92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Ed Emery (126)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB895Emery, EdWilson, KevinHCS HB 895
 2487L.04T - Establishes dissolution procedures for certain road districts in Jasper County.
HB1084Emery, EdRector, RexHB 1084
 3751L.01I - Authorizes customer-specific pricing for DS-1 related retail telecommunications services.
HB1493Emery, EdDonnelly, MargaretSCS HB 1493
 4021S.05C - Establishes guidelines for water and electric service territorial agreements and the Missouri Public Service Commission's duties regarding the same.
HB777Marsh, B JEmery, EdHCS HB 777
 2533L.03P - Changes the name of Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University.
HB833Luetkemeyer, WilliamEmery, EdSS SCS HCS HB 833
 3240S.06T - Authorizes an exhibition center and recreational facility district in certain counties; a theater, cultural arts, and entertainment district in St. Charles County; and modifies Community Comeback Act.
HB885Wilson, KevinEmery, EdHB 885
 2542L.03I - Prohibits public institutions or any entity receiving state funds from adopting discrimination policies that exceed state and federal protections against discrimination.
HB911Cooper, RobertEmery, EdHB 911
 2770L.03I - Requires the equal treatment of science instruction regarding evolution and intelligent design.
HB914Portwood, CharlesEmery, EdHB 914
 3210L.02I - Permits a pregnant woman to determine the final disposition of human fetal remains.
HB915Portwood, CharlesEmery, EdHB 915
 3333L.01I - Defines "next friend" for the purpose of consent to an abortion by a minor.
HB968Phillips, SusanEmery, EdHB 968
 3271L.01I - Revises eligibility requirements and benefits for recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families based on the recipient's marital status.
HB978Baker, BrianEmery, EdCCS#3 SS HS HCS HB 978
 3116S.10T - Establishes the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as a liaison between state agencies and small businesses.
HB980Myers, PeterEmery, EdSS#2 HCS HB 980
 2513S.04T - Requires certain environmental rules to be based on a regulatory impact report and limits the Department of Natural Resources to issuing permits only to statutory requirements.
HB996Dusenberg, GaryEmery, EdSCS HB 996 AND HB 1142 AND HCS HB 1201 AND HB 1489
 3208S.04T - Changes various statutes relating to annual school bus inspections, regulation of low-speed vehicles, sales of abandoned property by the City of Kansas City, all-terrain vehicles, and bumper heights.
HB1083Rector, RexEmery, EdHB 1083
 3412L.01I - Allows credit for franchise fees paid by a public utility right-of-way user.
HB1091Wood, DennisEmery, EdHB 1091
 3763L.01I - Requires a countywide election after a favorable municipal election to approve gambling boats in cities located within a county.
HB1100Rector, RexEmery, EdHB 1100
 3989L.01I - Allows electrical corporations to recover energy costs through fuel adjustment schedules.
HB1119Schlottach, CharlesEmery, EdHB 1119
 3435L.01I - Requires a full facial photograph or digital image on all driver's and nondriver's licenses.
HB1121Davis, CynthiaEmery, EdHB 1121
 3822L.01I - Prohibits open alcohol containers in certain vehicles.
HB1123Smith, JoeEmery, EdHCS HB 1123
 3298L.02C - Prohibits the production of specialized license plates until at least 250 applications for a specific plate have been received by the Department of Revenue.
HB1147Stevenson, BryanEmery, EdHB 1147
 3823L.01I - Specifies new qualifications for the board of governors of Missouri Southern State University.
HB1149May, BobEmery, EdHB 1149
 3506L.01T - Designates a bridge over a portion of Interstate 44 in Phelps County as the "Trooper Mike L. Newton Memorial Bridge."
HB1151Lembke, JimEmery, EdHB 1151
 2865L.01I - Prohibits individuals from engaging or participating in human cloning.
HB1166Pratt, BryanEmery, EdHB 1166
 3811L.02I - Creates a procedural prerequisite for filing lawsuits for alleged defective residential construction.
HB1171Rector, RexEmery, EdHCS HB 1171
 3974L.02T - Facilitates joint municipal utility projects.
HB1194Pearce, DavidEmery, EdHB 1194
 3498L.01I - Prohibits locating billboards for adult cabarets or sexually oriented businesses within one mile of any state highway and prohibits persons under 21 years of age from installing them.
HB1241Rector, RexEmery, EdHB 1241
 3977L.01I - Provides for predetermination of prudence and ratemaking principles for infrastructure investments by utilities.
HB1272Schaaf, RobEmery, EdHB 1272
 3644L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Catalog of Assistance Programs to serve as the state's single repository of information on public assistance programs.
HB1275Wilson, KevinEmery, EdHB 1275
 3922L.01I - Authorizes the conveyance of state property in the City of Neosho.
HB1296Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 1296
 3876L.01I - Allows the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to issue provisional and temporary physical therapist licenses.
HB1302Lager, BradEmery, EdHB 1302
 3492L.02I - Modifies the calculation for the Medicaid per diem reimbursement rate for nursing homes.
HB1303Rector, RexEmery, EdHB 1303
 3749L.01I - Provides for telecommunications pricing flexibility.
HB1304Byrd, RichardEmery, EdCCS SS#2 SS SCS HS HCS HB 1304
 3380S.19T - Revises various statutes relating to claims for damages and the payment of these claims.
HB1305Byrd, RichardEmery, EdCCS SCS HCS HB 1305
 4174L.10S - Creates notice provisions, reporting requirements, public market rates, and presumptions for the Department of Insurance and entities providing medical malpractice and professional negligence insurance.
HB1331Jackson, JackieEmery, EdHB 1331
 4229L.01I - Relates to public school facilities and outside use.
HB1337Nieves, BrianEmery, EdHB 1337
 4010L.01I - States that English is the official state language.
HB1346Jetton, RodEmery, EdHB 1346
 4323L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to claims for damages for personal injuries.
HB1362Hobbs, SteveEmery, EdHB 1362
 3808L.01T - Authorizes county planning commissions to accept additional forms of security for improvements made to subdivisions in unincorporated areas.
HB1367Lembke, JimEmery, EdHB 1367
 4176L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB1380Lager, BradEmery, EdHCS HB 1380
 3537L.02C - Removes the multiplier for the proration factor for career ladder entitlement under the school foundation formula.
HB1397Wilson, KevinEmery, EdHB 1397
 4370L.02I - Establishes an advisory committee for workers' compensation.
HB1403Moore, DanieEmery, EdSCS HCS HB 1403
 3907S.06T - Creates additional regulations for amusement rides and rock climbing walls.
HB1455Black, LanieEmery, EdHB 1455
 4489L.01I - Allows the Department of Natural Resources to use an independent contractor to expedite the review of construction permits for air contaminant sources when the permit applicant agrees.
HB1457Black, LanieEmery, EdHB 1457
 3952L.01I - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to notify permit holders who fail to file required reports before the department may fine or penalize, with some exceptions.
HB1496Bean, OttoEmery, EdHB 1496
 4465L.01I - Allows local school boards to exempt themselves from the Prevailing Wage Law by a majority vote of the board.
HB1498Schneider, VickiEmery, EdHB 1498
 4577L.01I - Allows certain private vocational and technical schools to receive A+ reimbursements.
HB1513Crowell, JasonEmery, EdHB 1513
 3913L.03I - Provides that all state college and university diplomas contain the words "in the year of our Lord" within the date listed on the diploma.
HB1567Townley, MerrillEmery, EdHB 1567
 4658L.01I - Specifies procedures for gravel removal by noncommercial operators on privately owned land.
HB1597Wilson, LarryEmery, EdHB 1597
 4030L.01I - Authorizes rural empowerment zones.
HB1607Hobbs, SteveEmery, EdHB 1607
 3916L.01I - Adds overgrown or noxious weeds to the conditions for which counties of the first classification can enact an ordinance.
HB1613Morris, LarryEmery, EdSCS HB 1613 AND HB 1445 AND HB 1454 AND HB 1462 AND
 4726S.02T - Authorizes the conveyance of various state property.
HB1667Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 1667
 4907L.01I - Designates the "Mel Hancock Freeway."
HB1677Jackson, JackieEmery, EdHB 1677
 4932L.01I - Prohibits a state agency or child-placing agency from placing a child with a person who is in a sexual relationship with someone other than a spouse.
HB1702Thompson, BettyEmery, EdHCS HB 1702
 4997L.02C - Authorizes a tax credit for contributions to nonprofit educational assistance programs.
HB1722Cooper, RobertEmery, EdHB 1722
 5031L.01I - Requires the equal treatment of science instruction regarding evolution and intelligent design.
HCR23Baker, BrianEmery, EdHCR 23
 4560L.01I - Urges the Governor, the President of the United States, and the United Congress to oppose any effort to allow trucks to enter Missouri without first being inspected at the border of the United States.
HJR42Baker, BrianEmery, EdHJR 42
 3341L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriages.
HJR50Hunter, SteveEmery, EdHJR 50
 2575L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the election of all supreme court, courts of appeal, circuit court, and associate circuit judges.
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