97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Todd Richardson (152)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1349Richardson, ToddHCS HB 1349
 5285H.02C - Changes the laws regarding the disruption or failure of communications services during emergencies
HB1350Richardson, ToddHCS HB 1350
 5286H.03C - Changes the laws regarding the publishing of Missouri statutes
HB1351Richardson, ToddHB 1351
 4722H.01I - Allows judgments awarding rent to be revived by publication instead of requiring notice to be served on the defendant
HB1631Richardson, ToddJones, TimothySCS HCS HB 1631
 5364S.07T - Requires the Air Conservation Commission to develop emissions standards through a unit-by-unit analysis of each carbon dioxide generation plant within the state
HB1661Richardson, ToddHB 1661
 5523L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for a taxpayer who uses processed biomass engineered fiber fuel
HB1662Richardson, ToddDiehl, JohnHCS HB 1662
 5261H.05C - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet managed care services
HCR8Richardson, ToddJones, TimothyHCR 8
 4732H.01I - Strongly urges the National Park Service to draft its final General Management Plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to recognize the importance the riverways provide to the state
HJR56Richardson, ToddHCS HJR 56
 4458H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that parents have a fundamental right to exercise exclusive control over the care, custody, education, and upbringing of their minor children
HJR72Richardson, ToddJones, TimothyHJR 72
 5412H.01T - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the Governor from reducing any payment of public debt and requiring notification to the General Assembly when he or she makes specified payment changes of appropriations
HR595Richardson, ToddHR 595
 0936C.01 - Wilson, Jackson
HR596Richardson, ToddHR 596
 0937C.01 - Green, Darren
HR654Richardson, ToddHR 654
 1070C.01 - Green, Dave
HR1093Richardson, ToddHR 1093
 1746C.01 - Miller, Matthew Benjamin
HR1094Richardson, ToddHR 1094
 1745C.01 - Miller, Jonathan Andrew
HR1149Richardson, ToddHR 1149
 1563C.02 - Nichols, Kent
HR1150Richardson, ToddHR 1150
 1578C.02 - Smith, U.L.
HR1151Richardson, ToddHR 1151
 1872C.01 - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, Poplar Bluff
HR1388Richardson, ToddHR 1388
 2115C.01 - Baker, Nicholas Donald
HR1874Richardson, ToddHR 1874
 2611C.01 - Schrieber, Sierra
HR2572Richardson, ToddHR 2572
 3570C.01 - Wilson, Madelyn
HR2573Richardson, ToddHR 2573
 3569C.01 - Hicks, Gregory L.
HR2574Richardson, ToddHR 2574
 3560C.01 - Palmer, David
HR2658Richardson, ToddHR 2658
 3477C.01 - Butler County Adult Alternative Services Program
HR2717Richardson, ToddHR 2717
 3766C.02 - Bittner, Monica
HR3719Richardson, ToddHR 3719
 5055C.01 - Schoor, Megan
HR3950Richardson, ToddHR 3950
 5358C.01 - Pinner, Lester Bud
HR3951Richardson, ToddHR 3951
 5359C.01 - Poplar Bluff Chapter DAR
HR4112Richardson, ToddHR 4112
 5688C.01 - Arnold, James
HR4204Richardson, ToddHR 4204
 5858C.01 - Shawan, Elizabeth
HR4544Richardson, ToddHR 4544
 6321C.01 - Bluff Barber Shop
HR4545Richardson, ToddHR 4545
 6322C.01 - Poplar Bluff Mules
HB1099Burlison, EricRichardson, ToddHB 1099
 4633L.01I - Specifies that no person as a condition or continuation of employment can be required to engage in or cease engaging in specified labor organization practices
HB1136Dugger, TonyRichardson, ToddSCS HB 1136
 4098S.04T - Changes the laws regarding elections
HB1160Solon, SheilaRichardson, ToddHB 1160
 4350H.01I - Allows a female veteran to obtain a "WOMAN VETERAN" special license plate
HB1165Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 1165
 4052L.01I - Adds specified graphing calculators to the list of items that are exempt from sales tax during the annual sales tax holiday for school supplies
HB1173Burlison, EricRichardson, ToddHB 1173
 4634L.01P - Establishes a statutory cause of action, replacing the common law action, for damages against a health care provider for personal injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render health services
HB1200Burlison, EricRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1200
 4636H.04C - Requires a public governmental body the provides information as required under the Open Meetings and Records Law to keep records of the release and provide them to the Office of Attorney General upon request
HB1234Hoskins, DennyRichardson, ToddHB 1234
 4565H.01I - Specifies that workers' compensation provisions shall not apply to volunteers for certain tax-exempt organizations
HB1235Hoskins, DennyRichardson, ToddHCS HBs 1235 & 1214
 4487H.02P - Changes the laws regarding weight limitations for vehicles hauling livestock or agricultural products on state highways and the laws regarding log trucks and tractors
HB1258Rowden, CalebRichardson, ToddHCS HBs 1258 & 1267
 4072H.04C - Changes the laws regarding gifts by lobbyists, reporting requirements for campaign donations, and members of the general assembly serving as lobbyists within 2 years of being in office
HB1268Curtman, PaulRichardson, ToddHB 1268
 4614H.02P - Changes the individual income tax brackets to adjust for inflation
HB1271Molendorp, ChrisRichardson, ToddHB 1271
 4271H.01P - Prohibits a health insurance plan from requiring an optometrist to provide additional services or materials at a limited or lower fee unless the services are reimbursed as covered services under the contract
HB1302Remole, TimRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1302
 5125S.03T - Prohibits the Department of Natural Resources from regulating the manufacture, performance, or use of residential wood burning appliances unless authorized to do so by the General Assembly
HB1327Solon, SheilaRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1327
 4965H.02C - Prohibits a health benefit plan from requiring a higher out-of-pocket cost for oral chemotherapy than it requires for injected or intravenous chemotherapy
HB1432Rowden, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1432
 4793H.01I - Requires state agencies to post proposed rules, summaries, and fiscal notes on their websites
HB1433Rowden, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1433
 4223H.01I - Requires tax districts to report to the Department of Revenue its non-confidential tax rate and revenue collection information for display on the department's website
HB1456Hoskins, DennyRichardson, ToddHB 1456
 4488H.03P - Designates "Old Drum" as the state historical dog and "Jim the Wonder Dog" as Missouri's Wonder Dog
HB1478Swan, KathrynRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1478
 5105H.06C - Changes the laws regarding the protection of women's health care
HB1540Fitzwater, PaulRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1540
 5464H.03C - Expands the crime of disarming a peace officer to include removing any equipment that the officer is required to carry as part of his or her official uniform or use in the performance of his or her duties
HB1542Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 1542
 5131H.03I - Requires the Governor to establish the Missouri State Guard if the Missouri National Guard or a major portion of it is called into active federal service or alerted for federal service or for any other reason the Governor deems necessary
HB1552Houghton, JayRichardson, ToddHB 1552
 5382H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the gubernatorial appointment process for acting directors and the process for filling vacancies in certain state public offices
HB1596Rhoads, ShawnRichardson, ToddHB 1596
 5400H.01I - Transfers the authority to regulate corporate security advisors in St. Louis City from the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners to the Department of Public Safety
HB1620Remole, TimRichardson, ToddHB 1620
 5223H.02I - Specifies that any federal regulation or rule promulgated as a result of an executive order issued by the President of the United States must be declared invalid in Missouri and of no effect
HB1623Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 1623
 5658H.01I - Allows employers to offer employees the option of accruing compensatory leave time on an hour-for-hour basis in lieu of receiving overtime wages
HB1646Jones, TimothyRichardson, ToddSCS HCS HBs 1646 & 1515
 5586S.04C - Prohibits issuance of certain incentives to a business relocating from certain counties in Kansas if Kansas enacts a similar prohibition
HB1729Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1729
 5605H.02P - Requires the Division of Commerce and Industrial Development to support and assist the development of biotechnological enterprises and establish an office in Israel to assist with the promotion of state exports
HB1734Fraker, LyndallRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1734
 5853H.02C - Requires the Division of Workers' Compensation to develop and maintain a workers' compensation claims database
HB1804Riddle, JeanieRichardson, ToddHB 1804
 5934H.02P - Changes the laws regarding the Joint Committee on Missouri's Energy Future
HB1807Solon, SheilaRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1807
 5839H.02C - Changes the laws regarding newborn screening tests
HB1818Dohrman, DeanRichardson, ToddHB 1818
 5597L.02I - Requires the election of members of the State Board of Education to be based on residence in state congressional districts
HB1845Anderson, SonyaRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1845
 5712H.02C - Changes the laws regarding consent for a minor to have an abortion
HB1849Conway, KathieRichardson, ToddHB 1849
 5433L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the retention of substantiated and unsubstantiated reports on the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry
HB1865Redmon, CraigRichardson, ToddSS SCS HB 1865
 5992S.09T - Changes the laws regarding sales and use tax exemptions for utilities used or consumed in the preparation of food and specifies what is considered a sale in this state
HB1866Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddSCS HB 1866
 6033S.04T - Authorizes several highway and bridge designations
HB1867Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddSS SCS HCS HB 1867
 5229S.07T - Changes the laws regarding underground facility safety
HB1913Webber, StephenRichardson, ToddHB 1913
 6048H.02I - Requires an employer to permit a veteran receiving medical treatment or care at a veterans' facility or by order of the Veterans Administration to be given leave without pay to receive the treatment
HB1924Korman, BartRichardson, ToddHB 1924
 5931H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption for products that are made in the USA during the sales tax holiday in July with specified exceptions
HB1925Ross, RobertRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1925
 6072H.04C - Prohibits any state agency or department from engaging in biometric analysis of photographs and digital data
HB1967Koenig, AndrewRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1967
 5663H.02C - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB1996Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddHB 1996
 6178H.01I - Specifies that for purposes of qualifying for waiting week credit and unemployment compensation benefits, good cause cannot include voluntarily quitting work to accept a job with equal or lesser wages
HB1997Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddHB 1997
 6179H.01I - Changes the laws regarding workers' compensation premium rates
HB2027Messenger, JeffreyRichardson, ToddHB 2027
 6026H.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for donations to a state building and capital improvement fund and establishes a check-off for donations to the fund on income tax returns
HB2029Cierpiot, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 2029
 6264H.01T - Authorizes a sales tax exemption for replacement parts to aircraft
HB2031Crawford, SandyRichardson, ToddHB 2031
 5900H.01I - Changes the definition of "livestock" to include captive cervids
HB2037Lauer, JeanieRichardson, ToddHB 2037
 6135L.01I - Changes the laws regarding school accreditation
HB2040Lynch, SteveRichardson, ToddHCS HB 2040
 6113H.04T - Allows a qualified first responder to administer naloxone to a person suffering from an apparent narcotic or opiate-related overdose
HB2070Hough, LincolnRichardson, ToddHB 2070
 6112H.01I - Specifies that if a plaintiff was first injured in a foreign country in connection with a railroad operations, venue must be in the county where the defendant corporation's registered agent is located
HB2072Messenger, JeffreyRichardson, ToddHB 2072
 6269H.01I - Prohibits any public funds or governmental economic incentives to be authorized for a project involving abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research
HB2091Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 2091
 5672H.02I - Prohibits the implementation of the common core educational standards in Missouri and changes the laws regarding school accreditation
HB2099Franklin, DianeRichardson, ToddHB 2099
 6321H.01I - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Health Care Workforce Development
HB2103Rehder, HollyRichardson, ToddHB 2103
 6322H.04I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission
HB2118Cox, StanleyRichardson, ToddHCS HB 2118
 6357H.03P - Establishes the Missouri Electrical Industry Licensing Board to regulate and license electrical contractors
HB2126McGaugh, Joe DonRichardson, ToddHB 2126
 6371H.02P - Specifies that an individual who is occupying private property under the authority of the property owner must be permitted to use deadly force in certain situations
HB2145Morris, LynnRichardson, ToddHB 2145
 6346H.01I - Prohibits a health carrier or health benefit plan from denying coverage for dispensing drugs prescribed for the treatment of chronic illnesses to synchronize the refilling of prescriptions for a patient
HB2149Fitzpatrick, ScottRichardson, ToddHB 2149
 6408H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to notify affected sellers of certain decisions modifying sales tax law
HB2154Franklin, DianeRichardson, ToddHB 2154
 6337H.01I - Requires, subject to appropriations, the University of Missouri to manage the Show-Me Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes (ECHO) Program
HB2204Barnes, JayRichardson, ToddHB 2204
 6212H.01I - Allows electrical corporations to recover depreciation expenses and return for electric plants placed in service
HB2242Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 2242
 6500H.02I - Specifies that public school students must not be subject to penalties or discipline for simulating a weapon while playing if it does not cause bodily harm, disrupt learning, or constitute a serious threat
HB2267Allen, SueRichardson, ToddHB 2267
 6462L.01I - Transfers and restructures the duties and powers of the Department of Health and Senior Services into the Department of Social Services, Department of Mental Health and Health, and the newly-established Department of MO HealthNet
HCR9Cookson, SteveRichardson, ToddSS HCR 9
 5003S.02F - Strongly urges the National Park Service to draft its final General Management Plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to recognize the importance the riverways provides to the state
HCR25Lichtenegger, DonnaRichardson, ToddHCS HCR 25
 5761H.02C - Recognizes the month of February as "Oral Health Awareness Month" and that good oral health is critical to good overall health
HCR30Franklin, DianeRichardson, ToddHCR 30
 6022L.01P - Strongly urges the Environmental Protection Agency to reject any federal fossil fuel emission regulations that remove coal as a viable fuel option for new and existing electric generation
HJR48Solon, SheilaRichardson, ToddHJR 48
 4358H.01T - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the State Lottery Commission to develop and sell a Veterans Lottery Ticket with proceeds to go to the Veterans Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
HJR59Hansen, JimRichardson, ToddHJR 59
 5142H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife and the use of traditional devices and methods to exercise the right
HJR69Houghton, JayRichardson, ToddHJR 69
 5383H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the Lieutenant Governor to make certain gubernatorial appointments if the Governor fails to make an appointment within 90 days of the vacancy
HJR74Dohrman, DeanRichardson, ToddHJR 74
 5366H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring members of the State Board of Education to be elected by the voters instead of being appointed by the Governor
HR3204Cierpiot, MikeRichardson, ToddHR 3204
 4282C.01 - Ellison, Alex
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4/19/2018 8:00:39 PM