96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Chris Molendorp (123)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB92Molendorp, ChrisHB 92
 0552L.01I - Authorizes school districts to enter into design-build contracts for construction projects
HB188Molendorp, ChrisHB 188
 0803L.01I - Adds Cass County to the list of counties authorized to enact nuisance abatement ordinances regarding the condition of real property
HB194Molendorp, ChrisHB 194
 0802L.01I - Authorizes Cass County to establish a county municipal court
HB210Molendorp, ChrisHB 210
 0881L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the board of directors of public water supply districts
HB269Molendorp, ChrisNance, BobHB 269
 0903L.01I - Adds certain not-for-profit organizations to the term "public entity" as it relates to tort immunity and limits the state's liability in tort claims involving motor vehicles and dangerous conditions
HB445Molendorp, ChrisHB 445
 1286L.01I - Prohibits any person from smoking or using tobacco products in any area or on the grounds of a state correctional facility
HB523Molendorp, ChrisSCS HCS HB 523
 1529S.07C - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act, insurance coverage for portable electronics, and residential and home warranty service contracts
HB524Molendorp, ChrisColona, MikeHB 524
 1287L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of bail bond agents
HB525Molendorp, ChrisHB 525
 1509L.01P - Establishes requirements regarding certain contracts reinsuring life or health insurance policies or annuities which are covered under the Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act
HB552Molendorp, ChrisSCS HCS HB 552
 1601S.06T - Requires the State Board of Pharmacy to establish rules governing the standard of care for pharmacies dispensing blood clotting therapies
HB609Molendorp, ChrisSCS HCS#2 HB 609
 1237S.08C - Establishes the Show-Me Health Insurance Exchange Act
HB610Molendorp, ChrisNance, BobHB 610
 1528L.01I - Re-establishes the Motorist Insurance Identification Database Program to verify compliance with motor vehicle financial responsibility requirements and changes the laws regarding towing of certain vehicles
HB669Molendorp, ChrisHCS HB 669
 1664L.04C - Changes the laws regarding health care
HB671Molendorp, ChrisHB 671
 1634L.01I - Authorizes additional powers to a community improvement district
HR510Molendorp, ChrisHR 510
 0794C.01 - Bland, Harry Vickery & Gail Lynn
HR532Molendorp, ChrisHR 532
 0817C.01 - Willard, Anthony Joseph
HR1370Molendorp, ChrisHR 1370
 2083C.01 - Sheeley, Pete Joseph Dean III
HR1587Molendorp, ChrisHR 1587
 2434C.01 - Adolophson, Gordon
HR1829Molendorp, ChrisHR 1829
 2667C.01 - McMilllin, Paula
HR1830Molendorp, ChrisHR 1830
 2666C.01 - Owen, Sharon
HR1831Molendorp, ChrisHR 1831
 2665C.01 - Pierson, Linda
HR1832Molendorp, ChrisHR 1832
 2664C.01 - Parkman, Nancy
HR1833Molendorp, ChrisHR 1833
 2663C.01 - Rangel, Marcia
HR1834Molendorp, ChrisHR 1834
 2662C.01 - Jamison, Terri
HR1971Molendorp, ChrisHR 1971
 2661C.01 - Cromer, Alane
HR1972Molendorp, ChrisHR 1972
 2660C.01 - Allbright, Janine
HR1973Molendorp, ChrisHR 1973
 2658C.01 - Smith, Roy
HR1974Molendorp, ChrisHR 1974
 2659C.01 - Agnew, Janet
HR2150Molendorp, ChrisHR 2150
 2762C.01 - Traynor, Colby
HR3025Molendorp, ChrisHR 3025
 4058C.01 - Scott, Allison
HR3026Molendorp, ChrisHR 3026
 4057C.01 - Johnson, Gina
HR3229Molendorp, ChrisHR 3229
 4322C.01 - Cook, Margaret
HR3230Molendorp, ChrisHR 3230
 4323C.01 - Herigon, Cathleen
HR3231Molendorp, ChrisHR 3231
 4111C.01 - Affordable Elegance Catering Greg Dee Dee Stokes
HR3308Molendorp, ChrisHR 3308
 4384C.01 - Sisemore, Scott
HR3323Molendorp, ChrisHR 3323
 4385C.01 - Goodall, Tracy
HR3434Molendorp, ChrisHR 3434
 4568C.01 - Hartnagel, Joel Edwin
HR3525Molendorp, ChrisHR 3525
 4627C.01 - Baalman, Jacob
HR4267Molendorp, ChrisHR 4267
 5752C.01 - Crotty, William Jeffery
HR4325Molendorp, ChrisHR 4325
 5781C.02 - Potter, Bill and dog Javier
HR4329Molendorp, ChrisHR 4329
 5805C.01 - Slusser, Stephen Wayne
HR4350Molendorp, ChrisHR 4350
 5855C.01 - Baker, David
HB148Nance, BobMolendorp, ChrisHCS HB 148
 0445L.02C - Prohibits a residential contractor from advertising or promising to pay or rebate all or any portion of an insurance deductible as an inducement to the sale of goods or services
HB151Kelly, ChrisMolendorp, ChrisHB 151
 0579L.01T - Authorizes an individual or corporation to designate all or a portion of his or her income tax refund to the Organ Donor Program or to send a separate check with the payment of his or her taxes
HB173Koenig, AndrewMolendorp, ChrisHB 173
 0696L.01I - Prohibits limiting the investment of funds by the board of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program to a specified grouping or list of investment vehicles
HB307Gatschenberger, ChuckMolendorp, ChrisSCS HB 307 & HB 812
 0627S.02T - Allows the Department of Revenue to issue specified special license plates for any vehicle except an apportioned motor vehicle or a commercial motor vehicle in excess of 18,000 pounds gross weight
HB812Brattin, RickMolendorp, ChrisHB 812
 1938L.01P - Allows for a special "Cass County - The Burnt District" license plate
HB837Brattin, RickMolendorp, ChrisHB 837
 1931L.02I - Requires all inmates receiving on-site medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 50 cents per visit
HJR27Brattin, RickMolendorp, ChrisHJR 27
 1511L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of every citizen to possess, purchase ammunition, and any parts or articles for the proper functioning of arms must not be infringed
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