96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Mike Kelley (126)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB199Kelley, MikeRedmon, CraigHB 199
 0533L.01T - Specifies that a prior or persistent offender of an intoxication-related offense must perform a specified minimum number of hours of community service as an alternative to imprisonment
HB200Kelley, MikeRedmon, CraigHB 200
 0546L.01P - Specifies that gross negligence will be the standard of proof in actions for damages brought against a public or private correctional or detention facility as a result of a death by suicide of any inmate
HB247Kelley, MikeRedmon, CraigHB 247
 0531L.01I - Creates the crime of false identification to a law enforcement officer
HB281Kelley, MikeCrawford, SandyHB 281
 0965L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act
HB795Kelley, MikeTilley, StevenHB 795
 1913L.01T - Designates the second Friday in March as "Missouri School Read-In Day"
HCR47Kelley, MikeMcGhee, MikeHCR 47
 2003L.01I - Designates October 3, 2011, as "Missouri Animal Agriculture Day"
HR84Kelley, MikeHR 84
 0134C.01 - Taylor, William O.
HR241Kelley, MikeHR 241
 0478C.01 - Avilla R-XIII School District
HR242Kelley, MikeHR 242
 0479C.01 - Dadeville R-II School District
HR243Kelley, MikeHR 243
 0480C.01 - Golden City R-III School District
HR244Kelley, MikeHR 244
 0481C.01 - Greenfield R-IV School District
HR245Kelley, MikeHR 245
 0482C.01 - Lamar R-I School District
HR246Kelley, MikeHR 246
 0483C.01 - Liberal R-II School District
HR247Kelley, MikeHR 247
 0484C.01 - Lockwood R-I School District
HR534Kelley, MikeHR 534
 0842C.01 - McDonald, Iva
HR766Kelley, MikeHR 766
 1299C.01 - Blanchard, Harold & Lois Kay
HR899Kelley, MikeHR 899
 1404C.01 - Mammen, Harold Rick
HR998Kelley, MikeHR 998
 1632C.01 - Phipps, Mary Ella Harman
HR1047Kelley, MikeHR 1047
 1717C.01 - Everton R-III School District
HR1133Kelley, MikeHR 1133
 1718C.01 - Lamar Elementary School
HR1366Kelley, MikeHR 1366
 2038C.01 - Chandler, Harold and Garold
HR2140Kelley, MikeHR 2140
 2990C.01 - Morey, Laurie
HR2141Kelley, MikeHR 2141
 3009C.01 - Morey, Karl
HR2142Kelley, MikeHR 2142
 2795C.01 - Sample, Pat
HR2143Kelley, MikeHR 2143
 2796C.01 - Bowling, Linda
HR2144Kelley, MikeHR 2144
 2797C.01 - Patterson, Carol Ann
HR2145Kelley, MikeHR 2145
 2798C.01 - Fleming, Mark
HR2521Kelley, MikeHR 2521
 3457C.01 - McNellis, Tanigha
HR2522Kelley, MikeHR 2522
 3458C.01 - Pendergrass, Nick
HR2523Kelley, MikeHR 2523
 3459C.01 - Johnson, Peyton
HR2524Kelley, MikeHR 2524
 3460C.01 - Brazeal, Wade
HR2525Kelley, MikeHR 2525
 3461C.01 - Mullings, Zoey
HR2526Kelley, MikeHR 2526
 3462C.01 - Davies, Brittany
HR2527Kelley, MikeHR 2527
 3463C.01 - Marcano, Nicholas
HR2528Kelley, MikeHR 2528
 3464C.01 - Trujillo, Salette
HR2529Kelley, MikeHR 2529
 3465C.01 - OLeary, Megan
HR2530Kelley, MikeHR 2530
 3466C.01 - Fisher, Landon
HR2531Kelley, MikeHR 2531
 3467C.01 - Sayre, Billie
HR2532Kelley, MikeHR 2532
 3468C.01 - Ross, Hailea
HR2533Kelley, MikeHR 2533
 3469C.01 - Arciniegas, Marylen
HR2534Kelley, MikeHR 2534
 3470C.01 - Wells, Emaly
HR2681Kelley, MikeHR 2681
 2209C.01 - Cramsey, Emilia
HR2795Kelley, MikeHR 2795
 3798C.01 - Hendrix, Lorna
HR2796Kelley, MikeHR 2796
 3617C.01 - Hughes, Nancy
HR2797Kelley, MikeHR 2797
 3618C.01 - Eggerman, Linda
HR2938Kelley, MikeHR 2938
 3849C.01 - Gordons Feed and Pet in Greenfield
HR2939Kelley, MikeHR 2939
 3848C.01 - Good Shepherd Nursing Home
HR2940Kelley, MikeHR 2940
 3833C.01 - Compton, Kyle
HR3088Kelley, MikeHR 3088
 4194C.01 - Barton County Electric Cooperative
HR3225Kelley, MikeHR 3225
 4308C.01 - Lamar Democrat
HR3239Kelley, MikeHR 3239
 4356C.01 - Wilson, Lane
HR3240Kelley, MikeHR 3240
 4357C.01 - Schlicting, Megan
HR3241Kelley, MikeHR 3241
 4358C.01 - Bartholomew, Hayden
HR3242Kelley, MikeHR 3242
 4359C.01 - Bennett, Emma
HR3243Kelley, MikeHR 3243
 4360C.01 - Weber, George
HR3244Kelley, MikeHR 3244
 4361C.01 - Bartlett, Darrah
HR3245Kelley, MikeHR 3245
 4362C.01 - Morey, Garrett
HR3246Kelley, MikeHR 3246
 4363C.01 - Kelley, Brenden
HR3247Kelley, MikeHR 3247
 4364C.01 - Beshore, Kara
HR3248Kelley, MikeHR 3248
 4365C.01 - Bishop, J.D.
HR3249Kelley, MikeHR 3249
 4366C.01 - Diggs, Ashland
HR3250Kelley, MikeHR 3250
 4367C.01 - Bailey, Travis
HR3251Kelley, MikeHR 3251
 4368C.01 - Winslow, Clayton
HR3252Kelley, MikeHR 3252
 4369C.01 - Brisbin, Morgan
HR3253Kelley, MikeHR 3253
 4336C.01 - Ott, Matti
HR3254Kelley, MikeHR 3254
 4337C.01 - Shrum, Cristin
HR3255Kelley, MikeHR 3255
 4338C.01 - Anderson, Lindsay
HR3256Kelley, MikeHR 3256
 4339C.01 - Scott, Wyatt
HR3257Kelley, MikeHR 3257
 4340C.01 - Feezell, Cinnamon
HR3258Kelley, MikeHR 3258
 4341C.01 - Fock, Sunje
HR3259Kelley, MikeHR 3259
 4342C.01 - Davis, Elizabeth
HR3260Kelley, MikeHR 3260
 4343C.01 - Maneval, Adam
HR3261Kelley, MikeHR 3261
 4344C.01 - Brubaker, Nolan
HR3262Kelley, MikeHR 3262
 4345C.01 - St. John, Caleb
HR3263Kelley, MikeHR 3263
 4346C.01 - Row, Elizabeth
HR3264Kelley, MikeHR 3264
 4347C.01 - Bishop, Jay
HR3265Kelley, MikeHR 3265
 4348C.01 - Hilbert, Delbert
HR3266Kelley, MikeHR 3266
 4349C.01 - Row, Melissa
HR3467Kelley, MikeHR 3467
 4595C.02 - Haas, Taylor
HR3646Kelley, MikeHR 3646
 4832C.01 - Niehoff, Dwight
HR3647Kelley, MikeHR 3647
 4831C.01 - McManis, Brenton
HR3846Kelley, MikeHR 3846
 5027C.01 - Main, Dean & LaVonne
HR3906Kelley, MikeHR 3906
 5163C.01 - McKibben, Donald & Wilma
HR3987Kelley, MikeHR 3987
 5286C.01 - VanHooser, Allan & Patty
HR3988Kelley, MikeHR 3988
 5287C.01 - Bryant, Jimmy & Sara
HR3989Kelley, MikeHR 3989
 5288C.01 - Lockwood Farmers Exchange
HR3990Kelley, MikeHR 3990
 5289C.01 - Rader, Leo
HR3991Kelley, MikeHR 3991
 5290C.01 - Mallory, Nathalea
HR3992Kelley, MikeHR 3992
 5291C.01 - Johnston, Evelyn
HR3993Kelley, MikeHR 3993
 5292C.01 - VanGilder, Anna
HR3994Kelley, MikeHR 3994
 5293C.01 - Wilson, Daphen - man
HR4263Kelley, MikeHR 4263
 5738C.01 - Lemons, LaRue
HB253Cox, StanleyKelley, MikeHCS HB 253 & 398
 0590L.04C - Changes the laws regarding judicial procedures
HB283Rowland, LyleKelley, MikeHB 283
 0845L.01I - Requires proof of identity and proof of United States citizenship for the office of President and Vice President to be submitted with the other required certification documents to the Secretary of State
HB306Gatschenberger, ChuckKelley, MikeHB 306
 0607L.01I - Prohibits a person from using a hand-held electronic wireless communications device while operating a motor vehicle within a construction zone with certain exceptions
HB364Parkinson, MarkKelley, MikeHB 364
 0980L.01I - Changes the determination of a defendant's liability in a tort action for damages by specifying that the liability of each defendant for compensatory or punitive damages must be several and cannot be joint
HB405Crawford, SandyKelley, MikeHB 405
 1015L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act
HB437McNary, ColeKelley, MikeHB 437
 0922L.01I - Allows each representative and senator to employ one legislator assistant, instead of one stenographer or secretary, during any session of a general assembly
HB604Long, ThomasKelley, MikeSS SCS HCS HB 604
 1580S.04T - Establishes a task force on foster care recruitment, licensing, and retention and the Missouri State Foster Care and Adoption Board and changes the laws regarding parental rights and foster care placements
HB767Bahr, KurtKelley, MikeHB 767
 1774L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue and the Office of Administration to jointly enter into a reciprocal agreement with the United States government or any other state for the collection and offset of debts
HJR5Pollock, DarrellKelley, MikeHCS HJR 5
 0597L.03P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing citizens the right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife using traditionally approved devices or methods
HJR8Koenig, AndrewKelley, MikeHCS HJR 8
 0122L.03C - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the individual and corporate income tax, corporation and bank franchise taxes, and sales and use tax with a sales tax on certain property and services
HJR27Brattin, RickKelley, MikeHJR 27
 1511L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of every citizen to possess, purchase ammunition, and any parts or articles for the proper functioning of arms must not be infringed
HJR31Wells, DonKelley, MikeHJR 31
 1657L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting a state court from using any international law or Sharia law
HJR33Crawford, SandyKelley, MikeHJR 33
 1841L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring any office of a senator or representative to be deemed vacated if the member removes himself or herself from the state during session to avoid an official vote
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