97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Steve Lynch (122)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB755Lynch, StevePike, RandyHB 755
 1229H.01I - Requires a person conducting a home inspection to be licensed by the Missouri Home Inspectors Board, which is established within the Division of Professional Registration
HCR28Lynch, SteveGannon, ElaineHCR 28
 2031L.01I - Strongly urges the United States Department of Defense to reconsider the reduction and realignment of Army forces at Fort Leonard Wood
HR183Lynch, SteveHR 183
 0244C.01 - Smith, Brant
HR307Lynch, SteveHR 307
 0528C.01 - Moats, Jerry
HR308Lynch, SteveHR 308
 0529C.01 - Bassett, Kenneth
HR481Lynch, SteveHR 481
 0771C.01 - Shepp, Brandon
HR927Lynch, SteveHR 927
 1436C.01 - James, Jonathan
HR1266Lynch, SteveHR 1266
 1918C.01 - Freedom of Road Riders
HR1332Lynch, SteveHR 1332
 2047C.01 - Greater Ozarks Chapter IAAP
HR1449Lynch, SteveHR 1449
 2207C.01 - Alker, Holly
HR2003Lynch, SteveHR 2003
 2876C.01 - United States Army Reserves
HR2108Lynch, SteveHR 2108
 2329C.01 - Alker, Holly
HR2109Lynch, SteveHR 2109
 2330C.01 - Baity, DeVonte
HR2110Lynch, SteveHR 2110
 2331C.01 - Walker, Bobbi Jo
HR2111Lynch, SteveHR 2111
 2332C.01 - Riley, Heather
HR2112Lynch, SteveHR 2112
 2333C.01 - Patel, Sachi
HR2113Lynch, SteveHR 2113
 2334C.01 - Moore, Timothy
HR2114Lynch, SteveHR 2114
 2335C.01 - Rosa, Caroline
HR2115Lynch, SteveHR 2115
 2336C.01 - Bildner, Kate
HR2116Lynch, SteveHR 2116
 2337C.01 - Miller, Janelle
HR2117Lynch, SteveHR 2117
 2338C.01 - Blau, Laney
HR2118Lynch, SteveHR 2118
 2339C.01 - Russell, Sara
HR2119Lynch, SteveHR 2119
 2340C.01 - Newcomb, Dylan
HR2120Lynch, SteveHR 2120
 2341C.01 - Dooley, Connor
HR2121Lynch, SteveHR 2121
 2342C.01 - Finger, Hannah
HR2138Lynch, SteveHR 2138
 2930C.01 - Ramos, Paul
HR2139Lynch, SteveHR 2139
 3011C.01 - Norman, Eric
HR2140Lynch, SteveHR 2140
 3012C.01 - Robinson, Kassie
HR2141Lynch, SteveHR 2141
 3013C.01 - Murphy, MacKensie
HR2142Lynch, SteveHR 2142
 3014C.01 - McCart, McKayla
HR2143Lynch, SteveHR 2143
 3015C.01 - Fowers, Adrienne
HR2144Lynch, SteveHR 2144
 3016C.01 - Landreth, Maggie
HR2145Lynch, SteveHR 2145
 3017C.01 - Edwards, Ashley
HR2146Lynch, SteveHR 2146
 3018C.01 - Leonard, Jerrica
HR2147Lynch, SteveHR 2147
 3019C.01 - Moore, Quinten
HR2148Lynch, SteveHR 2148
 3020C.01 - Moore, Ashley
HR2301Lynch, SteveHR 2301
 3265C.01 - McVay, Laura Hendley
HR2302Lynch, SteveHR 2302
 3273C.01 - Guffey, Jerry
HR2303Lynch, SteveHR 2303
 3269C.01 - Arrastia, Sharyl
HR2304Lynch, SteveHR 2304
 3268C.01 - Campbell, Sonya
HR2305Lynch, SteveHR 2305
 3267C.01 - Beattie, Mike William
HR2306Lynch, SteveHR 2306
 3266C.01 - Elliott, Margaret
HR2307Lynch, SteveHR 2307
 3264C.01 - Gettys, Susan
HR3114Lynch, SteveHR 3114
 4106C.01 - Norman, Eric Scott
HR3115Lynch, SteveHR 3115
 4107C.01 - Pardo, Juan David
HR3116Lynch, SteveHR 3116
 4108C.01 - Dixon, Walter Aurelio
HR3553Lynch, SteveHR 3553
 4688C.01 - Lee, Andrew
HR3623Lynch, SteveHR 3623
 4760C.01 - Lowe, David
HR3726Lynch, SteveHR 3726
 4954C.01 - Sauceda, Elio
HR3831Lynch, SteveHR 3831
 5180C.01 - Miller, Jonathan
HR3886Lynch, SteveHR 3886
 5326C.01 - Johnson, Rodney
HR3939Lynch, SteveHR 3939
 5327C.01 - Butler, Jeffrey
HR3940Lynch, SteveHR 3940
 5328C.01 - Farley, Mark
HR3941Lynch, SteveHR 3941
 5329C.01 - Tackett, Philip
HR4023Lynch, SteveHR 4023
 5511C.01 - Meyer, Michael
HR4024Lynch, SteveHR 4024
 5512C.01 - Smith, Derek
HR4202Lynch, SteveHR 4202
 5805C.01 - Wallace, Ashley
HR4280Lynch, SteveHR 4280
 6034C.01 - Pulaski Young Marines
HR4550Lynch, SteveHR 4550
 6421C.01 - Betz, Nathan Alan
HR4553Lynch, SteveHR 4553
 6434C.01 - National Guard
HR4564Lynch, SteveHR 4564
 6339C.01 - Marshall, Susan
HR4622Lynch, SteveHR 4622
 6530C.01 - Laquey High School Boys Hornets Soccer Team
HR4623Lynch, SteveHR 4623
 6531C.01 - Podurgal, Doc Michael
HR4626Lynch, SteveHR 4626
 6536C.01 - Waynesville High School Girls Volleyball Tigers
HR4627Lynch, SteveHR 4627
 6539C.01 - Waynesville St. Robert chamber of commerce
HR4662Lynch, SteveHR 4662
 6586C.01 - Welch, Pam
HR4693Lynch, SteveHR 4693
 6635C.01 - Williamson, Gail
HB148Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveSCS HB 148
 0712S.05T - Establishes the custody and visitation rights of a deploying military parent
HB305Walker, NateLynch, SteveHB 305
 1160H.01I - Extends the expiration date of specified provisions in the Open Meetings and Records Law, commonly known as the Sunshine Law
HB309Solon, SheilaLynch, SteveHCS HBs 309 & 73
 0802H.03C - Establishes the Military Veterans and Servicemembers Court Program to provide treatment and intervention to veterans and servicemembers charged or convicted of certain crimes
HB350Frederick, KeithLynch, SteveHCS HB 350
 1071L.02C - Prohibits the publication of any identifying information of firearm owners and prohibits health care professionals from being required to inquire, document, or disclose a patient's status as a firearm owner
HB355Cornejo, RobertLynch, SteveHB 355
 1023L.01I - Exempts active duty military personnel from the hunter education and safety training and course requirements for issuance of a hunting permit by the Department of Conservation
HB377Kelley, MikeLynch, SteveHB 377
 1158L.01I - Removes the expiration date of certain provisions of the Open Meetings and Records Law
HB378Kelley, MikeLynch, SteveHB 378
 1222L.01I - Prohibits a licensed pharmacy from being required to carry or maintain in inventory any specific prescription or nonprescription drug or device
HB379Kelley, MikeLynch, SteveHB 379
 0912L.01I - Allows an applicant for a concealed carry endorsement to have the fingerprint background check be done anonymously for an additional fee
HB400Riddle, JeanieLynch, SteveHB 400
 0839L.01T - Establishes requirements for the administration of RU-486 or any other abortion-inducing drug or chemical
HB431Jones, CalebLynch, SteveHB 431
 1104H.02I - Allows the school board of any school district to provide a work station to a licensed law enforcement or peace officer employed by a local law enforcement agency to use during normal school hours
HB482Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveHB 482
 1079H.02I - Changes the laws regarding the unclaimed cremated remains of veterans collected by veterans' service organizations
HB506Redmon, CraigLynch, SteveHB 506
 1499L.01I - Allows nursing home districts to establish and maintain senior housing in any third or fourth classification county
HB526Franklin, DianeLynch, SteveHB 526
 0954H.01P - Establishes a rural regional development grants program
HB528Sommer, ChrissyLynch, SteveHB 528
 1300L.01I - Establishes the Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted and Talented Children and requires the State Board of Education to designate a staff person in charge of gifted and talented education
HB555Burlison, EricLynch, SteveHB 555
 0964L.01P - Exempts motorcyclists 21 years of age and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle and allows a temporary motorcycle instruction permit holder to renew the permit two additional times
HB586Schieffer, EdLynch, SteveHCS HB 586
 1144L.02P - Guarantees the right to conduct and participate in rodeos in this state and prohibits a restriction on the conducting of or participation in rodeos
HB593Solon, SheilaLynch, SteveHCS HBs 593 & 695
 1605H.04P - Prohibits a health benefit plan from requiring a higher out-of-pocket cost for an oral anti-cancer medication than for an intravenously-administered cancer medication
HB599Berry, T.J.Lynch, SteveHB 599
 1615H.01I - Allows an applicant for a motor vehicle registration or renewal to make a $1 donation to the National World War I Museum at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City
HB606Rowden, CalebLynch, SteveHB 606
 1498H.01I - Allows for the creation of a low-profit limited liability company in Missouri
HB607Curtman, PaulLynch, SteveHB 607
 1468H.01I - Changes the individual income tax rates to adjust for inflation
HB609Miller, RockyLynch, SteveHB 609
 1434L.01I - Adds certain licensed emergency medical technicians to the list of individuals who can report anyone diagnosed or assessed with a condition that may prevent the safe operation of a motor vehicle
HB654Hansen, JimLynch, SteveHB 654
 1430H.01I - Allows for the issuance of a limited lines travel insurance producer license
HB692Fitzpatrick, ScottLynch, SteveHB 692
 1514H.01I - Repeals the provisions regarding the prevailing hourly wage requirements and specifies that no person will be paid a prevailing wage with specified exceptions
HB702Englund, VickiLynch, SteveHB 702
 1656L.01T - Allows the State Treasurer to make certain information available to the public in order to facilitate the identification of the original owner of military medals deemed to be abandoned property
HB704McKenna, TJLynch, SteveHB 704
 1831H.01I - Requires the display of the Honor and Remember flag at all state buildings and state parks
HB749Cross, Gary L.Lynch, SteveHCS HB 749
 1347H.07C - Changes the laws regarding landlord-tenant actions
HB785Anderson, SonyaLynch, SteveHB 785
 1354H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the confiscation of animals
HB794Kolkmeyer, GlenLynch, SteveHB 794
 2025H.01I - Expands the Amber Alert System to include missing endangered persons, specifies the criteria for being an endangered person, and changes its name to the Amber Alert and Silver Alert System
HB811Cross, Gary L.Lynch, SteveHB 811
 2041L.01I - Changes the goal that 3% of government contracts be awarded to service-disabled veteran businesses to 4% and appropriates $100,000 to veteran organizations
HB814Fraker, LyndallLynch, SteveHCS HB 814
 2030H.02C - Allows the Secretary of State to enter into an agreement with a nonprofit organization to print and distribute the Official State Manual
HB857Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveHB 857
 2066H.02I - Creates the Show Me Heroes Education Fund dedicated to assist military personnel with tuition assistance
HB872Schatz, DaveLynch, SteveHB 872
 2052L.01I - Removes the renewal requirements for concealed carry endorsements making them valid for life if not suspended or revoked
HB1039Franklin, DianeLynch, SteveHB 1039
 2228L.02I - Establishes the Show-me Transformation Act that changes the requirements for the MO HealthNet Program
HCR7Pfautsch, DonnaLynch, SteveHCR 7
 0598L.01I - Directs the State Historical Society of Missouri to develop plans, ideas and proposals to commemorate and celebrate the State of Missouri's bicentennial in 2021
HCR16Walton Gray, RochelleLynch, SteveHCR 16
 0913L.01I - Encourages the Missouri Veterans Commission to work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to address the needs of women veterans and formally honors the heroic service of women veterans
HCR19Rowden, CalebLynch, SteveHCR 19
 1586L.01I - Strongly urges the continued and increase development and delivery of North American oil to United States refineries, and the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline project
HCR29Gannon, ElaineLynch, SteveHCR 29
 1768H.01I - Designates March as "Missouri Whole Child Month"
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