98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Courtney Allen Curtis (073)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB2170Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2170
 5735H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to labor organizations
HB2171Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2171
 5832H.02I - Requires state certification of minority business enterprises and establishes a job training program for persons of low and moderate income
HB2172Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2172
 5363H.01I - Requires any project labor agreement on a stadium project not submitted to a public vote to be entered into by the governing body of the political subdivision in which the project is located
HB2173Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2173
 5530H.01I - Changes the laws regarding earnings taxes to exempt certain taxpayers if public funds are used for a convention center or stadium without voter approval
HB2174Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2174
 5718H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement officers and arrest records
HB2175Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2175
 5710H.01I - Requires a runoff election for county executive, prosecuting attorney, and county assessor in St. Louis County if no candidate receives at least fifty percent of the votes cast and establishes cert
HB2176Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2176
 5711H.01I - Contains various provisions relating to tuition rates and tax credits for students at public institutions of higher education
HB2177Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2177
 5728H.02I - Establishes the Historic Revitalization Act
HB2189Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2189
 5828H.01I - Requires ethical reforms related to testing of elementary and secondary education students
HB2206Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2206
 5680H.01I - Changes the laws regarding nonprofit hospitals
HB2207Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2207
 5674H.01I - Changes the laws regarding youth
HB2276Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2276
 6014H.01I - Removes the union lobbying exemption
HB2277Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2277
 5914H.01I - Creates the Office of Public Counsel to fund the office within the Missouri Public Service Commission from regulated utilities based on each utility's total gross intrastate operating revenues
HB2327Curtis, Courtney AllenHCS HB 2327
 6023H.02P - Establishes the Urban Education Institute
HB2357Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2357
 6093H.01I - Changes the laws regarding certain Children's Services Funds
HB2392Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2392
 6160H.01I - Establishes the Labor Organization Minority Discrimination Interim Committee
HB2408Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2408
 6097H.01I - Requires voter approval for political subdivision expenditures on public works projects projected to cost more than twenty million dollars
HB2409Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2409
 6154H.01I - Consolidates all the school districts in St. Louis County
HB2410Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2410
 6197H.01I - Requires all fire protection districts and municipal fire departments in St. Louis County to consolidate into one fire district upon the approval of the voters in the county
HB2630Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2630
 6624H.02I - Establishes a job training program for persons of low and moderate income
HB2640Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2640
 5510H.01I - Prohibits a community children's services fund from transferring any funds to the state or certain cities
HB2641Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2641
 6650H.01I - Allows Children's Services Funds to be used to fund juvenile delinquency prevention programs
HB2642Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2642
 6690H.01I - Designates Lincoln University as Missouri's flagship institution
HB2649Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2649
 6699H.01I - Authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to acquire certain property in Kinloch, Missouri for the establishment of a state park
HB2740Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2740
 6844H.01I - Establishes a Joint Committee On University of Missouri System Accountability"
HB2798Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2798
 6842H.02I - Requires law enforcement officers employed in St. Louis County to reside in St. Louis County
HB2799Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2799
 6855H.01I - Requires employees of St. Louis County to reside within St. Louis County.
HB2829Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2829
 6893H.01I - Establishes the "Municipalities Financial Recovery Act"
HB2830Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2830
 6854H.01I - Authorizes an earnings tax for St. Louis County
HB2831Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2831
 6847H.01I - Designates the St. Louis Cardinals as the official baseball team of Missouri
HCR80Curtis, Courtney AllenHCR 80
 5919H.01I - Disapproves of Barnes-Jewish Hospital moving out of certain neighborhoods in St. Louis
HCR83Curtis, Courtney AllenHCR 83
 6111H.01I - Urges the department of elementary and secondary education to promote a culture in which educators feel free to discuss issues and work together to achieve a quality education for each student
HCR95Curtis, Courtney AllenHCR 95
 6219H.01I - Urges the City of St. Louis to develop a strategy to wean itself off the earnings tax and a plan to invest in North City
HCR105Curtis, Courtney AllenHCR 105
 6673H.01I - Designates Lincoln University as Missouri's flagship institution
HJR87Curtis, Courtney AllenHJR 87
 6203H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment removing prohibitions related to school district boundaries and affairs
HR66Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 66
 0082C.01 - Villegas, Alicia
HR189Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 189
 0209C.01 - Carter, Mary Louise Harriet
HR361Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 361
 0289C.01 - Blue 1647
HR362Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 362
 0253C.02 - Erby, Hazel
HR392Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 392
 0252C.01 - Dooley, Charlie
HR514Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 514
 0514C.01 - Mitchell, Vernon
HR994Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 994
 1036C.01 - Kallstrom, Keith
HR995Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 995
 1037C.01 - Fletcher, Carla
HR996Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 996
 1038C.01 - Randolph, Scottie
HR997Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 997
 1039C.01 - Jost, Virginia
HR998Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 998
 1040C.01 - Walsh, Dwendeal
HR999Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 999
 1041C.01 - Curth, Michael
HR1000Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1000
 1042C.01 - Addison, Terrance
HR1001Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1001
 1043C.01 - Travis, Courtney
HR1002Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1002
 1044C.01 - Carell, Alan
HR1003Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1003
 1045C.01 - Del Vecchio, Patricia
HR1004Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1004
 1046C.01 - Pickens, Joellen
HR1005Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1005
 1047C.01 - Brenton, Rick
HR1230Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1230
 1175C.01 - Burns, Jamal
HR1231Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1231
 1190C.01 - Allen, Jeremiah
HR1232Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1232
 1191C.01 - Odah, Revan
HR1233Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1233
 1192C.01 - Martinez, Olivia
HR1234Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1234
 1193C.01 - Crymes, Jallayna
HR1235Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1235
 1194C.01 - King, Taneal
HR1236Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1236
 1195C.01 - Mudd, Heather
HR1237Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1237
 1196C.01 - Anaya, Maria
HR1238Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1238
 1267C.01 - Lovett, Jordan
HR1738Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1738
 1656C.01 - Allen, Lesstee
HR1739Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1739
 1657C.01 - Browning, Jeanette
HR1740Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1740
 1658C.01 - Johnson, Rose
HR1741Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1741
 1659C.01 - Bagby, Carol
HR1742Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1742
 1660C.01 - Webb, Cornelius
HR1743Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1743
 1661C.01 - McFadden, Carol
HR1744Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1744
 1662C.01 - Deanes, Chester
HR1745Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1745
 1663C.01 - Abernathy, Theresa
HR1746Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1746
 1664C.01 - Acklin, Leo
HR1747Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1747
 1665C.01 - Carter, Robert
HR1748Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1748
 1666C.01 - Greer, Frances
HR1749Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1749
 1667C.01 - Willie, Ebron
HR1750Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1750
 1668C.01 - Petralli, Mary
HR1751Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1751
 1669C.01 - Brasier, George
HR1752Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1752
 1670C.01 - Doherty, Floy
HR1753Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1753
 1671C.01 - Gatlin, Nancy
HR1754Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1754
 1672C.01 - Arnold, Claire
HR1755Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1755
 1673C.01 - Hinze, Craig
HR1756Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1756
 1674C.01 - Hood, christopher
HR1757Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1757
 1675C.01 - Hanners, Tina
HR1758Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1758
 1676C.01 - Cook, Matthew
HR1759Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1759
 1677C.01 - Klutho, Karen
HR1760Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1760
 1678C.01 - Hadden, Sharon
HR1761Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1761
 1680C.01 - Stitt, Odella
HR1762Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1762
 1681C.01 - Ringo, Michael
HR1763Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1763
 1682C.01 - George, Jill
HR1764Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1764
 1683C.01 - Abernathy, Verlivia
HR1765Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1765
 1684C.01 - Bauer, Glenna
HR1766Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1766
 1685C.01 - Blackwell, Floyd
HR1767Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1767
 1686C.01 - Bourrage, Rosemary
HR1768Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1768
 1687C.01 - Aziz, anitress
HR1769Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1769
 1688C.01 - Lowman, Stevie
HR1770Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1770
 1689C.01 - Turner, Craig
HR1771Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1771
 1690C.01 - Woods, Haskell
HR1772Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1772
 1691C.01 - Simmons, Rochelle
HR1773Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1773
 1692C.01 - Aaron, Jessica
HR1774Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1774
 1693C.01 - Baker, Erma
HR1775Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1775
 1694C.01 - Smith, Marietta
HR1776Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1776
 1695C.01 - Clay, Joan
HR1777Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1777
 1696C.01 - Davis, Floyd
HR1778Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1778
 1697C.01 - Jackson, Eller
HR1779Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1779
 1698C.01 - Cleverand, Adams
HR1780Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1780
 1699C.01 - Duncan, Charlesetta
HR1781Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1781
 1700C.01 - Stewart, Robert
HR1782Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1782
 1701C.01 - Hill, Rakeisha
HR1783Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1783
 1702C.01 - Morrow, David
HR1784Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1784
 1703C.01 - Sills, Lawrence
HR1785Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1785
 1704C.01 - Williams, Jean
HR1786Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1786
 1705C.01 - Jean, Dorsie
HR1787Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1787
 1706C.01 - Gales, Robert
HR1788Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1788
 1707C.01 - Konakci, Katherine
HR1789Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1789
 1708C.01 - Castrogiova, Doris
HR1790Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1790
 1709C.01 - Collier, Jonathon
HR1791Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1791
 1710C.01 - Allen, Dianna
HR1792Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1792
 1711C.01 - Anderson, Lisa
HR1793Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1793
 1712C.01 - Chamberlain, Thomas
HR1794Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1794
 1713C.01 - Gipson, Victoria
HR1795Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1795
 1714C.01 - Murray, Joanne
HR1796Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1796
 1715C.01 - Crocket, Leigha
HR1797Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1797
 1716C.01 - Bhakia, Jagubhai
HR1798Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1798
 1717C.01 - Cusumano, Anthony
HR1799Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1799
 1718C.01 - Guetschow, Joseph
HR1800Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1800
 1719C.01 - Keller, Tamara
HR1801Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1801
 1720C.01 - Mcewen, Carol
HR1802Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1802
 1721C.01 - Schlechta, Joan
HR1803Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1803
 1722C.01 - Brown, Brian
HR1804Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1804
 1723C.01 - Held, Joseph
HR1805Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1805
 1724C.01 - Smith, Mary
HR1806Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1806
 1725C.01 - Weber, William
HR1807Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1807
 1726C.01 - Bornhop, Jacklyn
HR1808Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1808
 1727C.01 - Waya, Ali
HR1809Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1809
 1728C.01 - Bruske, Stephen
HR1810Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1810
 1729C.01 - Sills, Lawrence
HR1811Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1811
 1730C.01 - Mosby, theresa
HR1812Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1812
 1731C.01 - Lewis, Jo
HR1813Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1813
 1732C.01 - Weathersby, Vivian
HR1814Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1814
 1733C.01 - Rath, Amanda
HR1815Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1815
 1734C.01 - Aaron, Tweedie
HR1816Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1816
 1735C.01 - Abby, Gloria
HR1817Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1817
 1736C.01 - Calvin, Auntramain
HR1818Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1818
 1738C.01 - Williams, Angela
HR1819Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1819
 1740C.01 - Grisham, James
HR1820Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1820
 1741C.01 - Hall, Damon
HR1821Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1821
 1742C.01 - Leighton, Kim
HR1822Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1822
 1743C.01 - Wollberg, Carrie
HR1823Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1823
 1744C.01 - Fischer, Bonnie
HR1824Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1824
 1745C.01 - Thomason, Mike
HR1825Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1825
 1746C.01 - Betts, Lucinda
HR1826Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1826
 1747C.01 - Fischer, Bonnie
HR1827Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1827
 1748C.01 - Adams, Donita
HR1828Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1828
 1749C.01 - Alexander, Barbara
HR1829Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1829
 1750C.01 - Baker, Raymond
HR1830Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1830
 1751C.01 - Burbank, Laura
HR1831Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1831
 1752C.01 - Elmore, Cynthia
HR1832Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1832
 1753C.01 - Craig, Rhonda
HR1833Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1833
 1754C.01 - Gnuse, James
HR1834Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1834
 1755C.01 - Evans, Candice
HR1835Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1835
 1756C.01 - Eaton, Paula
HR1836Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1836
 1757C.01 - Taylor, Barry
HR1837Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1837
 1758C.01 - Sharp, Polly
HR1838Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1838
 1759C.01 - Thomas, Machelle
HR1839Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1839
 1760C.01 - Bloom, Gary
HR1840Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1840
 1761C.01 - Gaeng, Daniel
HR1841Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1841
 1679C.01 - Adams, Minnie
HR1842Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1842
 1737C.01 - Ahmed, Omar
HR1843Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 1843
 1739C.01 - Bartelt, Paul
HR2968Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 2968
 2989C.01 - Ghuman, Lydia
HR2969Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 2969
 2990C.01 - Elsenrath, Erik
HR3123Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 3123
 3066C.01 - Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club Ambassadors for Edu
HR3311Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 3311
 3373C.01 - Shelton, Idell
HR3314Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 3314
 3375C.01 - Rider, Elizabeth
HR3335Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 3335
 3374C.01 - Smith, Samantha
HR4438Curtis, Courtney AllenHR 4438
 4424C.01 - African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
HB1605Kelley, MikeCurtis, Courtney AllenHCS HB 1605
 4958H.02E - Authorizes an earned income tax credit in Missouri
HB1801Pace, SharonCurtis, Courtney AllenHB 1801
 4332H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee or prospective employee to consent to a request for a credit report unless the employer is a financial institution or the report is required by law
HB2625Neely, JimCurtis, Courtney AllenHB 2625
 6620H.01I - Allows for the use of medical marijuana to treat serious conditions
HCR74Kirkton, JeanneCurtis, Courtney AllenHCR 74
 4233H.03I - Urges the United States government to condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners
179 Records
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