98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Sue Meredith (071)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1623Meredith, SueHB 1623
 4345H.01I - Requires a military member to be treated as a nonresident for income tax purposes for each day that member is stationed outside Missouri
HR837Meredith, SueHR 837
 0865C.01 - Koo, Sarah
HR2205Meredith, SueHR 2205
 2146C.01 - Wong, Jacqueline
HR4342Meredith, SueHR 4342
 4218C.01 - Unk, Stephen III
HB1397Newman, StaceyMeredith, SueHB 1397
 4538H.01I - Establishes guidelines a person must follow to purchase a firearm in the state of Missouri
HB1463Burlison, EricMeredith, SueHCS HB 1463
 4645H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to sales tax on admission or fees to places of amusement and entertainment
HB1716Lichtenegger, DonnaMeredith, SueSCS HB 1716
 5106S.05C - Changes the laws by adding virtual institutions to the "Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program"
HB1919Gardner, KimberlyMeredith, SueHB 1919
 4285H.01I - Establishes the Death with Dignity Act to allow patients with terminal illnesses to end their life in a humane and dignified manner
HB1959Dugger, TonyMeredith, SueHB 1959
 4314H.01I - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB2048LaFaver, JeremyMeredith, SueHB 2048
 5639H.01I - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB2064Berry, T.J.Meredith, SueHB 2064
 5665H.01I - Repeals the provisions that allow the use of the death penalty in Missouri
HB2388Fitzwater, PaulMeredith, SueHCS HB 2388
 5965H.02C - Changes provisions of law related to youth sports brain injury prevention
HB2432Kendrick, KipMeredith, SueHB 2432
 5247H.01I - Gives the department of higher education authority to refinance certain student loans
HB2605Lauer, JeanieMeredith, SueHB 2605
 6576H.01P - Changes the laws regarding children in foster care
HCR115Otto, BillMeredith, SueHCR 115
 6785H.01I - Urges Congress to extend full funding for Medicaid expansion for three years for all states
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