95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Ed Emery (126)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB225Emery, EdRuestman, MarilynHB 225
 0892L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the membership of the Elevator Safety Board within the Department of Public Safety
HB226Emery, EdBruns, MarkHB 226
 0841L.01I - Specifies that no pharmacy can be required to perform, assist, recommend, refer to, or participate in any act or service resulting in an abortion and it will be immune from liability for refusing to do so
HB227Emery, EdJones, TimothyHB 227
 0891L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Human Rights Act
HB321Emery, EdNieves, BrianHB 321
 0840L.02I - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
HB554Emery, EdJones, KennyHCS HB 554
 1194L.03C - Allows electrical corporations to charge for services based on the costs of certain construction work in progess and establishes the Missouri Clean and Renewable Energy Construction Act
HB814Emery, EdNieves, BrianHB 814
 0893L.01I - Establishes the Fair Tax Act of 2009 which replaces the state individual and corporate income tax and the estate tax with a fair tax based on all new retail sales and services
HB898Emery, EdHB 898
 1729L.01I - Requires local exchange networks to reduce their composite interstate exchange access rates by 5% each year for three years
HB1031Emery, EdRuestman, MarilynHB 1031
 2093L.01I - Allows students at two-year or four-year colleges or universities to seek tuition reimbursement for college remedial courses under certain circumstances
HJR28Emery, EdNieves, BrianHJR 28
 0890L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all impeachments to be tried by the Senate
HJR36Emery, EdHCS HJR 36
 2316L.04P - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing individual and corporate income tax and sales and use tax with a sales tax on retail sales of new tangible property and taxable services
HR192Emery, EdHR 192
 0304C.02 - Barlet, Richard D. DDS
HR219Emery, EdHR 219
 0339C.01 - A.M. Pyrotechnics
HR729Emery, EdHR 729
 1022C.01 - Hulsey, Gerald
HR1078Emery, EdHR 1078
 1592C.01 - Williams, Charles Roscoe Sr.
HR2123Emery, EdHR 2123
 3229C.01 - Hari, Veena
HR2694Emery, EdHR 2694
 3794C.02 - Harry S Truman Birthplace Historic Site
HR2957Emery, EdHR 2957
 4056C.01 - Good Samaritan Boys Ranch
HR3924Emery, EdHR 3924
 5579C.01 - Taffner, Carolyn
HR4041Emery, EdHR 4041
 5751C.01 - Barton County Hospital
HR4153Emery, EdHR 4153
 5928C.01 - Easter Jasper County Historic Sites Asso
HR4156Emery, EdHR 4156
 5936C.01 - Eastern Jasper County Historic Sites A
HB27Day, DavidEmery, EdHB 27
 0200L.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction from a taxpayer's Missouri adjusted gross income for 100% of any military retirement income, regardless of age or income
HB30Brandom, EllenEmery, EdSCS HB 30
 0103S.06F - Requires the Department of Social Services to test applicants for or recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits for the illegal use of controlled substances
HB46Davis, CynthiaEmery, EdSS HCS HB 46 & 434
 0385S.10P - Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB84Wood, DennisEmery, EdHB 84
 0047L.01I - Changes the procedure by which a substitute for a bill may be adopted
HB96Wallace, MaynardEmery, EdSCS HCS HB 96
 0099S.03C - Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, and reporting acts of violence
HB105Kraus, WillEmery, EdHB 105
 0267L.01I - Prohibits certain sexual offenders from being present in or loitering within 500 feet of any public park with playground equipment or public swimming pool
HB106Kraus, WillEmery, EdHB 106
 0273L.01I - Prohibits certain sexual offenders from serving as an athletic coach, manager, or trainer for any sports team with a member younger than 17 years of age
HB154Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdCCS#2 SS HCS HB 154
 0778L.08T - Establishes the Foster Care Education Bill of Rights and changes the laws regarding the placement of children and the appointment of standby guardians
HB169Jones, TimothyEmery, EdHB 169
 0097L.01I - Changes the laws regarding certain city sales taxes
HB170Cox, StanleyEmery, EdSCS HB 170
 0772S.03C - Establishes the Business Premises Safety Act
HB172Cox, StanleyEmery, EdHB 172
 0774L.01I - Exempts water systems operated by churches or other houses of worship from certain rules governing well construction
HB174Cox, StanleyEmery, EdHB 174
 0776L.01I - Requires the Governor to disclose certain specified information regarding tax credits and state contracts
HB248Funderburk, DougEmery, EdHB 248
 0882L.01P - Authorizes an income tax dependency exemption for a stillborn child for the taxable year in which the child was born
HB282Stevenson, BryanEmery, EdHB 282
 1049L.01T - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property in Jasper County, known as the Joplin Regional Center, to Missouri Southern State University
HB344Nolte, JerryEmery, EdHB 344
 0765L.02I - Prohibits the use or possession of an alcohol beverage vaporizer
HB435Jones, TimothyEmery, EdHB 435
 0833L.01I - Allows lending institutions to offer, sell, and finance service contracts, home security plans, auto club memberships, and related plans and services
HB481Jones, TimothyEmery, EdSS HCS HB 481
 0946S.04T - Changes the laws regarding courts and judicial proceedings
HB497Ervin, DougEmery, EdHCS HB 497
 1260L.08C - Changes the laws regarding transparency of health care information, Missouri Health Insurance Pool, and patient privacy and safety
HB498Davis, CynthiaEmery, EdHB 498
 0886L.01I - Establishes the Full-time Mother Scholarship Bonus Program to provide an education scholarship for tuition and books for any mother who has chosen to stay home to raise a child 15 years of age or younger
HB536Dixon, BobEmery, EdHCS HB 536
 1246L.02C - Authorizes the licensure of prescribing psychologists
HB544Smith, JasonEmery, EdSCS HB 544
 0733S.02T - Changes the laws regarding the oversight of public funds and access to the dome of the State Capitol
HB592Dethrow, MikeEmery, EdHB 592
 1241L.01I - Establishes an expiration date of December 31, 2010, for the provisions regarding the mandatory sale of fuel ethanol-blended gasoline under the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard Act
HB656Cooper, RobertEmery, EdHB 656
 0779L.01I - Protects teacher academic freedom to teach scientific evidence regarding biological and chemical evolution
HB799Jones, TimothyEmery, EdHCS HB 799
 1559L.02C - Changes the laws regarding unlawful discriminatory practices in employment
HB919Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 919
 1158L.01T - Allows associations to provide group health insurance policies to sole proprietors and self-employed individuals
HB953Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 953
 2296L.01I - Adds providers of certain targeted case management services to the list of providers recognized by the Department of Mental Health as administrative entities
HB958Smith, JoeEmery, EdHCS HB 958
 2275L.04P - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB959Schoeller, ShaneEmery, EdHB 959
 0594L.01I - Establishes a procedure by which a school district or an initiative petition may place the issue of open enrollment by contract before the voters of the district
HB960Schoeller, ShaneEmery, EdHB 960
 0595L.01I - Allows public school students to attend a public school district other than the school district of his or her residence under specified conditions
HB961Schoeller, ShaneEmery, EdHB 961
 0580L.03I - Specifies that claimants for unemployment benefits will be disqualified for waiting week credit and benefits if they provided false information on an employment application
HB963Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 963
 1696L.01I - Changes the laws regarding assessed valuation of residential real property
HB1009Parkinson, MarkEmery, EdHB 1009
 2386L.01I - Requires the Official State Manual to be made avaiable for distribution only in an electronic format on compact discs with exceptions
HB1036Jones, TimothyEmery, EdHB 1036
 1455L.01I - Gives priority consideration to charter schools wanting to purchase or lease any real or personal property owned by the St. Louis City School District for use by the charter school
HB1040Tilley, StevenEmery, EdHB 1040
 2366L.01I - Prohibits school boards from placing restrictive covenants in deeds of real property that prohibit its use as a school and nullifies any existing restrictive covenants
HB1158Gatschenberger, ChuckEmery, EdHB 1158
 2454L.03I - Creates the crime of publicly exposing the female breast
HB1178Dusenberg, GaryEmery, EdHB 1178
 2527L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB1188Schoeller, ShaneEmery, EdHB 1188
 2301L.01I - Establishes the Fair Influence in Government Act which prohibits the use of public funds for lobbying purposes
HCR45Wallace, MaynardEmery, EdHCR 45
 2456L.01I - Opposes any federal infringement on citizens' right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution
HJR9Cox, StanleyEmery, EdHCS HJR 9
 0770L.05C - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the laws regarding elections and voting rights
HJR10Cox, StanleyEmery, EdHCS HJR 10
 0771L.04C - Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the number of Governor-appointed citizens serving on the Appellate Judicial Commission and the number of candidates nominated for vacancies
HJR13Kingery, GayleEmery, EdHJR 13
 0456L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting the total service in the General Assembly to 16 years in any proportion between the House of Representatives and the Senate
HJR37Cunningham, MikeEmery, EdHJR 37
 2344L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote by secret ballot for all public offices, initiatives and referendums, and any authorizations or designations regarding employee representation
HJR38Nieves, BrianEmery, EdHJR 38
 2391L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the expenditure of public funds for abortion services, human cloning, or certain human research
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