97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Sue Allen (100)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB134Allen, SueFlanigan, TomSCS HCS HB 134
 0848S.04C - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools and establishes specific components that a district must include in its antibullying policy
HB863Allen, SueDiehl, JohnHB 863
 1127H.01I - Requires the State Auditor to perform, on a one-time basis, a comparative audit of at least five, but no more than 10, of the largest state agencies and of each chamber of the General Assembly
HB925Allen, SueFlanigan, TomHCS HB 925
 2188L.02C - Changes the requirements for providing comprehensive health care for public assistance recipients
HB926Allen, SueFlanigan, TomHB 926
 2189L.01I - Establishes a MO HealthNet pilot project program and demonstration project to provide medical assistance to certain aged, blind, and disabled populations
HCR25Allen, SueSS HCR 25
 1785S.03F - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area Governance and Taxation
HR61Allen, SueHR 61
 0113C.01 - Dean, Jo Jasper
HR486Allen, SueHR 486
 1823H.01I - Grants the Breckenridge Scholars permission to use the House Chamber for a mock legislative session on 3/4/13
HR680Allen, SueHR 680
 1125C.01 - Giuffra, Daniel
HR1681Allen, SueHR 1681
 2602C.01 - Laughlin, Joseph
HR1682Allen, SueHR 1682
 2603C.01 - Lyon, Jacob
HR1683Allen, SueHR 1683
 2604C.01 - Homire, Elizabeth
HR1684Allen, SueHR 1684
 2605C.01 - Mollett, Allison
HR1685Allen, SueHR 1685
 2606C.01 - Anderson, Haley
HR1686Allen, SueHR 1686
 2607C.01 - Salzman, Olivia
HR1687Allen, SueHR 1687
 2608C.01 - Webster, Daniel
HR1688Allen, SueHR 1688
 2609C.01 - Stagoski, Natalie
HR1689Allen, SueHR 1689
 2610C.01 - Regan, Sean
HR1690Allen, SueHR 1690
 2611C.01 - Kleine, Ryan
HR1691Allen, SueHR 1691
 2612C.01 - Muckerman, Madison
HR1692Allen, SueHR 1692
 2613C.01 - Gannon, Ellie
HR1693Allen, SueHR 1693
 2614C.01 - Marcolina, Robert
HR1694Allen, SueHR 1694
 2615C.01 - Dalton, Virginia
HR1853Allen, SueHR 1853
 2709C.01 - d'Amboise, Christopher
HR1943Allen, SueHR 1943
 1585C.01 - Albrecht, Nicholas
HR2242Allen, SueHR 2242
 3080C.01 - Brady, Marissa
HR3504Allen, SueHR 3504
 4588C.01 - Geldbach, Ralph
HR3976Allen, SueHR 3976
 5426C.01 - Archer, Andrew Alexey
HR4369Allen, SueHR 4369
 6146C.01 - Cummins, Nicholaus Alonso
HB29Lichtenegger, DonnaAllen, SueHB 29
 0033L.01I - Requires health carriers to reimburse a physical therapist in the same amounts as paid to a licensed physical therapist for rendering the same services regardless of the setting or venue
HB55Flanigan, TomAllen, SueSCS HB 55
 0158S.02P - Authorizes a tax amnesty program
HB64Burlison, EricAllen, SueHB 64
 0502L.01P - Allows a labor organization to obtain a political contribution through an automatic payroll deduction if the employee or member consents to the contribution in writing annually
HB112Burlison, EricAllen, SueHB 112
 0603L.01P - Establishes a statutory cause of action, replacing the common law action, for damages against a health care provider for personal injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render health care services
HB170Guernsey, CaseyAllen, SueHCS HB 170
 0894H.05P - Specifies that a federal official must not enforce a federal firearm law when the firearm is manufactured and remains in the state and that any new federal law banning or restricting ownership of a semi-automatic firearm is unenforceable
HB191Torpey, NoelAllen, SueHCS HBs 191 & 182
 0417H.07P - Establishes the Missouri Angel Investment Incentive Act
HB194Diehl, JohnAllen, SueHCS HB 194
 0081H.07P - Authorizes a one-time individual income tax deduction for the purchase of a new home used as the principal residence of the taxpayer for at least two years.
HB196Lauer, JeanieAllen, SueSCS HB 196
 0733S.03T - Changes the laws regarding unemployment benefits, requires the Department of Economic Development to establish the Missouri Works Training Program, and establishes the Missouri Works Job Training Joint Legislative Oversight Committee
HB197Lauer, JeanieAllen, SueHCS HB 197
 0412H.03P - Changes the laws regarding the collection of special assessments by county collectors and the distribution of funds from a county special road and bridge levy and establishes the STAR Bonds Financing Act
HB221Zerr, AnneAllen, SueHCS HB 221
 0419H.03C - Establishes the Missouri Export Incentive Act to encourage foreign trade through international airports in Missouri
HB222Zerr, AnneAllen, SueSCS HCS HB 222
 0420S.05P - Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption on items related to data storage centers and server farm facilities
HB223Zerr, AnneAllen, SueHB 223
 0414H.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for the eligible costs of bringing a sporting event to the state
HB227Zerr, AnneAllen, SueHB 227
 0550H.01I - Allows an entity that makes a qualified equity investment to receive certain tax credits and establishes procedures for obtaining the credits
HB253Berry, T.J.Allen, SueSS HB 253
 0619S.05T - Changes the laws regarding the streamlined sales and use tax agreement, tax amnesty, the community development district tax, income tax, sales and use taxes, use tax nexus, and the transportation development tax
HB290Lichtenegger, DonnaAllen, SueHCS HB 290
 1088H.02P - Adds licensed professional counselors and psychologists to the list of people authorized to conduct an investigation into whether an individual is suitable as an adoptive parent
HB299Schieber, RonaldAllen, SueHB 299
 1012H.01I - Extends to August 28, 2023, the provisions regarding Internet cyber crime law enforcement task forces and the Cyber Crime Investigation Fund which had expired
HB303Scharnhorst, DwightAllen, SueSCS HCS HBs 303 & 304
 1172S.04T - Makes specified memorial bridge and highway designations
HB309Solon, SheilaAllen, SueHCS HBs 309 & 73
 0802H.03C - Establishes the Military Veterans and Servicemembers Court Program to provide treatment and intervention to veterans and servicemembers charged or convicted of certain crimes
HB314Rowland, LyleAllen, SueHCS HB 314
 1064L.03C - Changes the laws regarding collaborative practice arrangements and advanced practice registered nurses
HB343Guernsey, CaseyAllen, SueSCS HCS HB 343
 1096S.05C - Changes the laws regarding public assistance benefits
HB389Zerr, AnneAllen, SueHCS HB 389
 0807H.03P - Authorizes a tax credit for qualified research expenses, limits the annual total credits to $10 million, limits the qualified research activities, and specifies how the credits are to be issued
HB398Riddle, JeanieAllen, SueHCS HB 398
 1123H.03C - Allows an electrical corporation to file a petition with the Missouri Public Service Commission to recover specified infrastructure replacement costs
HB400Riddle, JeanieAllen, SueHB 400
 0839L.01T - Establishes requirements for the administration of RU-486 or any other abortion-inducing drug or chemical
HB457Jones, TimothyAllen, SueSCS HCS HB 457
 0871S.06P - Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles
HB488Elmer, KevinAllen, SueHB 488
 1459L.01I - Removes the exception for gross negligence from personal liability for members of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for acts committed in the performance of their official duties
HB505Haefner, MarshaAllen, SueSCS HCS HB 505
 0878S.05T - Changes the laws regarding child abuse and neglect
HB525Franklin, DianeAllen, SueHB 525
 1150H.01P - Permits the commissioner of administration to hold reverse auctions for the purchase of certain commodities
HB528Sommer, ChrissyAllen, SueHB 528
 1300L.01I - Establishes the Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted and Talented Children and requires the State Board of Education to designate a staff person in charge of gifted and talented education
HB555Burlison, EricAllen, SueHB 555
 0964L.01P - Exempts motorcyclists 21 years of age and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle and allows a temporary motorcycle instruction permit holder to renew the permit two additional times
HB608Frederick, KeithAllen, SueHCS HB 608
 1378L.02C - Requires the MO HealthNet Division to establish a pilot program implementing an electronic benefit transfer payment system for receipt of MO HealthNet services by participating recipients
HB703Conway, KathieAllen, SueHB 703
 1837H.01I - Specifies that the Highway Patrol's Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Revolving Fund include money for the maintenance of State Highway Patrol vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft and be used to pay for the maintenance and fuel costs of the items
HB755Lynch, SteveAllen, SueHB 755
 1229H.01I - Requires a person conducting a home inspection to be licensed by the Missouri Home Inspectors Board, which is established within the Division of Professional Registration
HB787Richardson, ToddAllen, SueHCS HB 787
 1991H.03P - Prohibits the Department of Revenue from retaining copies of source documents used to obtain driver's licenses and nondriver's licenses
HB872Schatz, DaveAllen, SueHB 872
 2052L.01I - Removes the renewal requirements for concealed carry endorsements making them valid for life if not suspended or revoked
HB939Fitzpatrick, ScottAllen, SueHB 939
 1746H.02I - Changes the laws regarding public assistance benefits
HJR7Smith, JasonAllen, SueHJR 7
 0233H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment affirming the right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices and the right of a citizen to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife
HJR14Jones, TimothyAllen, SueHCS#2 HJR 14
 0153H.12P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to issue bonds to fund higher education improvements, construction, landscaping, land or building purchases, and transportation infrastructure
HRM1Marshall, NickAllen, SueHRM 1
 2259L.01I - Condemns the release of private protected information on concealed carry endorsements, remonstrates against executive departments, and demands the Governor investigate, discipline, and remove those responsible
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