98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Steve Lynch (122)
BillSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1568Lynch, SteveHB 1568
 4495H.03T - Allows physicians to prescribe naloxone to any individual to administer, in good faith, to another individual suffering from an opioid-induced drug overdose
HB1569Lynch, SteveHB 1569
 4317H.01I - Provides certain immunities for persons who seek medical assistance for a drug or alcohol overdose
HB1570Lynch, SteveHB 1570
 4361H.01I - Authorizes a $5 surcharge for drug-related offense cases to fund drug rehabilitative programs
HB1571Lynch, SteveHB 1571
 4113H.01I - Allows members of the reserves of any branch of the United States armed forces to be eligible for a Missouri National Guard educational assistance grant
HB1747Lynch, SteveHB 1747
 4968H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Farm-to-School Act
HB1748Lynch, SteveHB 1748
 5073H.01I - Allows a corporation to initiate and appear in an eviction proceeding without an attorney
HB2087Lynch, SteveHB 2087
 5534H.01I - Specifies that a qualified company under the Missouri Works Program includes the United States Department of Defense under certain circumstances
HR11Lynch, SteveHR 11
 0001C.01 - Kempen, William and Barbara
HR26Lynch, SteveHR 26
 0017C.01 - Schaus, Jo
HR345Lynch, SteveHR 345
 0353C.01 - Houser, Jason
HR519Lynch, SteveHR 519
 0518C.01 - Waynesville FFA
HR661Lynch, SteveHR 661
 0750C.01 - Robertson, Christoph
HR1339Lynch, SteveHR 1339
 1096C.01 - Crowder, Dennis
HR1432Lynch, SteveHR 1432
 1450C.01 - Rakop, Harold F., Jr.
HR1534Lynch, SteveHR 1534
 1525C.01 - De'Armon, Ryan
HR1647Lynch, SteveHR 1647
 1526C.01 - Lady Tigers
HR1648Lynch, SteveHR 1648
 1527C.01 - Bildner, Kallie
HR1908Lynch, SteveHR 1908
 1931C.01 - Ward, Nancy
HR1909Lynch, SteveHR 1909
 1932C.01 - Medlen, Lindsay
HR2459Lynch, SteveHR 2459
 2239C.01 - Army Reserves
HR2460Lynch, SteveHR 2460
 2419C.01 - Waynesville Boys basketball
HR2533Lynch, SteveHR 2533
 2638C.01 - Lowe Chevrolet., Inc
HR2588Lynch, SteveHR 2588
 0529C.01 - Security Bank of Pulaski County
HR2627Lynch, SteveHR 2627
 2647C.01 - Waynesville HS JROTC
HR3224Lynch, SteveHR 3224
 3273C.01 - Murray, Dillon
HR3318Lynch, SteveHR 3318
 3351C.01 - Wilson, Shelby
HR3319Lynch, SteveHR 3319
 3352C.01 - Crutchfield, Skyeler
HR3320Lynch, SteveHR 3320
 3353C.01 - Boevingloh, Brittany
HR3321Lynch, SteveHR 3321
 3354C.01 - Bales, Amanda
HR3322Lynch, SteveHR 3322
 3355C.01 - Jones, Darlene
HR3323Lynch, SteveHR 3323
 3356C.01 - Hayes, Remington
HR3324Lynch, SteveHR 3324
 3357C.01 - Allen, Courtney
HR3325Lynch, SteveHR 3325
 3358C.01 - Watson, Lyle
HR3326Lynch, SteveHR 3326
 3359C.01 - Bales, Hayley
HR3327Lynch, SteveHR 3327
 3366C.01 - Wright, Audriana
HR3529Lynch, SteveHR 3529
 3548C.01 - Kramer, Lindsey
HR3530Lynch, SteveHR 3530
 3549C.01 - Pope, Tommica Courtney
HR3531Lynch, SteveHR 3531
 3550C.01 - Bain, Rebecca
HR3532Lynch, SteveHR 3532
 3551C.01 - Vicens Diaz, Javier
HR3541Lynch, SteveHR 3541
 3567C.01 - Hathaway, Aidan
HR3749Lynch, SteveHR 3749
 3723C.01 - Delaney, Martin
HR3821Lynch, SteveHR 3821
 3814C.01 - Pastor Carnahan
HR3867Lynch, SteveHR 3867
 3831C.01 - O'Neal, William (Bill)
HR3874Lynch, SteveHR 3874
 3856C.01 - Okorie, Ariel
HR3875Lynch, SteveHR 3875
 3857C.01 - Skyline Honda Yamaha
HR3941Lynch, SteveHR 3941
 3918C.01 - Hutchings, Tim
HR3966Lynch, SteveHR 3966
 3947C.01 - Jones, Ronald
HR3967Lynch, SteveHR 3967
 3948C.01 - Berean Baptist Church
HR3975Lynch, SteveHR 3975
 3956C.01 - O'Dell, Bill & Jean
HR4011Lynch, SteveHR 4011
 3996C.01 - Merrill, Kenneth & Sandra
HR4060Lynch, SteveHR 4060
 4043C.01 - Main, Thomas & Shalene
HR4062Lynch, SteveHR 4062
 4047C.01 - Conley, Edward & SHirley
HR4117Lynch, SteveHR 4117
 4096C.01 - Dean, Arron
HR4185Lynch, SteveHR 4185
 4169C.01 - King, Michael
HR4315Lynch, SteveHR 4315
 4297C.01 - Jones, Phyllis
HR4356Lynch, SteveHR 4356
 4339C.01 - Miles, Cornell
HR4366Lynch, SteveHR 4366
 4346C.01 - St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church
HR4391Lynch, SteveHR 4391
 4372C.01 - U.S Army Military Police Corps
HR4403Lynch, SteveHR 4403
 4387C.01 - Bohannan, Christoper
HR4441Lynch, SteveHR 4441
 4425C.01 - Solheim, Markus
HR4442Lynch, SteveHR 4442
 4422C.01 - National Red Ribbon Week
HR4456Lynch, SteveHR 4456
 4448C.01 - MOCA Headstart
HB1370Miller, RockyLynch, SteveHB 1370
 4109H.01P - Changes the laws regarding consent for a minor to obtain an abortion
HB1462Burlison, EricLynch, SteveHB 1462
 4783H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HB1464Burlison, EricLynch, SteveSCS HCS HB 1464
 4803S.03C - Exempts motorcyclists 21 years of age or older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle if they have the appropriate health insurance coverage
HB1562Haahr, ElijahLynch, SteveHCS HB 1562
 4162H.02T - Expands the crime of sexual trafficking to include advertising a child participating in a commercial sexual act
HB1582Kelley, MikeLynch, SteveSCS HB 1582
 4952S.03T - Changes the laws regarding the withholding tax filing requirements for certain small businesses
HB1594Crawford, SandyLynch, SteveHB 1594
 4470H.01P - Modifies provisions to the physical taking or attempted physical taking of property owned or in custody of a financial institution
HB1599Phillips, DonLynch, SteveSCS HCS HB 1599
 4581S.04T - Establishes procedures for an adopted person to obtain a copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB1700Lant, BillLynch, SteveHB 1700
 5089H.01I - Allows public bodies to opt out of prevailing wage laws for the construction of public works projects that are $750,000 or less
HB1713Remole, TimLynch, SteveSCS HCS HB 1713
 5243S.04T - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to provide information regarding advanced technologies to upgrade existing lagoon-based wastewater systems to meet any new or existing discharge requirements
HB1733Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveSS HB 1733
 5123S.04T - Modifies provisions regarding the regulation of vehicles
HB1780Fitzwater, PaulLynch, SteveHCS HBs 1780 & 1420
 5142H.02P - Specifies that school teacher and employee retirement allowances must not exceed 2.55% of the member's final average salary for each year of service if the member's service is 31 years or more
HB1786Pike, PatriciaLynch, SteveSCS HB 1786
 4788S.03C - Prohibits the use of powdered alcohol
HB1828McGaugh, Joe DonLynch, SteveHB 1828
 5274H.01I - Allows certain persons who have lost the right to possess firearms to have their rights restored under certain circumstances
HB1970Anderson, SonyaLynch, SteveHB 1970
 5048H.01I - Prohibits a municipality or utility company from holding an owner of a premises liable for the occupant's delinquent utility payments
HB2121Hummel, JacobLynch, SteveHCS HBs 2121, 1747 & 2244
 4857H.03P - Changes the laws regarding the Farm-to-School Act
HB2156Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveHB 2156
 5746H.01P - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act
HCR74Kirkton, JeanneLynch, SteveHCR 74
 4233H.03I - Urges the United States government to condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners
HJR61Davis, CharlieLynch, SteveHJR 61
 4072H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting certain disabled veterans from the payment of property taxes
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