96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Rick Brattin (124)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB812Brattin, RickMolendorp, ChrisHB 812
 1938L.01P - Allows for a special "Cass County - The Burnt District" license plate
HB837Brattin, RickMolendorp, ChrisHB 837
 1931L.02I - Requires all inmates receiving on-site medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 50 cents per visit
HB838Brattin, RickLichtenegger, DonnaHB 838
 1991L.01I - Establishes Chloe's Law which, subject to appropriations, requires the newborn screening requirements to include pulse oximetry screenings
HB888Brattin, RickDavis, CharlieHB 888
 1939L.01I - Requires the issuance of a 30-day temporary nondriver's license in order for the Department of Revenue to verify the identity and citizenship of the applicant
HB979Brattin, RickKoenig, AndrewHCS HB 979 & 885
 1937L.05C - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the multistate Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, eliminates all state tax credits, phases in a flat income tax rate, and increases the state sales and use tax by .25%
HJR27Brattin, RickGatschenberger, ChuckHJR 27
 1511L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of every citizen to possess, purchase ammunition, and any parts or articles for the proper functioning of arms must not be infringed
HR531Brattin, RickHR 531
 0827C.01 - Bomberger, Mitchell
HR1238Brattin, RickHR 1238
 1796C.01 - Midway R-I School District
HR1239Brattin, RickHR 1239
 1795C.01 - Sherwood Cass R-VIII School District
HR1249Brattin, RickHR 1249
 1968C.01 - Cass Midway School
HR2785Brattin, RickHR 2785
 3273C.01 - Stahl, Maureen
HR3753Brattin, RickHR 3753
 4900C.01 - Bostic, Jordan Lee
HR3897Brattin, RickHR 3897
 5123C.01 - Padget, Daivd
HR4136Brattin, RickHR 4136
 5479C.01 - Garlett, Chris
HB46Diehl, JohnBrattin, RickHCS HB 46
 0114L.03P - Changes the laws regarding fire sprinkler system installations
HB760Johnson, DelusBrattin, RickHB 760
 1823L.02I - Adds a member of a fire department who works full-time as a fire investigator to the list of individuals who are exempt from the prohibition on carrying a concealed firearm under certain conditions
HJR5Pollock, DarrellBrattin, RickHCS HJR 5
 0597L.03P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing citizens the right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife using traditionally approved devices or methods
HJR8Koenig, AndrewBrattin, RickHCS HJR 8
 0122L.03C - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the individual and corporate income tax, corporation and bank franchise taxes, and sales and use tax with a sales tax on certain property and services
HJR26Curtman, PaulBrattin, RickHJR 26
 1427L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting state government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of certain actions of the federal government
HJR29Solon, SheilaBrattin, RickHJR 29
 1569L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the State Lottery Commission to develop and sell a Veterans Lottery Ticket to support the Veterans Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
HJR31Wells, DonBrattin, RickHJR 31
 1657L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting a state court from using any international law or Sharia law
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