98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Sue Meredith (071)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB246Meredith, SueHB 246
 0431L.01I - Requires a military member to be treated as a nonresident for income tax purposes for each day that member is stationed outside Missouri
HB247Meredith, SueHB 247
 0438L.02I - Requires all spousal maintenance obligations to termination five years after the date of entry of the court's order if the obligor is current on all maintenance payments
HB786Meredith, SueHB 786
 1248L.01I - Adds the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) to the list of organizations whose accreditation of managed care plans is recognized in Missouri
HR3241Meredith, SueHR 3241
 0628C.02 - Audubon Society
HR3410Meredith, SueHR 3410
 4534C.01 - Bopp, Ethan
HR3457Meredith, SueHR 3457
 4636C.01 - Stanfield, Kenneth
HR3458Meredith, SueHR 3458
 4637C.01 - McKelvey Elementary School
HB38Pace, SharonMeredith, SueHB 38
 0036L.01I - Requires a peace officer to attend a training course in diversity and sensitivity and a course that teaches tactics and techniques during situations of unrest and peaceful demonstrations
HB248Colona, MikeMeredith, SueHB 248
 0813L.01I - Allows an employee who is injured on the job to select his or her own health care provider to cure and relieve the effects of the injury at the expense of the employer
HB561Rizzo, JohnMeredith, SueHB 561
 1415L.01I - Establishes the Task Force On the Death Penalty
HB753Mims, BonnayeMeredith, SueHB 753
 1675L.02I - Requires the Division of Drug and Crime Control, in conjunction with the Crime Laboratory Division, to create a pilot program that uses technologies and protocols to instantly identify new synthetic drugs
HB825Hummel, JacobMeredith, SueHB 825
 0276L.03I - Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HJR21Colona, MikeMeredith, SueHJR 21
 0814L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing the state to recognize a marriage between a man and a woman as well as between a same-sex couple
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