97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Kurt Bahr (102)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1363Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanHB 1363
 4838L.01I - Changes the laws regarding midwifery
HB1364Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanHCS HB 1364
 4835H.02C - Prohibits a property owners' association from preventing a property owner from placing political yard signs on his or her property
HB1365Bahr, KurtHB 1365
 5220H.01I - Changes the laws regarding municipal redevelopment plans, projects, and areas
HB1366Bahr, KurtHB 1366
 4834L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the deductions of certain net profits and caps the aggregate amount the Department of Economic Development may issue for all tax credits
HB1367Bahr, KurtHB 1367
 4839L.01I - Specifies that a department investigator licensed as a peace officer by the Department of Public Safety must be deemed to be a peace officer while acting in an investigation to enforce specified provisions of law
HB1368Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanHB 1368
 4836L.01I - Prohibits the use of a global positioning system or other technology to monitor the mileage traveled by a motor vehicle in order to impose any mileage tax
HB1487Bahr, KurtZerr, AnneHB 1487
 4841L.01I - Allows students at two-year or four-year colleges or universities to seek tuition reimbursement for college remedial courses under certain circumstances
HB1488Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanHCS HB 1488
 4837H.02C - Specifies that parental liberty to direct the upbringing, education, and care of his or her children is a fundamental right not subject to infringement without demonstrating a compelling governmental interest
HB1489Bahr, KurtKoenig, AndrewHB 1489
 4063H.02I - Authorizes the General Assembly to remove any department director or deputy director if it determines that the removal is necessary for the betterment of the public service
HB1490Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanCCS#2 SS SCS HB 1490
 4476L.16T - Changes the laws regarding academic performance and learning standards in elementary and secondary education
HB1518Bahr, KurtHB 1518
 5527H.01I - Changes the laws regarding municipal redevelopment plans, projects, and areas
HB1546Bahr, KurtHB 1546
 5553L.01I - Changes the laws regarding breast-feeding
HB1570Bahr, KurtHB 1570
 5587L.02I - Changes the laws regarding breast-feeding
HB1642Bahr, KurtHB 1642
 4972H.02P - Establishes the Employee Reclassification Act and changes the laws regarding employment taxes
HB1708Bahr, KurtHB 1708
 5820H.01I - Prohibits the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing the Common Core State Standards
HB1709Bahr, KurtHB 1709
 5799H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing programs
HB1767Bahr, KurtHB 1767
 5525L.01I - Requires school districts to develop or revise policies on early high school graduation
HB1785Bahr, KurtKoenig, AndrewHB 1785
 5690L.01I - Requires the MO HealthNet Division to seek an amendment to the Home and Community-based Waiver to allow structured family caregiving to be a covered service
HB1898Bahr, KurtMay, KarlaHCS HB 1898
 5929H.04P - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop standards for all levels of hospital perinatal care
HB1905Bahr, KurtHB 1905
 6044L.01I - Prohibits the payment of professional membership dues of any school administrator or superintendent from the incidental fund or teachers fund of a school district and places limits on superintendent salaries
HB1920Bahr, KurtHB 1920
 4701L.01I - Phases out hold-harmless school aid payments
HB2113Bahr, KurtHB 2113
 6366L.01I - Prohibits the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from requiring the administration of any statewide assessment by electronic means for specfied school years
HJR62Bahr, KurtSpencer, BryanHCS HJR 62
 4832H.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that each citizen has an inherent liberty that includes being able to make decisions regarding lawful health care related services or products
HR249Bahr, KurtHR 249
 5708L.01I - Grants TeenPact use of the House Chamber for a mock legislative session on Friday, March 7, 2014, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
HR755Bahr, KurtHR 755
 1254C.01 - John Weldon Elementary School
HR756Bahr, KurtHR 756
 1255C.01 - Saeger Middle School
HR1418Bahr, KurtHR 1418
 2066C.01 - Bindbeutel, Thomas
HR1419Bahr, KurtHR 1419
 2065C.01 - Stransky, Madeline
HR1420Bahr, KurtHR 1420
 2064C.01 - Wolf, Shelly
HR1421Bahr, KurtHR 1421
 2063C.01 - White, Daniel
HR1422Bahr, KurtHR 1422
 2062C.01 - Nelson, Sarah
HR1423Bahr, KurtHR 1423
 2061C.01 - Faust, Daniel
HR1424Bahr, KurtHR 1424
 2060C.01 - Prendergast, Luke
HR1425Bahr, KurtHR 1425
 2059C.01 - Spath, Emily
HR1426Bahr, KurtHR 1426
 2058C.01 - Zoellner, Samantha
HR1427Bahr, KurtHR 1427
 2067C.01 - Lovette, Molly
HR1428Bahr, KurtHR 1428
 2068C.01 - Cammarata, Alex
HR1429Bahr, KurtHR 1429
 2069C.01 - Slaid, Alexandra
HR1430Bahr, KurtHR 1430
 2070C.01 - Hebron, Audrianna
HR1431Bahr, KurtHR 1431
 2071C.01 - Reichert, Keegan
HR2696Bahr, KurtHR 2696
 3653C.02 - Kreter, Jessica
HB1099Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHB 1099
 4633L.01I - Specifies that no person as a condition or continuation of employment can be required to engage in or cease engaging in specified labor organization practices
HB1116Hicks, RonBahr, KurtHCS HB 1116
 4675L.02C - Allows villages, towns, and cities to prohibit dogs from running at large or to further control or regulate dogs within their boundaries if the ordinances, orders, policies, or regulations are not breed specific
HB1148Hicks, RonBahr, KurtHB 1148
 4185H.01I - Requires an ultrasound to be conducted and reviewed with the pregnant woman prior to the 24-hour waiting period for an abortion
HB1149Hicks, RonBahr, KurtHB 1149
 4676L.01I - Increases the penalties for the offense of failing to yield the right-of-way and the time period that the court may order the suspension of a person's driving privilege for the offense
HB1173Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHB 1173
 4634L.01P - Establishes a statutory cause of action, replacing the common law action, for damages against a health care provider for personal injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render health services
HB1190Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtSCS HB 1190
 4671S.02T - Establishes the Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act and requires the issuance of permits to transport equipment and materials following a disaster where utility service has been disrupted
HB1200Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHCS HB 1200
 4636H.04C - Requires a public governmental body the provides information as required under the Open Meetings and Records Law to keep records of the release and provide them to the Office of Attorney General upon request
HB1216Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1216
 4673L.01I - Specifies that a person commits the crime of false identification if he or she falsely represents or identifies himself or herself as another person to a law enforcement officer
HB1220Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1220
 4667L.01I - Requires a convicted sex offender to be told of his or her obligation to register as a sex offender at the time of adjudication instead of the current requirement of prior to release or discharge
HB1224Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1224
 4672L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the withholding tax filing requirements for certain small businesses
HB1280English, KeithBahr, KurtHB 1280
 4183H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to seek a federal waiver to mandate the use of photo identification for continued eligibility in the food stamp program
HB1295Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtSCS HCS HB 1295
 4669S.07C - Changes the laws regarding income tax
HB1296Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtSCS HCS HB 1296
 5085S.03T - Changes the laws regarding taxes based on sales
HB1297Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtHB 1297
 5086H.01I - Modifies the corporate income tax rate in Missouri by gradually phasing it out over a five year period
HB1302Remole, TimBahr, KurtHCS HB 1302
 5125S.03T - Prohibits the Department of Natural Resources from regulating the manufacture, performance, or use of residential wood burning appliances unless authorized to do so by the General Assembly
HB1303Haahr, ElijahBahr, KurtHCS HB 1303
 5143H.02T - Establishes the Missouri Student Religious Liberties Act
HB1307Elmer, KevinBahr, KurtSCS HCS HBs 1307 & 1313
 5074S.03T - Changes the minimum waiting period before a woman can have an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours
HB1347Haahr, ElijahBahr, KurtHB 1347
 5144H.01I - Allows home school students to participate in Missouri State High School Activities Association activities for the public school district in which they reside
HB1388Cornejo, RobertBahr, KurtSCS HB 1388
 5048S.03C - Requires a search warrant for a government entity to obtain location information of an electronic device
HB1421Parkinson, MarkBahr, KurtHB 1421
 4803H.01I - Allows a cottage food production operation to sell baked goods out of an individual's home without being subject to the state health and food laws and regulations
HB1422Parkinson, MarkBahr, KurtHB 1422
 4775H.01I - Eliminates the corporate income tax imposed on Missouri businesses beginning in 2015
HB1424Parkinson, MarkBahr, KurtHB 1424
 4800H.01I - Requires a motor vehicle licensed in Missouri to have only have one license plate instead of two
HB1439Funderburk, DougBahr, KurtCCS#2 SS SCS HCS HB 1439
 5129H.15S - Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act and changes the laws regarding firearms
HB1452Montecillo, GeniseBahr, KurtHB 1452
 4808L.01I - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop a process that rewards districts that provide full-day kindergarten to specified students and modifies kindergarten requirements for Kansas City and St. Louis public schools
HB1457Spencer, BryanBahr, KurtHB 1457
 4513H.01I - Allows first responders, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel with a valid drivers' license and prior experience with driving vehicles to drive ground ambulances in certain situations
HB1458Harris, BenBahr, KurtHB 1458
 5350L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the management and maintenance of museums
HB1468Dohrman, DeanBahr, KurtSCS HB 1468
 5228S.04C - Specifies that unpaid volunteers of a tax-exempt veteran's organization are not subject to the Workers' Compensation Law
HB1478Swan, KathrynBahr, KurtHCS HB 1478
 5105H.06C - Changes the laws regarding the protection of women's health care
HB1481Rowland, LyleBahr, KurtHB 1481
 5436H.01I - Changes the laws regarding collaborative practice arrangements
HB1539Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtSCS HB 1539
 5330S.02C - Changes the laws regarding public safety
HB1542Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1542
 5131H.03I - Requires the Governor to establish the Missouri State Guard if the Missouri National Guard or a major portion of it is called into active federal service or alerted for federal service or for any other reason the Governor deems necessary
HB1568Frederick, KeithBahr, KurtHB 1568
 5035L.02P - Establishes the requirements for certain authorized entities to stock a supply of epinephrine auto-injectors for emergency administration
HB1571Sommer, ChrissyBahr, KurtHB 1571
 5419L.04I - Changes the laws regarding the school funding formula by adding an additional weight for each gifted student to the calculation of the school district's weighted average daily attendance
HB1585Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtHB 1585
 5515H.01I - Establishes the Abortion Ban for Sex Selection and Genetic Abnormalities Act of 2014 to prohibit an abortion solely due to the sex of the unborn child or a genetic abnormality diagnosis
HB1586Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtHB 1586
 5260H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to seek a federal waiver to mandate that electronic benefit cards be imprinted with a photograph of the recipient
HB1587Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtHB 1587
 5248L.01I - Requires the State Board of Education and other public school entities to encourage students to explore scientific questions and to assist teaching of scientific theories of biological or chemical evolution
HB1620Remole, TimBahr, KurtHB 1620
 5223H.02I - Specifies that any federal regulation or rule promulgated as a result of an executive order issued by the President of the United States must be declared invalid in Missouri and of no effect
HB1632Parkinson, MarkBahr, KurtHB 1632
 5673H.01I - Changes the laws regarding vacancies in certain public offices
HB1647Moon, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1647
 5691H.01P - Prohibits the state and political subdivisions from implementing policies affecting property rights and from entering into certain relationships with organizations
HB1653Funderburk, DougBahr, KurtHB 1653
 5670L.01I - Allows the City of St. Charles to establish and maintain a local health department
HB1685Neely, JimBahr, KurtCCS#2 SS HCS HB 1685
 5556H.08T - Allows physicians to prescribe certain investigational drugs, biological products, or devices to certain eligible terminally ill patients
HB1730May, KarlaBahr, KurtHB 1730
 4586L.04I - Changes the laws regarding arrearages and the expungement of certain records related to criminal nonsupport
HB1731Swan, KathrynBahr, KurtHB 1731
 5050L.01I - Establishes the Parent and Community School Information Act that requires a simplified letter-grade report card for each public school building and each charter school
HB1737Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHB 1737
 5843L.01I - Authorizes the Department of Corrections to promulgate rules to administer the death penalty
HB1780Swan, KathrynBahr, KurtHB 1780
 5828L.02I - Adds virtual courses to the postsecondary courses that can be offered to high school students participating in dual enrollment classes
HB1818Dohrman, DeanBahr, KurtHB 1818
 5597L.02I - Requires the election of members of the State Board of Education to be based on residence in state congressional districts
HB1824Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHB 1824
 5842L.02I - Establishes guidelines for the regulation of occupations and professions not regulated by the Division of Professional Registration and those regulated professions that seek to substantially increase their scope of practice
HB1855Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1855
 5902H.01I - Requires the Missouri Supreme Court to conduct is review of all death penalty cases within 30 days and to set a date for execution to occur within 60 days of its review being completed
HB1856Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1856
 6012L.01I - Requires the State Board of Education to classify the public schools as either unaccredited, provisionally accredited, accredited, or accredited with distinction
HB1865Redmon, CraigBahr, KurtSS SCS HB 1865
 5992S.09T - Changes the laws regarding sales and use tax exemptions for utilities used or consumed in the preparation of food and specifies what is considered a sale in this state
HB1873Guernsey, CaseyBahr, KurtHCS HB 1873
 5517H.07C - Establishes the Missouri Student Data Protection Act
HB1919Guernsey, CaseyBahr, KurtHB 1919
 5615H.02I - Changes the laws regarding high school equivalency examinations
HB1924Korman, BartBahr, KurtHB 1924
 5931H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption for products that are made in the USA during the sales tax holiday in July with specified exceptions
HB1925Ross, RobertBahr, KurtHCS HB 1925
 6072H.04C - Prohibits any state agency or department from engaging in biometric analysis of photographs and digital data
HB1967Koenig, AndrewBahr, KurtHCS HB 1967
 5663H.02C - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB1988Moon, MikeBahr, KurtHB 1988
 5677H.02I - Changes the laws regarding hearing instruments
HB2034Leara, MikeBahr, KurtHB 2034
 6265H.01I - Phases out the current distribution method of the St. Louis County sales tax over 10 years until all the tax revenue is distributed based upon the location in which the sales were deemed consummated
HB2135Mims, BonnayeBahr, KurtHB 2135
 6313L.01I - Exempts rental security deposits from attachment and execution in a bankruptcy proceeding
HB2144Morris, LynnBahr, KurtHB 2144
 6370L.01I - Changes the associate circuit judge positions awarded to the Circuit Court of St. Louis County and the 38th Judicial Circuit based on the 2014 judicial weighted workload model
HB2242Kelley, MikeBahr, KurtHB 2242
 6500H.02I - Specifies that public school students must not be subject to penalties or discipline for simulating a weapon while playing if it does not cause bodily harm, disrupt learning, or constitute a serious threat
HB2254English, KeithBahr, KurtHB 2254
 5420H.01I - Changes the laws regarding sales and use tax exemptions for agricultural seed, feed, and pesticides
HCR3English, KeithBahr, KurtHCR 3
 4188H.01I - Requests the United States Congress to transfer authority for the remediation of the West Lake Landfill radioactive wastes from the EPA to the Corps of Engineers Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program
HCR11Walton Gray, RochelleBahr, KurtHCR 11
 4730L.01I - Encourages the Missouri Veterans Commission to work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to address the needs of women veterans and formally honors the heroic service of women veterans
HCR53Curtman, PaulBahr, KurtHCR 53
 6562L.01I - Strongly urges the United States Congress to continue investigating the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya
HJR46White, BillBahr, KurtHJR 46
 4718H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring impeachments to be tried by the Senate
HJR55Hicks, RonBahr, KurtHJR 55
 4677L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife and the use of traditional devices and methods to exercise the right
HJR74Dohrman, DeanBahr, KurtHJR 74
 5366H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring members of the State Board of Education to be elected by the voters instead of being appointed by the Governor
HJR75Burlison, EricBahr, KurtHCS HJR 75
 5844H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting state appropriations in any fiscal year from exceeding certain limits
HR380Marshall, NickBahr, KurtHR 380
 5273L.01I - Adopts Articles of Impeachment for Governor Jay Nixon for the issuance of Executive Order 13-14 regarding the filing of a Missouri state combined income tax return by certain same-sex couples
HR476Moon, MikeBahr, KurtHR 476
 5835L.01I - Adopts articles of impeachment against Governor Nixon for failure to issue writs of election to fill vacancies in the General Assembly without delay as required by state law
HR923Brattin, RickBahr, KurtHR 923
 5880L.01I - Adopts articles of impeachment for the Governor based on his failure to discipline or dismiss executive branch employees responsible for the release of concealed carry endorsement information
HR3012Curtman, PaulBahr, KurtHR 3012
 6563L.01I - HR on Benghazi
HB2124May, KarlaBahr, KurtHB 2124
 6363L.01I - Changes the laws regarding arrearages and the expungement of certain records related to criminal nonsupport
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