94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Sam Page (082)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1352Page, SamHB 1352
 3426L.01I - Requires public institutions of higher education to check the sexual offender registry prior to making student housing assignments and prohibits housing to anyone required to register as a sexual offender
HB1940Page, SamSchaaf, RobHB 1940
 3410L.02I - Changes the laws regarding hospital patient safety
HB2033Page, SamHB 2033
 4955L.01I - Establishes the Drug Monitoring Act and changes the laws regarding drugs and controlled substances
HB2229Page, SamSchaaf, RobHB 2229
 5178L.01I - Requires health insurers to provide coverage for ancillary medical services for outpatient diagnostic screenings and surgical intervention services when medically necessary
HB2230Page, SamTalboy, MikeHB 2230
 5095L.01I - Requires immunizations for certain school children for the human papillomavirus at the option of the child's parent or guardian
HB2233Page, SamLeVota, PaulHB 2233
 3425L.02T - Prohibits an employee or official of any political subdivision from seeking a political appointment in exchange for anything of value to any political subdivision
HB2234Page, SamTalboy, MikeHB 2234
 3427L.01I - Authorizes an exemption from motor fuel tax on fuel used for school buses to be deposited into a fund for the school district to purchase or lease buses equipped with lap-shoulder safety belts
HB2244Page, SamHB 2244
 5207L.01I - Renames the Intractable Pain Treatment Act to the Pain Treatment Act and removes the term "intractable pain" from its provisions
HB2351Page, SamLampe, SaraHB 2351
 5413L.01I - Requires health carriers and health benefit plans to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders under certain conditions
HB2450Page, SamCooper, RobertHB 2450
 5447L.01I - Requires each licensed hospital to create a nursing advisory board to establish and implement a standardized acuity-based patient classification system for each direct-care unit
HB2561Page, SamLampe, SaraHB 2561
 5637L.01I - Requires any person who holds himself or herself out as a radiologist assistant or radiology practiitioner assistant to be licensed by the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
HB2581Page, SamHB 2581
 5541L.01I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Health Care Policy and Planning
HB1313Wright, Billy PatPage, SamHB 1313
 3279L.01T - Gives a preference in all state purchasing contracts to certain disabled veterans doing business as Missouri companies when the quality of work is equal or better and the price is the same or less
HB1336Wood, DennisPage, SamHB 1336
 3260L.02I - Removes villages from a certain incorporation procedure for cities and towns and increases the required number of signatures on a petition to incorporate
HB1361Donnelly, MargaretPage, SamHB 1361
 3281L.01I - Establishes the Children's Product Safety Act
HB1424St. Onge, NealPage, SamHB 1424
 3481L.01I - Re-enacts the federal overtime standards in effect prior to the passage of Proposition B (2006) regarding the minimum wage increase
HB1439Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 1439
 3470L.01I - Re-enacts the federal overtime standards in effect prior to the passage of Proposition B (2006) regarding the minimum wage increase
HB1440Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 1440
 3414L.01I - Requires certain public officials to receive training regarding open meetings and open records and public information laws within a designated time frame
HB1456Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 1456
 3645L.01I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB1488Donnelly, MargaretPage, SamHB 1488
 3698L.01I - Changes the laws regarding criminal securities fraud and sets a minimum penalty when it is committed against the elderly or disabled
HB1515Bruns, MarkPage, SamHB 1515
 3790L.01I - Prohibits a court from granting unsupervised visitation to any parent who is required to register as a sexual offender
HB1539Jones, TimothyPage, SamHB 1539
 3209L.01I - Protects individuals and media entities from being required to disclose news sources or certain information
HB1581Pearce, DavidPage, SamHB 1581
 3902L.01I - Re-enacts the federal overtime standards in effect prior to the passage of Proposition B (2006) regarding the minimum wage increase
HB1607Lampe, SaraPage, SamHB 1607
 3548L.01I - Removes villages from a certain incorporation procedure for cities and towns, increases the required number of signatures on a petition to incorporate, and dissolves villages incorporated after August 28, 2007
HB1630Bruns, MarkPage, SamHB 1630
 4077L.01I - Establishes the Line of Duty Compensation Act which authorizes a claim to be filed with the Division of Workers' Compensation on behalf of public safety workers who are killed in the line of duty
HB1637Bruns, MarkPage, SamHB 1637
 3722L.01I - Expands the crime of furnishing pornographic material to minors by including engaging in lewd communication or conversation with a minor via the Internet
HB1638Bruns, MarkPage, SamHB 1638
 3863L.01I - Expands the crime of furnishing pornographic material to minors by increasing the penalty and specifies that the offender commits the crime if he or she believes the person is a minor
HB1667Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 1667
 4290L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Homeowners' Protection Act relating to residential mortgage brokers
HB1692Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1692
 4112L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Preschool Plus Grant Program to serve up to 10,000 students with high quality early childhood education services for four years
HB1693Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1693
 4111L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Education Promise Program
HB1694Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1694
 4086L.01I - Changes the laws regarding property taxation
HB1695Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1695
 4085L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the senior citizen/disabled person property tax credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB1696Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1696
 4114L.01I - Prohibits commercial inserts or other forms of advertising from accompanying motor vehicle registration renewal notices
HB1697Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1697
 4113L.01I - Specifies that all bond proceeds, fees, and other revenues of the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority can only be used for lowering rates, forgiving loans, issuing scholarships, and administration
HB1698Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1698
 4110L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Bright Flight Scholarship Program including revising the size of awards and imposing minimum grade point requirements
HB1726Robb, EdPage, SamHB 1726
 3428L.01I - Requires twins or other multiple-birth siblings to be placed in the same classroom if the parent or legal guardian makes a timely request
HB1788Day, DavidPage, SamHCS HB 1788 & 1882
 4249L.04P - Authorizes an income tax deduction from a taxpayer's Missouri adjusted gross income for 100% of any military retirement income, regardless of age or income
HB1796Schieffer, EdPage, SamHB 1796
 4088L.01I - Prohibits an individual or business organization from misrepresenting their geographic location by using a fictitious or assumed business name in a telephone directory or directory assistance database
HB1805Schaaf, RobPage, SamHB 1805
 4350L.01P - Allows enrollees to pay the lower of the co-payment assigned by the health maintenance organization or health insurer or the usual and customary retail price of the prescription drug
HB1806Schaaf, RobPage, SamHB 1806
 4349L.01I - Limits the Certificate of Need Program to long-term care facilities
HB1816LeVota, PaulPage, SamHB 1816
 3546L.02I - Establishes the Health Care Whistleblower Protection Act to protect certain health care professionals from retaliatory actions by employers for reporting violations regarding improper patient care
HB1817Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1817
 4576L.02I - Changes the process for registering securities
HB1818Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 1818
 4577L.01I - Revises the definition of "security" in the laws regulating securities so that the sale of variable annuities will be governed by the Secretary of State
HB1838Low, BethPage, SamHB 1838
 3820L.01I - Requires health insurers to provide coverage for human papillomavirus screenings for cervical cancer
HB1868McClanahan, RebeccaPage, SamHB 1868
 4159L.01I - Requires the eligibility criteria for certain health care benefits to be no more restrictive than those in effect on January 10, 2005
HB1882Kraus, WillPage, SamHB 1882
 4601L.01I - Authorizes an individual income tax credit for military retirement benefits
HB1892Holsman, JasonPage, SamHB 1892
 4695L.01I - Allows taxpayers who use specified types of fuel cell or solar energy to generate electricity for their residences to claim a tax deduction
HB1917Sander, TheresePage, SamHB 1917
 4377L.01I - Requires certain television stations to provide real-time captioning of certain broadcasts and allows taxpayers providing real-time captioning to claim a tax credit not to exceed $5,000
HB1931Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 1931
 4310L.03I - Changes the laws regarding the issuance of construction permits for concentrated animal feeding operations
HB1932Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 1932
 4049L.01I - Prohibits certain concentrated animal feeding operations facilities from being located near a state park, state historic site, or property listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks
HB1941Schad, RodneyPage, SamHB 1941
 4778L.01I - Adds farm-raised quail and pheasant to the list of animals considered as livestock as it applies to the crime of stealing
HB1942Schad, RodneyPage, SamHCS HB 1942
 4375L.03C - Allows an electric supplier to trim, remove, or control trees and vegetation that threaten the safe and reliable operation of electrical service
HB1943Brown, MichaelPage, SamHB 1943
 4789L.02I - Authorizes the recorder of deeds in Jackson County to collect a $1 donation in addition to the fees charged for marriage and birth records to assist homeless families in the county
HB1964LeVota, PaulPage, SamHB 1964
 3471L.02I - Establishes the Identity Theft Prevention Act which specifies the procedures for a person to place a security freeze on his or her consumer report
HB1981Spreng, MichaelPage, SamHB 1981
 4764L.01P - Authorizes a tax credit equal to 100% of the state sales tax paid on any motor vehicle assembled and purchased in Missouri
HB1988Oxford, Jeanette MottPage, SamHB 1988
 4138L.01I - Establishes lower permissible and desirable class sizes for school districts in St. Louis City and St. Louis County
HB2030Lowe, JeneePage, SamHB 2030
 3760L.01I - Establishes the Public Employment Relations Act which changes the laws regarding public employee labor organizations
HB2058Pearce, DavidPage, SamSS SCS HCS HB 2058
 4495S.16T - Changes the laws regarding tax incentives for business development
HB2087Zimmerman, JakePage, SamHB 2087
 3203L.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot
HB2088Zimmerman, JakePage, SamHB 2088
 3255L.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot
HB2122Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2122
 4727L.01I - Establishes the Shawn Hornbeck Educational Reimbursement Program
HB2128Baker, JudyPage, SamHB 2128
 3409L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Policy Authority to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda for the provision of health services in this state
HB2134Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 2134
 4963L.02I - Requires mortgage brokers to disclose whether or not they are acting as an agent for any person they are attempting to obtain a mortgage loan for before obtaining any personal information from the borrower
HB2154Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2154
 4771L.01I - Expands the No-call List to include business subscribers and wireless telephone services and prohibits telephone solicitations for certain political purposes
HB2156Grill, JasonPage, SamHCS HB 2156
 4398L.04C - Authorizes the Motherhood/Fatherhood Stay-at-Home tax credit for certain parents who stay at home to provide care for a child up to 24 months of age
HB2175Zweifel, CharlesPage, SamHB 2175
 4881L.01I - Changes the laws regarding mortgage brokers
HB2176Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2176
 4414L.01I - Protects certain individuals and media entities from being required to disclose news sources or certain information
HB2177Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2177
 4415L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the Open Meetings and Records Law, commonly known as the Sunshine Law
HB2179Wildberger, EdPage, SamHB 2179
 4984L.01I - Creates sanctions against those hiring unauthorized aliens
HB2211Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2211
 5044L.01I - Changes the laws regarding state contracts and public works projects
HB2219Lampe, SaraPage, SamHB 2219
 3876L.01I - Adds the gifted education pupil count to the calculation of weighted average attendance for the school foundation formula
HB2220Lampe, SaraPage, SamHB 2220
 3875L.01I - Adds the gifted education pupil count to the calculation of weighted average daily attendance for the school foundation formula by counting each gifted student as an extra student
HB2227Wilson, KevinPage, SamHB 2227
 4710L.01I - Allows the court to order a person's vehicle impounded for up to one year as part of a penalty for driving while intoxicated
HB2243Curls, ShalonnPage, SamHB 2243
 4978L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Fibromyalgia Awareness Initiative Program and allows a health care professional with prescriptive authority to override certain restrictions on medications for fibromyalgia patients
HB2260Storch, RachelPage, SamHCS HB 2260
 5134L.06P - Re-authorizes the tax credits for qualified research expenses, establishes the annual cap at $10 million, limits the qualified research activities, and requires that the credits be issued
HB2262Frame, MichaelPage, SamHB 2262
 4598L.01I - Allows voters to cast advance ballots
HB2263Frame, MichaelPage, SamHB 2263
 4596L.01I - Establishes the Consumer Report Security Freeze Act
HB2271Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2271
 5118L.01I - Requires employers of certain public safety employees to pay the entire health benefit plan premiums for the spouses and dependent children of employees injured or killed in the line of duty
HB2272Wright-Jones, RobinPage, SamHB 2272
 5054L.01I - Changes the laws regarding sexual education, abortions, and pregnancy prevention
HB2276Bivins, WaltPage, SamHB 2276
 4786L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act and property taxation
HB2284Meadows, TimPage, SamHB 2284
 5090L.02I - Requires new parking lots and parking lots being restriped after August 28, 2008, to have a certain number of lift van accessible only parking spaces
HB2293Faith, SallyPage, SamHB 2293
 5231L.01I - Creates an income tax checkoff for contributions by individuals and corporations to the Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Fund on the annual filing form
HB2320Nolte, JerryPage, SamHB 2320
 4784L.03I - Prohibits the employment of an illegal alien in Missouri
HB2338Holsman, JasonPage, SamHB 2338
 5440L.01I - Creates the Persistence to Graduation Fund to distribute grants to certain school districts for dropout prevention strategies
HB2348Oxford, Jeanette MottPage, SamHB 2348
 4137L.01I - Requires the development of caseload standards by the departments of Health and Senior Services and Mental Health
HB2349Darrough, BrucePage, SamHB 2349
 4471L.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to investigate a petition filed by a labor organization alleging that an employee unit wishes to be represented by that labor organization
HB2352Schoeller, ShanePage, SamHB 2352
 5120L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the registration of fictitious business names
HB2355Flook, TimPage, SamHB 2355
 5029L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee for the Certificate of Need Program
HB2368Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2368
 5455L.01I - Defines "intoxication-related traffic homicide" and expands certain intoxication-related traffic offenses to include intoxication-related traffic homicide
HB2369Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2369
 5417L.01I - Establishes the Informed Growth Act, which requires an economic impact study to be completed as part of a review of land use permit applications for large-scale retail developments
HB2371Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2371
 5222L.01I - Establishes the Child Predation Prevention Act of 2008 regarding the sexual exploitation of a child and model curriculum for educating children regarding Internet safety
HB2386Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2386
 5252L.01I - Requires all basic life support ambulances and stretcher vans to be equipped with an automated external defibrillator and be staffed by at least one individual trained in its use
HB2387Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 2387
 5469L.01I - Requires contractors of certain public works projects to provide their employees with an approved 10-hour federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Construction Safety Program
HB2423Holsman, JasonPage, SamHB 2423
 3464L.01I - Adds home nursing visits and follow-up care as needed for certain at-risk newborns to the list of covered services under the MO HealthNet Program
HB2430Holsman, JasonPage, SamHB 2430
 5478L.02I - Changes the laws regarding teacher incentives and retirement benefits for certain teachers and educational personnel
HB2435Lembke, JimPage, SamHB 2435
 5491L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the prompt payment of health insurance claims
HB2442Schoeller, ShanePage, SamHB 2442
 5500L.01I - Changes the laws regarding energy efficiency and conservation
HB2462McClanahan, RebeccaPage, SamHB 2462
 4671L.02I - Specifies that certain information collected from health maintenance and community-based health maintenance organizations that does not contain identifiable information will be public information
HB2485Low, BethPage, SamHB 2485
 5558L.01I - Requires equal pay for the same work regardless of gender and establishes a commission to study wage disparities
HB2521Oxford, Jeanette MottPage, SamHB 2521
 4134L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act which authorizes an individual income tax credit equal to 20% of any earned income tax credit claimed by the taxpayer on his or her federal income tax return
HB2523Talboy, MikePage, SamHB 2523
 5622L.01I - Requires the Governor to annually issue a proclamation designating March 31 as "Cesar E. Chavez Day"
HB2524Talboy, MikePage, SamHB 2524
 5518L.01I - Increases the fine for a driver who fails to yield to a pedestrian with a visual, aural, or physical disability who is using a cane or service dog
HB2541Hughes IV, LeonardPage, SamHB 2541
 5587L.01I - Establishes the Voter Caging Prohibition Act of 2008
HB2563Harris, JeffPage, SamHB 2563
 5612L.02I - Allows the State Highway Patrol to release Internet identifiers to authorized Internet entities to prescreen or remove sexual offenders from their services
HB2585Donnelly, MargaretPage, SamHB 2585
 5625L.01I - Prohibits a health carrier from refusing to issue or renew a health benefit plan based solely on an individual's prior donation of a kidney
HB2586Donnelly, MargaretPage, SamHB 2586
 5626L.01I - Changes the laws regarding mortgage brokers
HJR59Bruns, MarkPage, SamHJR 59
 4431L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation the personal property of residents who are on active military duty
HJR71Fisher, BarneyPage, SamHCS HJR 71
 4064L.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing a sales tax for funding veterans' homes, services, and programs and constitutionally establishes the Missouri Veterans' Commission
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