96th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Todd Richardson (154)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1399Richardson, ToddTorpey, NoelHB 1399
 5262L.01I - Requires the injection of therapeutic substances around the spine or spinal cord for the treatment of certain pain syndromes to be performed only by a licensed physician
HB1400Richardson, ToddCrawford, SandySS SCS HCS HB 1400
 4238S.06T - Changes the laws regarding the investment of certain public funds, perfection of security interests, Division of Finance examinations, and residential mortgage loan brokers
HB1401Richardson, ToddFrederick, KeithHB 1401
 5328L.01I - Renames the Missouri Certificate of Need Law as the Missouri Long-term Care Certificate of Need law and limits the provisions of the law to only apply to long-term care facilities and services
HB1504Richardson, ToddSCS HB 1504
 5509S.03T - Changes the laws regarding sales taxes
HB1505Richardson, ToddElmer, KevinHB 1505
 5031L.02I - Renames The Uniform Business Records as Evidence Law to The Records of Regularly Conducted Activity as Evidence Law and specifies what documents are not excluded by the hearsay rule of evidence
HB1549Richardson, ToddLong, ThomasHCS HB 1549
 5444L.03T - Changes the laws regarding the state's No-call List by allowing a person to place his or her cell phone number on the list and prohibiting telemarketers from sending specified communications
HB1827Richardson, ToddJones, CalebSCS HCS HB 1827
 5967S.04T - Establishes the Missouri Electronic Prior Authorization Committee regarding national standards for the process of obtaining prior approval from an insurer for certain services or medications
HB1881Richardson, ToddHB 1881
 6008L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Second Injury Fund
HB1918Richardson, ToddHB 1918
 6161L.01I - Specifies higher education course delivery priorities and the ability of community colleges to offer lower division courses
HB1955Richardson, ToddHB 1955
 6121H.01I - Removes the required date of by January 1, 1994, for the appointment of the Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company Board of Trustees
HB1980Richardson, ToddHB 1980
 6249H.02I - Changes the laws regarding property ownership restrictions on community college districts
HB2072Richardson, ToddHB 2072
 6315H.01I - Requires the Director of Revenue to report to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tem of the Senate a list of jurisdictions that have adopted a local use tax on specified items
HR36Richardson, ToddHR 36
 0068C.01 - Woods, Paul
HR312Richardson, ToddHR 312
 0539C.01 - Chronister, Kirk
HR487Richardson, ToddHR 487
 0695C.01 - Smith, Tammy
HR488Richardson, ToddHR 488
 0696C.01 - Libla, David
HR489Richardson, ToddHR 489
 0697C.01 - Libla, Doug
HR708Richardson, ToddHR 708
 1070C.02 - Drerup, Claire Betz
HR709Richardson, ToddHR 709
 1071C.02 - Godsy, Lauren
HR777Richardson, ToddHR 777
 1196C.01 - Butler County Community Resource Council
HR886Richardson, ToddHR 886
 1359C.01 - Smith, Ann
HR975Richardson, ToddHR 975
 1456C.03 - Vincent, Zach
HR1362Richardson, ToddHR 1362
 1947C.01 - Schultz and Summers Engineering
HR1395Richardson, ToddHR 1395
 1938C.02 - United Cancer Assistance Network
HR1460Richardson, ToddHR 1460
 2132C.02 - Poplar Bluff Vietnam Veterans
HR1646Richardson, ToddHR 1646
 2383C.01 - Diamond, Virgie
HR1698Richardson, ToddHR 1698
 2382C.01 - Southern Bank
HR1796Richardson, ToddHR 1796
 2573C.01 - Clark, Lydia Ellen
HR1797Richardson, ToddHR 1797
 2574C.01 - Williams, Mortina
HR1807Richardson, ToddHR 1807
 2575C.01 - Ruhl, Helena
HR2069Richardson, ToddHR 2069
 2980C.01 - Kendrick, Kacie
HR2070Richardson, ToddHR 2070
 2981C.01 - Pryor, Amanda
HR2071Richardson, ToddHR 2071
 2982C.01 - Vaughn, Rondalyn
HR2072Richardson, ToddHR 2072
 2983C.01 - Bliss, Elizabeth
HR2073Richardson, ToddHR 2073
 2984C.01 - Dancer, Deborah
HR2074Richardson, ToddHR 2074
 2977C.01 - Melson, Michael
HR2076Richardson, ToddHR 2076
 2976C.01 - Conover, Hope
HR2077Richardson, ToddHR 2077
 2978C.01 - Thurman, Craig
HR2078Richardson, ToddHR 2078
 2979C.02 - Robertson, Sara
HR2079Richardson, ToddHR 2079
 2985C.01 - Sealwel, Judith
HR2239Richardson, ToddHR 2239
 3210C.01 - Barnett, Vicki
HR2240Richardson, ToddHR 2240
 3209C.01 - Gragg, Sally
HR2241Richardson, ToddHR 2241
 3208C.01 - Bagby, Holly
HR2282Richardson, ToddHR 2282
 3211C.01 - Tillman, Quinton
HR2283Richardson, ToddHR 2283
 3212C.01 - Staten, Brittany
HR2522Richardson, ToddHR 2522
 3554C.01 - Temple Baptist Church
HR2805Richardson, ToddHR 2805
 3940C.01 - Joyner, Marion Bud
HR3026Richardson, ToddHR 3026
 4195C.01 - Westwood Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center
HR3136Richardson, ToddHR 3136
 4215C.01 - Malden High School
HR3144Richardson, ToddHR 3144
 4285C.01 - Darden, James
HR3145Richardson, ToddHR 3145
 4308C.01 - Powell, Diane
HR3360Richardson, ToddHR 3360
 4571C.01 - McDonough, John
HR3489Richardson, ToddHR 3489
 4692C.01 - Browning, Chris
HR3490Richardson, ToddHR 3490
 4694C.01 - Farmer, Heath
HR3529Richardson, ToddHR 3529
 4758C.01 - Crismon, Michael
HR3535Richardson, ToddHR 3535
 4762C.02 - Ferren, Delavina
HR3536Richardson, ToddHR 3536
 4765C.01 - Nordyne employees
HR3629Richardson, ToddHR 3629
 4944C.01 - Murray, James
HR3658Richardson, ToddHR 3658
 4987C.01 - First Missouri State Bank
HB1179Hampton, KentRichardson, ToddHB 1179
 4114L.01T - Prohibits a large water user from conveying water withdrawn or diverted from the Southeast Missouri Regional Water District to a location outside the district if it interferes with another major user
HB1188Allen, SueRichardson, ToddHB 1188
 4141L.01T - Allows a school nurse or other trained employee to administer asthma-related rescue medication to a student experiencing an asthma attack
HB1190Allen, SueRichardson, ToddHB 1190
 4653L.01P - Repeals provisions regarding the maintaining of police records in municipalities located within Jackson County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, and St. Louis County
HB1219Elmer, KevinRichardson, ToddHB 1219
 5103L.01T - Changes the laws regarding unlawful discriminatory employment practices as they relate to the Missouri Human Rights Act and establishes the Whistleblower Protection Act
HB1230Schoeller, ShaneRichardson, ToddHB 1230
 4803L.01I - Allows an employer or labor organization to obtain a political contribution through a payroll deduction if the employee or member consents to the contribution in writing annually
HB1273Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 1273
 4640L.01P - Requires the State Board of Education to establish rules to authorize school boards to lease advertising on school buses
HB1274Koenig, AndrewRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1274
 5063L.02P - Establishes the Abortion-inducing Drugs Safety Act which places restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs
HB1276Koenig, AndrewRichardson, ToddHB 1276
 5064L.01I - Requires the State Board of Education and other public school entities to encourage students to explore scientific questions and to assist teaching of scientific theories of biological or chemical evolution
HB1278Long, ThomasRichardson, ToddSCS HCS HB 1278 & 1152
 4530S.06C - Changes the laws regarding certain tax credits and establishes the Developmental Disability Care Provider Tax Credit Program
HB1296Davis, CharlieRichardson, ToddHB 1296
 5072L.01P - Establishes the custody and visitation rights of a deploying military parent
HB1297Davis, CharlieRichardson, ToddHB 1297
 5071L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the professional licensure and certification requirements of current and former military personnel
HB1315McCaherty, JohnRichardson, ToddHB 1315
 5034L.01T - Requires a leave to be granted to state employees and certain other employees who are members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary when performing authorized military duties
HB1330Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1330
 5078L.01I - Lowers the population requirement of a Department of Corrections center in the county in determining the procedure to obtain a change of venue for a misdemeanor or felony
HB1331Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddSCS HB 1331
 5027S.02C - Revises the computation of the accrued benefits when an employee transfers creditable service between the State Employees' Retirement System and the Department of Transportation Retirement System
HB1355Lichtenegger, DonnaRichardson, ToddHB 1355
 4601L.01I - Requires health carriers to reimburse a physical therapist in the same amounts as paid to a licensed physical therapist for rendering the same services regardless of the setting or venue
HB1372Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1372
 5407H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the dispensing of controlled substances and establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act
HB1395Korman, BartRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1395
 4644H.04P - Changes the laws regarding the Department of Natural Resources
HB1449Berry, T.J.Richardson, ToddHCS HB 1449
 5244L.02P - Prohibits the use of economic incentives to attract jobs from Kansas to Missouri if Kansas does likewise or requires Missouri to exceed Kansas's economic development funding in the metropolitan area
HB1460Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddSCS HB 1460
 5379S.02T - Extends the expiration date of the Statewide Court Automation Fund from September 1, 2013, to September 1, 2018, and the Court Automation Committee from September 1, 2015, to September 1, 2020
HB1473Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1473
 5386L.01I - Specifies that filing a petition for trial de novo results in the stay of the driver's license suspension or revocation order and the issuance of a temporary license until a final order is issued
HB1501Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1501
 5057L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Commission on Workforce Preparedness within the Department of Economic Development to study how higher education is meeting the needs of Missouri employers
HB1502Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1502
 5517L.01I - Creates the Higher Education Capital Fund to provide matching funds to public colleges and universities for capital projects under certain circumstances
HB1512Curtman, PaulRichardson, ToddHB 1512
 5396L.01P - Establishes the Civil Liberties Defense Act which specifies how courts may rule in contractual disputes involving the laws of other countries and in jurisdictional issues involving other countries
HB1518Grisamore, JeffRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1518 & 1522
 5450L.03P - Authorizes the licensure of a provisionally licensed behavior analyst and assistant behavior analyst and a temporary licensed behavior analyst and assistant behavior analyst
HB1527Elmer, KevinRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1527
 5278L.03T - Changes the laws regarding property exempt from attachment
HB1585Cross, Gary L.Richardson, ToddHCS HB 1585
 4673L.03C - Changes the laws regarding landlord-tenant actions
HB1627Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1627
 5385L.01I - Expands the restriction on the release of the home address or other information contained in Department of Revenue motor vehicle or driver registration records to include state and federal judges
HB1678Long, ThomasRichardson, ToddHB 1678
 5547L.01I - Changes the laws regarding midwifery
HB1683Brattin, RickRichardson, ToddHB 1683
 5577L.01I - Requires emergency dispatch operators to receive training on state laws regarding self defense and defense of others
HB1709Hough, LincolnRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1709
 5507H.04C - Establishes the Missouri Works Program
HB1710Hough, LincolnRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1710
 5506L.03P - Changes the laws regarding tax credits and requires the Department of Economic Development to establish the Missouri Works Training Program
HB1724Wright, Billy PatRichardson, ToddHB 1724
 5806L.01I - Allows certain motor vehicles to operate on public highways with dyed fuel during any Governor-declared state emergency
HB1731Day, DavidRichardson, ToddSS SCS HCS HB 1731
 5770S.09T - Changes the laws regarding the use of gaming and tobacco settlement moneys
HB1758Long, ThomasRichardson, ToddSCS HCS HB 1758
 5552S.06T - Changes the laws regarding child custody, visitation rights, and adoption
HB1775Barnes, JayRichardson, ToddHB 1775
 4879L.02I - Requires the Department of Economic Development to share its information on a company seeking economic development incentives with local governments and economic development officials
HB1835Silvey, RyanRichardson, ToddHB 1835
 5933L.01I - Removes the exemption from sales tax on the sales of newspaper supplies and equipment and requires that revenue to be used to pay for health care costs of certain blind individuals
HB1841Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHCS HB 1841
 6009L.02P - Changes the laws regarding pyramid sales schemes
HB1842Lant, BillRichardson, ToddHB 1842
 6003L.02I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect to make a continuing study and analysis of the state child abuse and neglect reporting and investigation system
HB1847Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 1847
 5959L.01I - Changes the admittance requirements for assisted-living facilities
HB1855Wallingford, WayneRichardson, ToddHB 1855
 5841L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative within the Department of Higher Education
HB1856Hampton, KentRichardson, ToddHB 1856
 6053L.01I - Authorizes Stoddard County to change the office of the county prosecutor to a full-time position on January 1 of the year following approval by the voters
HB1919Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddHB 1919
 6098L.01I - Establishes new requirements for reporting underground infrastructure under the excavation safety requirements of Chapter 319, RSMo
HB1952Schatz, DaveRichardson, ToddHB 1952
 6164L.01I - Establishes the Meth Lab Elimination Act which reclassifies some forms of methamphetamine precursor drugs from Schedule IV and V controlled substances to Schedule III requiring a prescription
HB1983Korman, BartRichardson, ToddHB 1983
 6064L.01I - Authorizes a state sales and use tax exemption on all retail sales of any "Made in USA" product except a motor vehicle for a seven-day period in July 2013 and July 2014
HB2033Jones, CalebRichardson, ToddHB 2033
 6199L.01I - Specifies that no finding of blight under Chapter 135, RSMo, can be used to meet the conditions for blight under any other state statute
HB2036Barnes, JayRichardson, ToddHB 2036
 6278H.01I - Prohibits a public school from joining an association that governs interscholastic sports and activities unless the association sanctions the disciplines of archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloading
HB2083Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHB 2083
 6191L.01I - Requires the Department of Transportation to issue emergency utility response permits for the transporting of equipment and material needed following a disaster where utility service has been disrupted
HCR9Curtman, PaulRichardson, ToddHCR 9
 4379L.02I - Urges the United States Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to require a complete audit of the Federal Reserve
HCR41Curtman, PaulRichardson, ToddHCR 41
 5818L.02I - Declares the General Assembly's strong opposition to the newest regulation under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is contrary to the laws of Missouri
HCR47Allen, SueRichardson, ToddHCR 47
 6185L.01I - Strongly urges the Department of Defense and the Missouri Congressional delegation to protect, promote, and leverage Missouri's military bases and agencies during the upcoming federal defense budget
HCR52Cookson, SteveRichardson, ToddHCR 52
 6219L.03I - Strongly urges the National Park Service to draft its final General Management Plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to recognize the importance the riverways provide to the state
HJR49Brattin, RickRichardson, ToddHJR 49
 4422L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of every citizen to possess or purchase ammunition and articles for the proper functioning of arms must not be infringed or limited
HJR70Schoeller, ShaneRichardson, ToddHJR 70
 5181L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment eliminating the prohibition on the use of public funds for the benefit of any religious or sectarian educational purpose
HJR83Kelley, MikeRichardson, ToddHJR 83
 6036L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing a law to be retrospective in its operation with respect to a new obligation, duty, or disability imposed upon sexual offenders
HJR86Gatschenberger, ChuckRichardson, ToddHJR 86
 6182L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing the automatic submission of a proposal every 20 years to convene a state constitutional convention and provisions regarding the procedures of the convention
114 Records
3/23/2018 4:21:11 AM