067H.01I - Changes the laws regarding adoptions
HB1663Spencer, BryanHB 1663
 4039H.01I - Prohibits any person under the age of 18 from operating a motorcycle or motortricycle without protective headgear
HB1664Spencer, BryanHCS HB 1664
 4054H.02C - Changes the law regarding the sale of intoxicating liquor
HB1665Spencer, BryanHB 1665
 4059H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the sale of intoxicating liquor
HB1666Spencer, BryanHB 1666
 4063H.01I - Changes the law regarding the sale of intoxicating liquor
HB1944Spencer, BryanHB 1944
 5293H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Good Samaritan Law
HB1945Spencer, BryanHCS HB 1945
 4055H.03P - Prohibits the use of automated traffic enforcement systems, and requires any political subdivision to complete or terminate any automated traffic enforcement contract within one year
HB1946Spencer, BryanHB 1946
 4070H.01I - Establishes the Student Accountability Act that gives those students with certain scores on an assessment a notation on their high school diploma
HB1947Spencer, BryanHB 1947
 4245H.01I - Allows school districts to be excused from compliance with certain statutes in the event of withholding of funds by the governor
HB1948Spencer, BryanHB 1948
 4242H.01I - Changes the law on school funding so that the exemption from compliance with certain statutes by school districts in the event of withholding of funds by the governor is permanent
HB1949Spencer, BryanHB 1949
 4267H.01I - Requires school board candidates to undergo background checks
HB1950Spencer, BryanHB 1950
 4246H.01I - Prohibits public school employees from running for the school board in any school district
HB1951Spencer, BryanHB 1951
 4137H.01P - Prohibits private land-use agreements from precluding amateur service communications
HB1952Spencer, BryanHB 1952
 5487H.01I - Requires a portion of sales and use taxes collected to be deposited in the State Road Fund
HB2032Spencer, BryanHB 2032
 5601H.01I - Transfers maintenance of lettered highways to the counties in which the lettered road lies, contingnent on the passage of a constitutional amendment increasing allocations to the County Aid Road Trust Fund
HB2075Spencer, BryanHB 2075
 5604H.01I - Specifies that abandoned property reports required to be signed by law enforcement must be signed by a law enforcement officer with jurisdiction over the location form which the abandoned property was towed
HB2123Spencer, BryanHB 2123
 5754H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Course Access Program
HB2420Spencer, BryanHB 2420
 5995H.01I - Adds duties for the commissioner of education
HB2425Spencer, BryanHB 2425
 6156H.01I - Changes provisions of law related to certain education work groups
HJR66Spencer, BryanHJR 66
 5437H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing an exemption from property tax designated for school systems and all personal property owned by citizens who have reached the age of seventy-two
HJR67Spencer, BryanHJR 67
 5600H.01I - Proposes an amendment to the constitution to increase funding deposited in the County Aid Road Trust Fund by ten percent
HB1366Hubrecht, TilaSpencer, BryanSCS HCS HBs 1366 & 1878
 4897S.03C - Changes the laws regarding the substitution by a pharmacist of an interchangeable biological product for a prescribed product
HB1367Hubrecht, TilaSpencer, BryanHB 1367
 4202H.01I - Requires review by the General Assembly or committees of the General Assembly of various proposed actions by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB1419Pfautsch, DonnaSpencer, BryanHCS HB 1419
 4407H.02P - Changes the laws regarding gifted education
HB1427Sommer, ChrissySpencer, BryanHB 1427
 4237H.01P - Requires school districts to post certain financial information on the district's website for free public access
HB1446Redmon, CraigSpencer, BryanHB 1446
 4107H.01I - Increases the membership of the Highways and Transportation Commission to seven commissioners and requires new appointees to be residents of different Department of Transportation districts
HB1468Burlison, EricSpencer, BryanHB 1468
 4577H.01P - Allows any person to carry a concealed firearm anywhere that isn't expressly prohibited by law
HB1550Neely, JimSpencer, BryanSS#2 SCS HCS HB 1550
 4372S.06T - Specifies that every child custody judgment must include a written statement notifying the parties that if a provision of the judgment is violated, the injured party may file a family access motion
HB1551Neely, JimSpencer, BryanHB 1551
 4369H.01I - Allows a court to order each party to a child custody order to provide the court with an annual report specifying whether the party is in compliance with the order and an accounting of child support payments
HB1586Hill, JustinSpencer, BryanHB 1586
 4199H.01I - Specifies lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles
HB1599Phillips, DonSpencer, BryanSCS HCS HB 1599
 4581S.04T - Establishes procedures for an adopted person to obtain a copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB1631Alferman, JustinSpencer, BryanSS#2 SCS HB 1631
 4554S.18T - Requires a person to submit a specified form of photo identification in order to vote in a public election with specified exemptions
HB1643Hicks, RonSpencer, BryanHB 1643
 4984H.01P - Makes CPR instruction a high school graduation requirement
HB1650Corlew, KevinSpencer, BryanHB 1650
 4445H.02I - Establishes a limit on residential property assessment increases for the elderly and disabled who own and live in their principal residence proportional to the increase of their Social Security benefit
HB1713Remole, TimSpencer, BryanSCS HCS HB 1713
 5243S.04T - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to provide information regarding advanced technologies to upgrade existing lagoon-based wastewater systems to meet any new or existing discharge requirements
HB1714Hubrecht, TilaSpencer, BryanHB 1714
 5269H.01I - Establishes the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act
HB1744Brattin, RickSpencer, BryanHB 1744
 4667H.01I - Changes provisions relating to the use of force when defending persons
HB1746Brattin, RickSpencer, BryanHB 1746
 4643H.01I - Authorizes a tax exemption for firearms and ammunition
HB1750Roden, ShaneSpencer, BryanHB 1750
 5230H.01I - Specifies that the Pledge of Allegiance must be recited at least once per school day in schools supported by public funds
HB1764Cornejo, RobertSpencer, BryanHB 1764
 4845H.01I - Requires a church or other place of worship to provide explicit notice that concealed firearms are not allowed on the property
HB1781Fitzwater, PaulSpencer, BryanHB 1781
 5198H.01I - Changes the laws regarding feral hogs
HB1788Rone, DonSpencer, BryanHCS HB 1788
 4224H.03P - Increases the membership of the Highways and Transportation Commission to seven commissioners and requires new appointees to be residents of different Department of Transportation districts
HB1790Rone, DonSpencer, BryanHB 1790
 4502H.02I - Allows all-terrain vehicles to be used by individuals sixty years of age or older on conservation land for the purposes of hunting or fishing
HB1794Moon, MikeSpencer, BryanHB 1794
 5277H.02I - Establishes the "All Lives Matter Act", which changes the laws regarding the finding that life begins at conception
HB1819McGaugh, Joe DonSpencer, BryanHB 1819
 5267H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the use of force and modifies provisions relating to firearms
HB1828McGaugh, Joe DonSpencer, BryanHB 1828
 5274H.01I - Allows certain persons who have lost the right to possess firearms to have their rights restored under certain circumstances
HB1861Cross, Gary L.Spencer, BryanHB 1861
 5056H.01I - Specifies that an individual who has been evicted from a rental property must have written permission from the owner of the property to be on the premises in the future
HB1862Cross, Gary L.Spencer, BryanSS SCS HCS HB 1862
 5060S.06T - Modifies provisions relating to landlord-tenant law
HB1901Taylor, JeredSpencer, BryanHB 1901
 5490H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax holiday for a new firearm purchased on the Saturday following July 4th
HB1910Kelley, MikeSpencer, BryanHB 1910
 5410H.01I - Removes the current ban on carrying concealed firearms in higher education institutions, but allows institutions to ban concealed firearms under certain conditions
HB1938Hicks, RonSpencer, BryanHB 1938
 5456H.01I - Allows concealed firearms to be carried on public transportation systems
HB1959Dugger, TonySpencer, BryanHB 1959
 4314H.01I - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB2048LaFaver, JeremySpencer, BryanHB 2048
 5639H.01I - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB2182McDaniel, AndrewSpencer, BryanHB 2182
 5861H.01I - Exempts federally licensed firearms dealers who sell or transfer firearms from running a National Instant Criminal Background Check if a valid concealed carry permit is presented
HB2196Pogue, JeffSpencer, BryanHB 2196
 5622H.01I - Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act
HB2317Pietzman, RandySpencer, BryanHB 2317
 5933H.01I - Creates provisions relating to the transportation and storage of firearms in a motor vehicle
HB2327Curtis, Courtney AllenSpencer, BryanHCS HB 2327
 6023H.02P - Establishes the Urban Education Institute
HB2329Brattin, RickSpencer, BryanHB 2329
 5968H.01I - Changes the laws regarding reports required after the performance of an abortion
HB2361Wiemann, JohnSpencer, BryanHB 2361
 6069H.01I - Creates the "Missouri Homeowners' Bill of Rights", which is a regulatory scheme for homeowners' associations
HB2476Love, WarrenSpencer, BryanHB 2476
 4346H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Heritage Protection Act of 2016 to preserve any state historic military monument or memorial, marker, designated veterans' grave marker, and statutorily designated monument or memorial
HB2582Moon, MikeSpencer, BryanHB 2582
 5656H.02I - Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by any state department or agency unless the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly
HCR58Reiboldt, BillSpencer, BryanHCS HCR 58
 5642H.02T - Disapproves the State Tax Commission's proposed regulation to establish agricultural and horticultural land values for 2017 and 2018
HJR53Dugger, TonySpencer, BryanSS HJR 53
 4553S.07T - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that a person seeking to vote in a public election may be required by general law to provide a valid government-issued photo identification
HJR70Brattin, RickSpencer, BryanHJR 70
 5541H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that would require the department of transportation to meet certain funding requirements before spending state revenues or appropriated moneys
HJR86Kolkmeyer, GlenSpencer, BryanHJR 86
 6192H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make certain gubernatorial appointments if the Governor fails to do so within certain time frames
HJR98Moon, MikeSpencer, BryanHCS HJR 98
 6592H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment regarding the right to life
HJR99Burlison, EricSpencer, BryanHJR 99
 6552H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment relating to parental rights
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